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Mobile Strike | Guides | How to Use a Trap Account (Part 3)

This is the final guide in my three part series on how to build a trap account in Mobile Strike. Part 1  – Building your account can be found here and Part 2 – Training troops and building traps here. This guide covers how to use your finished trap account to win kill events.

Kill Events

The whole purpose of your trap account has been to make yourself look weaker than you actually are, to lure high power players into attacking you. Your ultimate goal is to get right up to the top of the kill event leader board.  Kill events come in two different types: a standard kill event limited to your state, or a state v state kill event, which as the name suggests is against another state.

Whilst the principle of using your trap account will be the same for both events, you will probably find that high power players in your own state will soon discover who you are and stop attacking you.  For this reason SvS events will be the easiest to score high points.


If you have followed my previous Mobile Strike trap account guides you should be sitting with all of your appropriate research maxed, your traps built and your troops ready for action.

If you haven’t already, you now need to respec your Commander’s skill points in line with the spec set out in my first guide. You will also need to buy/acquire the following items:-

  • Anti scout boost.
  • Some advanced teleports.
  • A good supply of 8 hour peace shields.
  • A good supply of resource items.
  • A good supply of speedups.

In the count down to the start of the event send all of your resources in excess of your warehouse capacity to a shielded alliance member not participating in the event. It’s important to keep your resource levels just up to your warehouse level, to provide you with a starting supply to heal your troops.

During the kill event you should remain shielded unless you are online and active.

Getting Players to Attack You

Believe it or not this is actually the hardest part of playing a trap account. You are specifically  targeting high power, solo attacks on your base. You will also be able to take on some rallies, but you want to avoid being targeted by large rallies at all costs.

Anti Scout

Almost every player that attacks you will scout you first and the last thing we want them to see are your 8 million T1 troops, or 600k T3 army sitting there waiting for them!  For this reason, in most circumstances you will want anti scout active throughout the kill event.

This will stop players from being able to see what troops and traps you have in your base.  There are some circumstances were you may not want anti scout active, but I’ll come to those later.

 Appear Offline

One of the best strategies to get someone to attack you is to appear offline. If a player thinks you are offline, they may assume your shield has just run out and left you unprotected.

Throughout the time you are actively trying to bait someone to attack you with this strategy, you need to avoid the following:-

  • Do no gain power in any way, including completing building upgrades, or research.
  • Do not complete any missions as this increases your loyalty.
  • Do not help your alliance speed up buildings, or research – as this increases your alliance helps.
  • Do not send resources to any alliance members – as this increases your gifted resources.
  • Do not open alliance gifts as this increases your loyalty.
  • In fact don’t do anything at all without asking yourself if it will increase any of the stats displayed on your player profile!

The reason for all of this is that good players will be actively checking your stats, before planning an attack. If they see your loyalty going up, your alliance helps going up, or even worse your power increasing, they will know you are online and will think more carefully about attacking.

Commander Gear

This is a difficult one because you want your Commander to be wearing your very best defense/health equipment during any attacks on your base, but you really don’t want to be sat there in a full orange battle set for all players to see!

In an ideal world you would equip a full farming set and then switch to your best defensive gear just before the attacker hits your base. However, it takes time to switch equipment, so this may not be possible.

At the very least you should be in farming gear until your attacker ports near you and then switch. The later you can leave it, the less chance there is that the attacker will inspect your commander and get cold feet.


In Mobile Strike you have a few choices where you set your trap, all of them are valid and you may decide to do a combination of these during a state vs state event.

Main Hive

You can stay in your alliance’s main hive and wait for high power players to attack your alliance. If you do this make sure you are located near the center of your hive, which will give you valuable time after an attacker sets a deployment on you.  You should also get other alliance members to reinforce you for extra troops, as this will provide additional troops without increasing your power.

Alternative Hive

If you are in one of the top alliances in your state, then it’s unlikely you will get a lot of solo attacks on your hive during an event (if any). Think about porting into one of your sub alliance hives, or a farming alliance. It might even be worth joining a sub alliance to make you appear weaker. If you do this remember your state points will go to that alliance and not your main one.

Go it Alone

Another strategy is to port to the middle of nowhere, so it looks as if you have quit Mobile Strike and abandoned your account.  You will have less time to prepare for an incoming deployment, as an attacker will probably port right next to you, but this is a valid tactic and can lure in players searching for easy kills.

Farming Trick

If you read my solo state v state attack guide, you will note I recommended you choose targets that are out farming for easy kills. By sending out a few deployments with a low number of troops to resource tiles near your base, you may well attract some high power players to attack your tiles.

