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Mobile Strike | Guides | How to Build a Trap Account (Part 2)

This guide follows on from my Mobile Strike guide: How to Build a Trap Account (Part 1). In part 1 I explained how to set up your trap account, including: buildings, commander skills, commander equipment, research and missions. Originally Part 2 was going to cover troops, traps, plus using your account to win kill events.

After I hit 1,700+ words on just troops and traps, I realized they probably needed their own separate guide!  So my trap account guide will now be in three parts, with this part covering troops and traps and part 3 covering kill events.


Traps are easier to set up than troops, as there are less decisions to make. This is because you are always going to be restricted on the number of traps you can build, based on your wall capacity.

Sand Bags

The first thing to note is that traps not only kill attacking troops, but they also reduce the number of your troops which are killed/hospitalized. This second part is very important and it means you always want to fill your walls to full capacity.  Even if you end up filling the remainder of your walls with sand bags, which pretty much have zero offensive capabilities, they will reduce your troop deaths.

It is also extremely fast and cheap to build sand bags. Prior to a kill event just fill up all your spaces with sand bags. The more difficult question is how many of the higher tier traps should you build?

Avoid T1 and T4 Wall Traps

The biggest problem with traps is that once they are destroyed they have to be rebuilt from scratch. There is no way to save traps, unlike troops which can be hospitalized. Out of the four tiers I tend to go for T2 and T3 traps.

T4 traps are really expensive to invest in, to risk having them all destroyed. If you are going to build T4 traps, you need to make sure all of your research is maxed and you know exactly what you are doing to prevent your traps being destroyed during an attack.

Whilst T1 do have better offensive stats than sand bags, they are not great when dealing with T3/T4 deployments. Your T1 traps will do very little damage and really just act as a small meat shield for some of your troops. I would choose sand bags over T1 to fill up any remaining empty spaces.

T2 and T3 Wall Traps

If you have a pure T3 army, then building T3 traps will probably mean you lose some troops and some traps after each attack. If you only build T2 traps, then you will probably have a large number of traps destroyed on each attack, but less troops killed.

Lower tier troops will protect your higher tier traps i.e. if you have a large number of T1/T2 troops and you build T3 traps, more of your T3 traps will be protected (the T1/T2 troops will soak up the bulk of the damage).  The opposite is also true, if you have a large number of T3 troops and build T2 traps, the T2 traps will protect more of your T3 troops.

Basically in my opinion most players have two choices: Fill up with T3, which means less traps will die during an attack, but they are more expensive and time consuming to replace, or fill up with T2, which will be destroyed quicker, but protect higher level troops. T2 traps are are much cheaper and faster to replace. I tend to go for T2 traps with a pure T3 troop setup, just because they are so quick to build.


The most important part of your trap account in Mobile Strike will be your troops and there are three questions everyone needs to answer before they start training:- What type of troops should I train? What tier of the troops should I train? What number of troops should I train?

Troop Type

Troop type is probably the easiest to answer. Generally when you are attacking a player, it is better to only send a single troop type i.e. all infantry, tactical, or armored vehicles. This is because you can  stack a single troop’s stats by concentrating on specific commander skills and gear. However, the opposite is true when defending.

Training a single troop for defense means you open up a significant weakness to the opposing troop type. A smart player will scout you and if for instance you only had infantry, they would then send a whole army of tactical troops. As infantry have a weakness to tactical, the result will not be pretty, no matter how much you have stacked your infantry stats.

Therefore, for a trap account you generally want an even balance of infantry, tactical and armored vehicles.  The only troops you do not want to train are artillery, as these are only useful for taking out wall traps during attacks, which you won’t be doing.

Troop Tier

A lot of different combinations of troop tiers work well for trap accounts, there is probably no single best setup to use.  Used correctly a full T1 army with the same power as an equivalent T3 army, can be just as effective. A combination of tiers can also make good trap accounts.

Depending on the level of the trap you have built, you will obviously be limited to T2, T3 or T4 troops. This will be the overall limiting factor when you decide which combination of tiers to train.

Whatever you have unlocked, you need to consider the following:-

  • T2 are 2 times as strong as T1.  T3 are 3 times as strong as T1. T4 are 4.5 times as strong as T1.
  • T2 cost twice as much as T1. T3 cost 3 times as much as T1. T4 cost 20 times as much as T1.
  • T2 take twice as long to train than T1. T3 take 4 times as long to train than T1. T4 take 8 times as long to train as T1.
  • T2 give you 4 times as much power per troop than T1. T3 give you 12 times as much power per troop than T1. T4 give you 18 times as much power per troop than T1.

Remember that a key point of a trap account is keeping your power as low as possible and this is really important with troops. Troop power will be the overall limiting factor when deciding the number of troops your final trap account needs.

