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Mobile Strike | Buildings | MASTER

Mobile Strike Building

In Mobile Strike the Prison allows you to capture enemy commanders and hold them in your base.

Check out the build cost for upgrade levels 1 through to 21 and the time required for each upgrade level.

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Mobile Strike | Guides | MASTER

Find out how to max your construction and research boosts in Mobile Strike in this detailed equipment manufacturing guide.

Follow our tips to get a 235% boost to research and a 383% boost to construction. Plus check find out how to make sure you only craft the best quality items.

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Best Way to Protect Troops in Mobile Strike

Best Way to Protect Troops in Mobile Strike Protecting your corps is much easier during the early stages of video games. The bigger you become the more corps you are able to construct, which will perform them hard to hide. I tell my unit all the time, “if you can’t take a made shield your base.” We will go from …

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How To Use Amazon Coin For In App Purchases

If you are anything like me and are absolutely addicted to Mobile Strike, buying $99.99 battalions can get crazy expensive. This is why we are seeing an incredible drop off charge in teh sport and having dead states. Nonetheless, if they only knew about Amazon Coin. By exploiting Amazon Coin you can save 20 -2 5% on your in app …

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Mobile Strike 101 – Commander skills for 3rd commander

what’s up girls suspense on the way everybody been asking suspense Lord c-can we make a video on doing the commander’s skills for the third commander I won’t be honest with you guys I haven’t even looked at third commander but we’re about to do the skills for it and I guess I’ll learn it at the same time everybody …

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