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Mobile Strike | Guides | How to Increase Your Power

In Mobile Strike Power is everything…. it determines whether you can join the top alliances, it will make people think twice about attacking you and it’s the number one ranking factor for most players.

In this guide we cover how to build your power quickly and perhaps more importantly how to keep it.

What Gives you Power in Mobile Strike?

First we need to look at what increases your power in Mobile Strike. You can increase your power with Commander level, buildings, research, missions, troops and traps. Of these, troops and traps fall into the”temporary power” category and the remaining fall into the “permanent power” category.

The reason for this is that troops and traps can be destroyed after an attack on your base, or in battles. If you are just starting out it’s best to focus on the permanent power sources, such as research and commander power, as you are likely to lose a lot of troops and traps whilst leveling.

Gaining Commander Power Quickly in Mobile Strike

Leveling up your commander is a very effective way to increase your power quickly in the early parts of the game. If you can level your commander fast, you will find your power increases significantly.  One great tip to increase your commander power is to save up all of your base missions until you have a high level Hall of Heroes. This is because your Hall of Heroes increases the amount of xp your missions reward you with.

For instance if you saved all your base mission rewards and only collected them at Hall of Heroes level 15, you would be rewarded with 75% more xp for all these missions. If you waited until you had a level 20 Hall of Heroes, all your missions would reward you 100% more xp i.e. twice as much.

Another great tip is to buy daily chances from the alliance store. These can be purchased  for only 50,000 loyalty points and are one of the best value loyalty point items. If you buy multiple daily chances and use them with active VIP,  you can auto complete a significant number of missions granting a large boost to commander xp, materials and resources.

Tip: VIP level 7 grants you auto complete daily missions and VIP level 8 grants you auto complete alliance missions. Both allow you to complete missions instantly with no timer.

Gaining Research Power Quickly

Another great way to gain power early on in Mobile Strike is through research. You should aim to constantly research something at all times. Try to start long research timers when you go offline for extended periods of time (for instance when you go to bed make sure your research timer has over 8 hours remaining).

One of the quickest ways to increase your research power, is by being able to research quicker. You should max both Research I and Research II in the commander skill tree as quickly as possible. It’s also a good idea to manufacture some good research equipment to help reduce those timers further. Finally remember that increasing the level of your Research Facility also reduces your research time.

Tip: If your running low on resources, or trying to save up for a big building upgrade, Scouting is a great ability to research as it only costs coin and has a fairly long research timer.

Troop and Trap Power

I generally don’t recommend training large numbers of troops and traps early on. This is because a big attack can significantly dent your power after your troops and traps are destroyed. In fact I don’t even bother building, or researching any traps at all until Headquarters level 21!

You will need some troops in order to gather resources, but you should really only be training troops when you have plenty of resources to keep your building and research timers going 24/7. Whilst you are growing try and keep your troop numbers under your hospital limit.

The time to start building an army is once you reach tier 3 troops, which is at Headquarters Level 15. Tier 3 troops will be the best troops that most casual players unlock in Mobile Strike. Unless you are willing to spend a significant amount of time and money to unlock T4 Troops, T3 is the time to start building a large army.

Tip: In the early game it’s a good idea to try and avoid fighting and concentrate on building your base and research power. Wasting resources reviving and replacing troops will slow your progression.

Power Leveling to Head Quarters Level 15

Large increases in building power generally comes at the later levels and in particular from your walls and Headquarters. One great strategy which I usually follow is to rush to HQ level 15 as soon as possible, by just building the minimum requirements to get there.

Why Headquarters 15? Well the main reason is Tier 3 troops, which as explained earlier are unlocked with a level 15 Research Facility.  T3 troops are vastly superior to tiers 1 and 2 and will form the backbone of your army for a significant part of your time in Mobile Strike.

To use the HQ power level trick, you need to check your Headquarters upgrade requirements and only build the exact buildings (and pre-requisite buildings)  to upgrade your HQ to the next level. Each level you will need to upgrade your walls, armory and iron mine, plus one other building to the same level as your Headquarters before advancing.

Once you get to 15 you can then upgrade your research facility to level 15 and start researching T3 troops.

Why Stop at HQ 15?