So what can we take from the above? Well in terms of pure cost vs. reward, taking into consideration all factors, then T1>T2>T3>T4.  All other things being equal, for a trap account you should only ever train T1 troops.  However, all things are not equal in Mobile Strike and the above forgets one very important factor….Hospital Beds.

Each tier of troop takes up exactly the same amount of hospital space….. and that is 1 bed per troop.  If you have 400,000 hospital beds, then they will house 400k T1, or 400k T2, or 400k T3, or 400k T4. This is where the higher tiers come into their own, because having a full 400k T3 army would be the equivalent strength of 1.2m T1 army.

Whilst the 1.2 million T1 will be quicker and cheaper to train and result in less power, if you go for the T3 setup and get zeroed by a high level player, your whole army will be saved. If you go for the T1 setup, 800k of your T1 army will be killed and 400k saved.

An important point to remember is that if you have a mixture of tiers and get attacked multiple times, then your lower tiers will die first and take up the hospital beds. This means the excess troops which are permanently killed will be made up of your highest tier troops.

You also need to know that in most circumstances your entire trap account will not be zeroed with a single solo attack (if it is, then something has gone seriously wrong!). So the minimum you actually need is enough beds to cover a single solo hit. This means the lower the tier you go for, the higher the number of beds you need. Provided you have enough beds to survive that first hit, then you can shield and heal your hospitalized troops.

Finally one last factor to consider is that T1 troops take zero time to heal, the rest of the tiers take progressively longer.

Number of Troops

The number of troops you train is solely limited by the amount of power you gain. You need to keep your power low enough to encourage solo attacks on your base, otherwise you will end up becoming a rally target – which you really don’t want.

The power limit you set yourself will depend on the level of your trap account. As a rough guide taking the trap accounts from Part 1, the following provides a good number of troops with appropriate power for your HQ level:-

  • HQ 8-10 trap account – 3 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 375k T2, 1.5M T1, or a combination of the two.
  • HQ 15-18 trap account – 10 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 417k T3, 1.25m T2, 5m T1, or a combination of all three.
  • HQ 21 – 15 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 417k T4, 625k T3, 1.875m T2, 7.5m T1, or a combination of all four.

All of the above work well with what ever combination you decide, it really depends on the number of hospitals you have and how carefully you use your account.


Ultimately for troops your setup depends on two things:

  1. How many hospital beds you have.
  2. How active/good you are at using your trap account.

If you want the easiest trap account to play, then go for the highest tier troops you can train, with hospitals covering all your troops (this is also the longest and most expensive route). You can then sit back in the knowledge that you will never have a single troop killed.

If you want to play a more active role with your trap account, then with more careful use of Radar Station reports and shields, you can make a significantly cheaper and faster build by going for a pure T1 account. It will also be much cheaper and quicker to heal your troops after an attack.

In Part 3 I cover how to use your trap account to win Mobile Strike State vs State kill events. Check it out here.

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  1. If your t3 soldiers aren’t killed your t3 traps aren’t killed. This article was disappointing to say the least, I hope part 3 is good. Probably going to gave to wait a week.

    • I don’t get what you mean by “if your T3 soldiers are not killed, your T3 troops aren’t killed.”

      • When in battle of you have t3 traps and t3 soldiers, if none of the t3 soldiers die none of the traps Will die

        • Sorry I still don’t understand why that is relevant to trap accounts. Your trap account is designed to target full T3 and T4 deployments, you are going to be losing troops with every attack on your base, no matter what tier you build.

          • What do you mean you don’t understand? It’s crucial information Imo. If you have a buffer of t2 or t1 troops, or both, you can get attacked and not have traps destroyed.

          • I have written that in my article, where I explain that lower tier troops protect higher tier traps, but it has nothing to do with your T3 troops all surviving.

  2. Hi, any idea on the how to calc the traps can kill how many troops?

  3. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for putting together such a great site on Mobile Strike.

    Question about the troop numbers. I seem to be having an issue where I can’t think about having the amount of troops you’re suggesting at the level 8-10 range. It seems to deplete my food resource.

    Is it okay to let the food resource blink and run negative like that?

    • Thanks. Yes you will end up with a negative food supply – which isn’t a problem as far as your troops are concerned, but you will need to look for another source of food to train (gathering, farm account, alliance).

  4. If I have 50k beds, someone attacks and eliminates 50k T2 and 50k T3, which troops will go to bed and which will die?

    • Depends on how many go to the hospital and how many times you’re hit. On trap accounts you need a HUGE number of hospital beds and shields so you can bring people back before you get hit again…you won’t lose everyone unless you don’t have power close to what he’s mentioned above. You need to have those baselines in place.

  5. what about a lvl 14 trap?

