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Mobile Strike | Guides | Tile Gathering Rules

Mobile Strike Gathering Resource Tiles
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Gathering from tiles is key to acquiring enough resources to progress though the levels in Mobile Strike. For a new player, it’s hard to know where the best places to gather are.  It’s also important to understand the general rules most states have to avoid tile collisions. This guide covers everything you need to know about gathering.

Resource tiles

Resource tiles come in six varieties which include: food, oil, iron, stone, gold and silver. Each resource tile can be found in six different levels, 1 through to 6. The higher the level the more resources are found on the tile, the faster the resources can be gathered and the better the chances are that high level materials and mods will drop.

Food, oil, iron, stone and gold can spawn randomly on land, anywhere throughout the state. Silver will only spawn in or around bodies of water.

Where to find high level tiles

The state map is actually a large vertical rectangle.  It measures 512 tiles on the horizontal axis and 1,024 tiles on the vertical. The control point is right in the center of the map, surrounded by a forest. Level 6 tiles spawn in the forest and as you work outwards the resource tiles decrease in level, until you reach the very top and bottom of the map where the level 1 tiles spawn.

As the map is only 512 tiles wide, it means the very edges of the state (inline with the forest) still have high level tiles. This is because the edges are near enough to the control point to fall into the level 4 resource tile area. It is only the very top and bottom of the state where you will find the lowest tiles.

The image below shows the resource tile distribution in Mobile Strike:-

Mobile Strike Resource Tile Distribution

You should also note that it is possible for any level tile, including level 6 tiles, to spawn anywhere on the map. Generally though the tiles will spawn in the above areas.

If your alliance is looking for a home for your hive (assuming you don’t have control over the forest), then a good spot to look for is a sparsely populated level 4/5 tile border, near a lake for access to silver. You should also note that Rebel Targets appear in the same areas, which means there is no point sitting in a level 5 tile area, if your alliance can only attack level 1 and 2 rebel targets!

Resource tile etiquette

A leading cause of alliance wars and disputes relates to tile collisions and bad gathering etiquette. Whilst different states may have their own individual rules, most will follow the “first deployment claims the tile” principal.

This means that if you see an empty tile and send your troops out to gather resources, then the first player to deploy their troops claims the tile. It doesn’t matter if you are nearer to the tile and know you will get their first, if someone else has troops on the way, you should leave the tile alone and carry on looking.

You can easily tell if someone has an active deployment heading for a tile as there will be an orange dashed line right next to the resource tile, with the dashes moving towards the tile. If you happen to miss this and send out your deployment, you will get a red warning appear around your screen of an impending collision. In this instance you should recall your deployment using a deployment recall item, which can be purchased for 5,000 loyalty points from the alliance store.

Occasionally two players will send a deployment at exactly the same time, to the same tile. Mobile Strike will often take a few seconds to warn both players of a collision. In these cases I often recall and find another resource tile just to play it safe.

Tip: Sending a deployment to a tile that is occupied, or has an incoming deployment is a definite no-no. However, there is nothing to stop you sending a deployment to an empty tile that has just been vacated. These tiles still have the dashed orange line, but it will be moving away from the tile, rather than towards it. These are often over looked by players. 

Common state rules

Following the “first deployment claims the tile” strategy will avoid most collisions, however you should also find out any rules specific to your state. You can ask in state chat if there are any other state wide rules. For instance the forest area is almost always out of bounds to most players, with the controlling alliance deciding who can gather there.

Common rules includes:-

  • No gathering within the forest, or X number of tiles surrounding the forest. These rules can usually be seen on the top alliance’s profile.
  • No gathering within X radius of an alliance hive. This can usually be found on the individual alliance’s profile.
  • Permission to gather in the forest provided you are over a certain HQ level. This usually applies to new states, with less aggressive controlling alliances.
  • Permission to gather in the forest provided you can clear the whole tile in a single deployment. This allows the top players with large deployment sizes to gather freely in the forest, encouraging state growth.

General tile etiquette

The following probably won’t start any wars, but it is best practice to abide by these guidelines:-

  • Always clear a tile completely, even if it means sending out several repeat deployments. No one likes to spend hours clicking on resource tiles, only to find they have been bled dry to the last 10k oil, food, stone, or silver. Clearing a tile allows a new full tile to spawn and stops players having to go around cleaning up behind you.
  • Don’t gather on tiles immediately bordering another base, or alliance hive. It’s common decency to leave tiles bordering other alliances, or bases, to those players.
  • Keep an eye out on state chat for gathering bans. Usually in the run up to a state v state there will be a state wide purge, don’t be caught gathering during this time.
  • Never leave troops unattended on resource tiles during state v state kill events.


Following the above will go a long way to helping you to avoid tile collisions and the repercussions that come from tile hitting.

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  1. looking for an answer to the question
    What happens when your crop runs down to zero? Do troops Die??

    • Landon,

      No you’re troops do not die. I have a level 21 base and only one food farm for upgrading purposes. I have a food farm account for food. If I had food on my main my troops would just eat it and its wasted. I only transfer food to my main when I need it.

      • So your food icon is always flashing to red? (On your main account?

        Can I have two accounts on the same iPhone device? How do you log in back and forth?

        • Yes you can have 2 accounts on one mobile device although you will need 2 e-mails addresses.you can log out my clicked the more button and going to ew account. Make sure you can registered your e-mail address with ew before logging out!!!! And make sure you know your password!

  2. Maybe try to log into your main account on a different device first just to make sure you know your password first.

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