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How To Use Amazon Coin For In App Purchases

If you are anything like me and are absolutely addicted to Mobile Strike, buying $99.99 battalions can get crazy expensive. This is why we are seeing an incredible drop off charge in teh sport and having dead states. Nonetheless, if they only knew about Amazon Coin. By exploiting Amazon Coin you can save 20 -2 5% on your in app …

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Mobile Strike Models- a legend replaced with 3-plus-size girls

  Mobile Strike, which secured its standing as most popular and sought-after mobile games in contemporary times, has been always exceptional in terms of designing its commercials. These commercials have always impressed the viewers and have made a significant contribution in making this game popular. However, nothing could match the sensation observed in the fans as the company came up …

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General Kane MIA (but back soon!)

Just a quick post to say I'll be back updating the site and adding new content really soon!

I've had a few things (well one big thing actually!) taking over my life during the past couple weeks.

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