When the player ports in recall your troops immediately and you will find more often than not they will go straight for your base. This is because they are trying to hit you before your troops return, assuming that most of your troops are out farming!

Join an Alliance Attack

A lot of players with trap accounts over look the fact that you can go on the offensive and score some serious points.

If your alliance is planning a strike on another alliance, you can port in with them. In the midst of all the chaos players will almost certainly attack you, assuming you are part of the attacking force. You can rack up a huge number of points this way.

Not Using Anti scout

Unfortunately more and more Mobile Strike players are becoming aware of trap accounts and one of the biggest indicators is having anti scout activated.  If players are regularly scouting you and deciding not to attack, you may need to drop anti scout and try another tactic.

Depending on the number of troops you have, setting a fake rally and then cancelling just prior to a player hitting you, will make your active troop numbers look significantly less.

This only really works with a pure T3 or T4 trap account, because rallying 250k T1 out of an 8million T1 army is really not going to be much of a deterrent. However, putting 250k of a 500k T3 army in a rally, is a completely different story!

Please note that a scout report does show up your rallied troops separately to your main troops. This tactic relies on the attacking player assuming you are offline with a full deployments rallied for protection.

What to During the Attack

Once you are in position and a player sends an attacking deployment, you will soon get a warning that troops are incoming. The first thing to do is check your Radar Station report. This will provide you valuable information on what’s heading your way. If you know you have a top trap account and can withstand a full T4 attack, then you probably have nothing to worry about.

For other traps you will have to assess what is being sent to you and make a judgement on whether or not you can take it. If you are worried then you can always throw an 8 hour peace shield up at the last minute.

Regardless of your level, you should still be checking your reports for large rallies.

Healing Troops

Once the enemy hits you it’s time to check how many of your troops were hospitalized. This is where your resource items and speed ups will come into play, to quickly heal your troops.

Whilst you are healing your troops, chances are your attacker is wondering what the hell just happened. They will probably get more than a little angry and be getting ready to hit you again, hoping to actually score some kills the second time round. This is exactly what we want.

Provided you can heal enough troops to free up your hospital spaces, before the next deployment hits you, you will be laughing.  If you get close to your hospital limit and the attacker is really near you, or uses deployment speed ups, don’t be afraid to throw up an 8 hour peace shield to give yourself a chance to regroup and heal those troops.

 The Dreaded Stats

Just when you start to get the hang of your trap account and you’re topping the Mobile Strike kill event boards, slowly the attacks start dropping off…. You might be wondering what’s going on. Chances are if this starts to happen to you, it’s got a lot to do with your Mobile Strike profile stats.

Kills are a pretty obvious one, but there is nothing you can do about this. As you start racking up kills in the millions, players will start to think twice about attacking you. This is less of a problem for a level 21 base, but if you are HQ 15-18 and have several million kills, it’s going to scream out trap account.

One way out of this is to start advancing your trap account to 21, where your kills will be more appropriate for your HQ level.

Another obvious stat to spot in a trap account is a very high kill vs death ratio. This is because you are going to be getting a ton of kills with little to no deaths (due to your hospital capacity). Again there is not a lot you can do about this, short of creating a large number of T1 troops and sacrificing them on a tile to another player!

There will of course always be someone that falls for it, no matter how high your stats get.


That concludes my three part Mobile Strike trap account guide. If you follow all of these tips, then you will be well on the way to winning events and topping leader boards.

Please let me know how you get on and leave any other tips you have in the comments section.

General Kane

About Mobile Strike

"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

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  1. Hi General Kane

    I followed your guide and here’s how my trap account faired:

    HQ 15
    Troops : 357k T1
    Traps : 6k sandbags, 6k T1, 3k T2, 27k T3

    Against attack from
    Troops : 375k T3 (LAV 95k, Rkt Inf 90k, Ranger 104k, Howitzer 74k)

    Result :
    T1 WIA : 216k
    T1 KIA : 142k
    Survived : 216k

    Trap KIA : All sandbags, All T1, All T2
    Traps Survived : All T3

    T3 KIA : 12k (LAV 3k, Rkt Inf 3k, Ranger 3k, Howitzer 2k)
    Survived : 362k

    SvS points lost : 142k
    SvS points gained : 500k

    How could I improve my setup ?


    • All you really need is a lot more T1 troops to take on a full T3 deployment. If you are going for a pure T1 army, then to win an attack you must aim for more power in your army than the attacker.
      If you look at part 2 of my guide you will see that T3 provide you with 12 times the amount of power than T1. Therefore at a minimum you need at least 12 times as many T1 troops than T3.

