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Mobile Strike | Guides | How to Earn Free Gold and Spend it Wisely

Gold is one of the most sort after resources in Mobile Strike and for good reason – it can be used to buy practically everything in the game. This guide looks at the free ways to obtain gold and the most economic ways to spend your gold once you have it.

Gold Mine

The gold mine is the most reliable method in Mobile Strike to obtain a large amount of free gold. A level 21 mine produces 300 gold a day, or 9,000 gold a month. A level 1 gold mine produces 50 gold a day, is free to build and just requires you to link your account to Facebook.

Before you jump right in, you will probably want to think about setting up a separate Facebook account. This is because you will want to add a large number of friends that are active in Mobile Strike, to make sure you always receive the maximum number of gold gifts every day. If you are struggling to find enough friends, then join a Mobile Strike Gold group and leave a message asking for people to add you.

To upgrade your gold mine it costs 1,000 gold per level, as you need to buy a Golden Jackhammer for each upgrade. It therefore requires 20,000 gold to go from level 1 to 21. As a level 1 gold mine provides 50 gold a day and a level 21 mine earns 300, the net increase is 250 gold per day.

It takes 80 days (250 gold x 80 = 20,000) before you recover the cost of the Jackhammers. After this point you will be earning 9,000 free gold every month.

Gold Tiles

Another source of free gold is by harvesting gold tiles. I’m not a huge fan of the standard gold tiles that appear in game. The harvest rate is extremely slow and there is quite a bit of competition over them, leading to an increased risk of being tile hit. They do however provide you with a slow but steady gold income.

Gold tiles come in 6 level’s with the highest level tiles offering more gold and faster harvesting. The level 6 tiles appear in the forest at the center of the map and the tiles decrease in level as you move outwards. As the Mobile Strike map is a large rectangle, the lowest level tiles actually appear at the very top and very bottom of the map, the edges parallel to the forest still spawn level 4+ tiles.

The gold tiles won after state vs state events are generally better than the normal gold tiles.

Alliance Gifts

If you are in a top alliance, with even a small number of big spenders, then alliance gifts will provide you with a significant amount of gold. The only way you can influence this is to work on getting into one of the top alliances in your state, or you might get lucky and end up with a high spender joining your alliance.

Killing Rebel Targets also rewards alliance gifts, but you will be unlikely to get large amounts of gold unless you are regularly hitting the top level Rebel Targets.


In game challenges are a very important way to advance through the game quickly, whilst still preserving your gold. The idea will be to use gold to win challenges, but end up with more gold than you spend out. If done correctly you will be able to instantly complete a large amount of research, or troop training, with little to no gold cost.

Headquarters Level

As you increase your HQ levels the rewards from challenges will become better, but the challenges will become a lot harder to win. An extreme challenge at HQ15 might require under 100,000 points to win the top prize. That exact same challenge could require 2,000,000 points at HQ21. For this reason a smart player will spend much longer at each HQ level, to enable them to win more challenges. Ultimately this will means when they do get to HQ 21, a player that has taken their time will have far more research completed and a much bigger army.

Simultaneous Challenges

To get the maximum reward for your efforts, you want to try and complete as many challenges as possible at the same time. This means waiting for Extreme and Basic challenges to have the same requirements. If you can also get a state challenge with the same requirements, even better.

You can then score points in multiple Mobile Strike challenges for every task completed.

Troop & Research

We are going to focus on troop training and research challenges, because they are very common and can easily be won using gold and speed ups.

To reduce the gold cost as much as possible you need to reduce the time to train troops and the time to research abilities.  This is because to win these challenges, you are either going to be using speed ups, or gold to buy speed ups, to instantly train troops and to finish research timers.

For troop training you need make sure you have your commanders skills: training I and II maxed. You should also aim to research Training Speed I and Training Speed II as high as possible for your level.

Finally, you are going to need to build as many banks as you can and upgrade them as high as possible, to reduce your troop training time further.

For research speed you need to max research I and research II in the commander tree and look to craft some research equipment. Your research facility should also be at the same level as your HQ.

Before you start you need to add up the gold rewarded and the speed ups rewarded, for unlocking all three prizes in each challenge you plan to complete. You then need to work out how much gold, or speed ups you will need to win the challenges.

Provided the gold and speed up costs are less than, or equal to the reward, then you are good to go. Instantly training troops using gold, follows the exact same cost as purchasing speed ups. For instance an 8 hour speed up costs 650 gold and instantly training troops with 8 hours remaining costs exactly 650 gold.

Worked Example

The following is an example of a Headquarters 15 basic and extreme challenge, using T3 troops and research. In this example the research boost is 150% (95% from skills, 15% from Research Facility 15 and 30% from research equipment). The troop training boost is 292% (122% from skills, 20% from training speed I and 150% from ten level 15 banks).

T3 troops reward 4 points per troop and research rewards 1 point per power increase for both challenges. The extreme challenge requires 96,000 points to win and the basic challenge 50,000. Scoring 96,000 points will win both challenges.

The combined rewards for all prizes include:- 4,250 gold and 8 hours of speed ups (worth 650 gold). Therefore we need to spend less than 4,900 gold (or equivalent speed ups) to win this event and break even.

In this example I have selected the following:-

  •  Gathering 7 – 69,000 points
  •  5,645 T3 Troops – 28,225 points

The total points rewarded for the above is 97,225 points. The time taken to train the troops is exactly 24 hours, which costs 1,500 gold. The time taken to research Gathering 7, is 2 days 3 hours which is 3,300 gold.

Total gold spend = 4,800. Total gold rewarded = 4,900. Net gain = 100 gold.

More importantly we have trained 5,645 T3 troops and researched Gathering 7 instantly, at no gold cost.

Whether or not this is possible for you will depend on your troop training and research boost.  If you work the cost out and are no where near being able to meet it, then you need to work on your boosts, or wait for an easier challenge. Remember some challenges reward double points, or reward double gold. These will be a lot easier to complete.


By using the gold mine to get a steady income of gold and by using challenges in order to preserve your gold balance, you should be able to stretch you gold out significantly in Mobile Strike, without spending any real money.

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