  6. How do u feel about 300k t3 and 2mill t1? Would that eat a full t4 march with my defense and healh at lev 8? Also I went to sh19 I know that was stupid lots harder to complete state challenges but I was able to get to lev 8 on heath and defense. I really just want to eat some s**t suggestions. I went with t1 that way I can just s**t there and auto heal. My power is 13.3 hero is at 47 Wall is at all t2…

    • In my experience from playing game of war is actually the reverse of this article. I can back this theory up through trial and error and 7months of solo trap accts in two different kingdoms. what i did was i knew that the max research in order to get to t4 at the time was 60mill research power so i built an sh21 acct 8mill research power and the rest was hero and troop power only. I was prime solo target at 60-80mill because of the fact that people thought i just unlocked t4s at 60mill power and trained 20mill power worth of t4 troops. I never had t4 troops my troop composition was 3mill t1 9mill t2 900k t3 800k beds when cores came out i changed it but this is the compostion for defending against regular gear. Also always keep the antiscout on. Gear is also important.

    • Also an important note. People will read ur kdr stats so every once in awhile u need to let urself get zeroed otherwise people will skip ur acct or only rally ur solo acct. retraining 3mill t1 9mill t2 and 100k t3 isnt a bad deal every two or three months

  7. Hello, i just wanted to say hospitalized Troops do not count in your overall power. So if you have 400k hospitals and want to go say all t3 for your trap. You can have annalliance member “or anyone for that matter” fill your hospitals before a kvk your power will be much lower and as soon as someone comes to hit you heal all troops right before the March hits and eat all attackers troops and capture his commander!

    • Good idea. Just keep in mind that healing troops takes time if its t2/3 unless you use gold. T1 heal instantly so it’s helpful here since t1 takes no time. All you will need is RSS

  8. What about nerfs? Are the troops nerfed in this game?Isn’t the T1 nerf for T1:T3 nearly equivalent? For HQ 15-18, you suggest 5 mill T1 and 417k T3. If there is a T1 nerf, then this wouldn’t work.

    • Assuming the nerf exists in Mobile Strike and it works the same as game of war, then it is generally accepted that 15million T1 is the cut off where the nerf starts to come into play. So you would be fine for the HQ15-18 with 5m T1 alone.

      For HQ21 you might want to add some T3/T4 troops as well, but even 7.5m T1 should only be effected slightly. This can offset by training some T3/T4.

  9. HQ21 here. Thinking T3/T1 trap set up is what I want, mainly because T1 are cheap and insta heal. Currently have 360k T3. Going to start training my T1 soon. Curious as to how many T1 I will need on top of my T3 to start being effective. Not necessarily eating a full (375k T4 solo) but rather just winning against that type of march or 125k T3/250k T4 marches.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, can’t wait to start testing this out.

  10. you can ignore the second one, didn’t see first was awaiting moderation

  11. My only question is how many t3/t2 would it take to win and or eat a 375k t4 march without factoring in the research and gear and extra boosts

    I’m working on 1mil t3 and 2mil t2 and have 200k beds
    Would I win?

  12. Is this set up for a solo trap account or rally trap account?

    I’m looking for tips on rally of anything new is available. Thank you!

  13. A winning combo. I’m in state 110. I have a hq 16 with 4.6m t3s. I don’t use wall traps at all. I easily take 525k t4 hits and their lvl. 55 commanders. When hit it usually lands 250-300k of my t3s in beds. The bad news is that my power is around 145m. Even with that much power my lvl 16 still attracts hits. Last SVS ,8/20/16 I was attacked 25+ times and scored 160m+ points

    • Sounds like you have a nice trap account there. Actually this guide is a little out of date now – as the game progresses the power of your average trap account can increase and still attract hits.

      This was written before the new building levels and commander levels were added. I will try to update soon.

  14. 8/30/2016
    The above ratios that have been stated are good but with all the new research your power climbs really fast , almost everything in a state over 6months old seem to be rally targets, players are climbing into the billions in power and have millions of troops, not sure about nerf but the going ratio for troops in our alliance is 15 mil t1,7 million t2, 3 million t3, and roughly 1.5 million t4 , eats a fairly large rally, and many only have one hospital because the t1 losses are about all your going to have and they are cheap to instantly build with gold

  15. We need more info asap, traps are becoming a vital part of KE and we are trying to get our smaller alliance to build traps. Please keep the information coming

  16. Now that a 525k trop March is available how many and what type troops so you need to eat a full March and take commander I have a hq 15 base ..

    I know 1.5mt3 will take 200k kills. Not sure if a better arrangement or somethings will change that to
    The full March

  17. Little général kane

    Bonjour combien de t1 t2 et de t3 dois je construire pour être efficace pour une attaque solo (i11 hospitals niveau17)???

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