Once you hit HQ 15 it’s generally a good idea to stay at this level until all your remaining buildings catch up and you have maxed a significant part of the research trees. The reason for this is because challenges become increasingly difficult to complete as you go from HQ level from 15 to 21.

Challenges are absolutely key to gaining gold, speed ups and resources to unlock the later research levels (without spending money). By staying at HQ15 you get access to decent troops and still have a chance at winning the top prizes on multiple challenges.

A strong level 15 player that has a significant investment in troop research, can easily destroy a player that has rushed to HQ21 with little research.

Tip: At HQ 21 most of the extreme challenges require millions of points to get the top tier prize. If you have rushed to HQ 21 you will have no chance at winning these challenges.

Mobile Strike Power Gaining Summary:-

  • Steer clear of training large numbers of troops and traps until you unlock T3 of each type.
  • Save up your Mission rewards until you have a high level Hall of Heroes.
  • Buy daily chances from the alliance store and use with VIP 7+ active.
  • Gain power fast by rushing to HQ 15 and unlocking T3 troops.
  • Be cautious leveling between HQ 16 to HQ 21, as challenges become increasingly difficult to complete.
  • Concentrate on growing your base and research until you have a large T3 army.
  • Avoid fighting other players early on, your time to wreck havoc on the state will come later.
  • Mobile Strike rewards patience!

Finally if you haven’t already done the “four building power trick”, you should complete this as soon as possible which is covered in my Beginners Guide to Mobile Strike.

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  1. Great advice because I have already started building HQ 20 and it is tougher now. I do reset my commander skill tree after reading this and it cuts my research time by 2 to 3 days now and building to 2 to 3 days too.

    Great Post.

  2. How is the best way to use the daily chances? Can you use them after you have already used your proscribed missions (thereby getting more total missions) or do they only replace (upgrade) your proscribed missions?

    • You can do the missions they give you first.. I always do, then hit chance and do another full set. Always do the ones there first. If you hit chance it will take any up there and replace them.. So its a 2 for 1

  3. What is the best recipe assuming you are at the Level 15 HQ? For example, I am debating whether I should spend the resources to research LAVs or Level 9 in Construction (Economics)? Where are the “sweet spots” in Economics, Commander, Combat, etc.? Thanks for all of your great information.

  4. A certain newscaster~

    Something you forgot to mention that could be a severe detriment to your progress (should you decide to hold off leveling many of your buildings until level 15) is that your commander can, and often times WILL, be executed in the process once you hit level 15, weak, high level targets are often selected for easy wins, confirmed kill counts (if you neglect hospitals), and as a show of power for players who dont know about power, but instead rely on hq level. Having a commander executed if you follow the bare minimum to rank up will reset your commander almost all the way as the XP retention from a low level HoH is virtually pointless, bewarre of people who will constantly execute your commanders due to your currently low power, i personally reside in TUCO, i have ~5 mil power (no speed ups used and no packs bought, ok, a few speed ups used, but no packs bought) and im hq 14, i find the leveling process to be easy because im mostly avoided by others (keep in mind, the rules set in place by the head of state could influence the leveling process), its becoming easier and easier for me to level due to the minimal opposition from others due to my power, just keep all of this in mind. Best of luck to all players, and if youre in tuco like me, good luck this ffa season :*

  5. I bought a hq level 21 with 1560 in gold for 9.99 but my hq did not change from 13. When or how does the HQ level change?

  6. Hi, I saw a lvl 14 Hq, lvl 50 commander, lvl 39 Vip, that had 100 mil power. After one of my teammates took her commander, she still had 98 mil power left. How is that possible?

    • It sounds like your friend has done her research. Once all the troops have been killed, a commander can be taken. So…it seems to me that your friend has a lot of research power…which is good, but a small army. The 2 mil that was lost was from the troops that were killed, but research power can not be taken. It is permanent power.

  7. I was told mission power was bad when I research once my item I’m researching is complete I collect to reuse my resources to keep researching and it puts my mission power higher is collecting mission power bad

  8. scott: are you having a seizure mate? please let us know if we should send help.

  9. I ended up spending $25 on the game thinking I would gain an edge against opponents, that wasn’t the case. I have leveled everything to 21 and have not been able to research or level buildings and further. Can I get passed 21 without spending anymore money?

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