      In your example you would need at least 4.5 million T1 troops.

  2. Not Using Anti scout

    i’m quite sure you cant hide your troops on rally, you can see them as war rallied troops 🙂 so this tactic wont work

    • Hah yeah sorry you are right – I use the rally strategy quite a bit and forgot that your rallied troops do show up on scout separately.
      The reason it still works is because a lot of players assume you are offline, with your max deployment rallied. They then attack expecting to just hit the remaining forces in your base.

      I’ve amended the article to correct this – thanks.

  3. Your site helped many of our players, pariculrly your trap guide. All of my T4 research is complete and I’m finishing Trap attackand Trap Defense on the commander tree as I write. I’d lime to beable to eat a full T4 rally. 5 of my hospitals are level 21 and more are in the works. I have a mix of troops, but can park what I don’t need in a shielded war room.

    Which will take out more T4 troops, T3 traps and T4 troops or T4 traps with T3 Troops. Or do you recommend a different setup?

    • I’d assume T4 traps and T3 troops because T4 troops take a ridiculous amount of RSS and time to heal. On the other hand, if you use T3 troops, they act as meat shields for your T4 traps, protecting them in the process, a lot of your T3s will be hurt/killed, but insta-healing t3s is much easier than insta-healing t4s.

  4. i finished my combat research and now i’m trying to set different geared commanders for each type of troop used in attack. i am still puzzled by what type of mods should i install. first is troop attack , then should i install troop defence and troop health or a mod with 12.5 attack and 12.5 troop defence and then third either troop health or fortification mode ?

  5. I’m currently a level 20 solid t4 solo trap. Trained more troops up to 1mil t3, 750k t2 and 1.5mil t1 with 14 hospital beds at level 20. Looking to advance to be a t4 rally trap. What troop #s and ratio do I need for that?

  6. Don’t forget a very handy trappers tip is to have anti scout active before the attack comes at you and before it hits activate troop attack boost which will replace anti scout but will exponentially increase your effectiveness and less troops will go to beds and more kills will be yours. Then after the attack or a few pop 8 hour activate anti scout call in your rss bank send rss heal and repeat

  7. How do I quickly train millions of T1 troops like that?

    • Need to get like 400mil rss each (No coin and lesser iron ). Need also like 500 days of speeds (could be lesser depending on gear n research). I just trained like 7 mil T1 troops in 3 hours lol

  8. My only question is how many t3/t2 would it take to win and or eat a 375k t4 march without factoring in the research and gear and extra boosts

    I’m working on 1mil t3 and 2mil t2 and have 200k beds
    Would I win?

    • I have a trap account with 375K each T3 type and good defense and health boost. I can take any full T4 march with positive points. Beds 200K enough.

      T2 may be you need a bit more like 2.5 mil and higher number of beds.

      With config of 1 mil T3 an 2 mil T2 you’lll win for sure (goven u have at least 200 pc boost on defense, health and troop type attach)
      Also train equal number of troop and trap types.

  9. Also with the KDR you can lower it while still racking up points
    I used a ratio of 300k t3 600k t2 and 1-2mil t1

    In a kill event where it’s all about points I was able to loose less power with the t1 and take a lot more power from my opponent but I was also able to lower my KDR to a 1.2 because my t1 were dying off

    So it was pretty much a win win

    I could lower my KDR and get a lot of points

  10. I have 1m t1 1m t3 and 200k t4 and full t3 traps how would i fair agaisnt a full t4 rally?

  11. And 300k beds

  12. You would be hurt very bad…I do not recommend it at your size. Don’t forget to have your alliance fill you up with t4 reinforcements before any hit. They’re reinforcements won’t die and you’ll kill a lot more of them.

  13. Any updates on how many troop and what troops
    Type to eat a full 525kt4 March?

    I saw an infantry trap With 6m t1 1m t2 and 400k t3 eat an entire t4 March and fill 200k beds but I’m hoping to find something on mixed troop numbers

  14. So I’ve got now 9m t2 and 9m t3 and 500k t4 with half t3 and t4 traps. Would that be enough to take a rally commander? . My boosts 550% attack 520ish% defence and health.

  15. OK I got 300k troops how much traps do I put to keep save and what do I do

  16. General Gatomichi

    Hi General Kane,
    Interesting post you made. I would ask, now that this game has been improved with new HQ levels and increased the amount of troops deployments..what strategy you recommend? For example for a HQ 21, amount of troops and type of traps?

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