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Mobile Strike | Guides | Unlocking Military Tier 4 Troops

Unlock Tier 4

Tier 4 troops are the top tier of military units in Mobile Strike and are 50% stronger than tier 3 troops. These elite troops include Demolitions, Deltas, Tanks and Rocket Artillery. Unlike the first three tiers, these units are considerably harder to unlock and require a significant amount of research and building upgrades.

First of all you need to understand that whilst it is certainly possible to unlock T4 without spending any real money,  you are probably looking at the best part of 9 to 12 months of game play to get there without opening your wallet.

If this hasn’t scared you away, then read on to find out exactly what’s required…


What makes tier 4 troops so difficult to unlock is the fact that you need a level 21 Research Facility, in order  to unlock Demolitions, Deltas, Tanks and Rocket Artillery. This is where the fun begins…

A level 21 Research Facility requires one of every other building in your base to be level 21. Now most of these buildings don’t cause too much of an issue, given enough time and resources, the exceptions are the War Room, Prison and Death Row.

In Mobile Strike the War Room requires Tactical Manuals to upgrade. The first few levels only require a small number, but the requirement increases exponentially at later levels. In fact to go from level 1 to 21 you need a total of 20,000 Tactical Manuals!

The Prison and Death Row require Golden Cuffs and Golden Bullets respectively, again 20,000 of each will get you to level 21. Whilst you can get some of these items through alliance gifts, you will probably end up buying most of  these from the gold store. The cheapest way to buy all three types of these items is in packs of 1,000, for 10,000 gold a pack.

In total you will need to spend 600,000 gold in order to buy enough for all three buildings! You are also looking at over a billion resources and 1,000 days of speed ups (before boosts),  to get all your buildings upgraded. This can be reduced to around 330 days with a 200% research boost.


As if the building requirements were not bad enough, you also need a ton of research completed before you can take command of tier 4 troops.

First up you have to max the entire Economics tree (except for gold gathering) at a cost of 200 million in resources and 150 million coin. The timers total around 700 days, which you can get down to around 1/3 of this time with a 200% research boost.
Next is the Combat tree and let’s just assume for the moment you are trying to unlock just one Mobile Strike T4 troop, say Demolitions.

You will need to max the following:-

Scouting, Training Speed,  Infantry Attack, Infantry Defense, Machine Gunner, Rocket Infantry, Troop Health, Troop Defense, Artillery Defense, Artillery Attack and finally Demolitions.

This will cost you around 300 million resources and 300 million coin. The time cost is…

wait for it…

3,800 days!

Yes that’s over 10 years…

You can probably get that down to around 1,250 days with 200% research boost.

Total Cost

Taking all of the above into consideration, you are looking at the following:-

  • 600,000 gold for the Tactical Manuals, Golden Cuffs and Golden Bullets
  • 15 years of timers (5 years with 200% boost to research)
  • about 250-400 million of each of the main resources; oil, food, stone and iron.
  • 450 million coin

Is that even Possible?

Admittedly the above resource, gold and time costs may seem out of reach without spending a fortune of real money, but I can tell you that it is certainly doable, without spending huge amounts of cash in the Mobile Strike gold store.

The resources are probably the easiest to obtain, with the use of alt farming accounts and help from your alliance, you will get there in the end. Coin is a little harder, but again if you keep farming and trading, you will be surprised how quickly you can build up your coin reserves.

For the Tactical Manuals, Golden Cuffs and Golden Bullets this is a little more difficult. If you are in an alliance with a high gift level and big spenders, you can actually get a big chunk of these from alliance gifts. If you follow our Gold Mine guide here, that will bring you in another 9,000 gold a month. Finally Mobile Strike challenges can reward you with a significant amount of gold.

15 Years Though?!

If you manage to all of the above, then the chances are that your final hurdle will be reducing those 15 years of timers down to a realistic figure. You really need between 200%-300% in research boosts before you hit any of those long timers. This can be reached with the right Commander spec and research equipment.

Remember Alliance helps also reduce your timers significantly.  Alliance helps reduce the remaining time left by a fixed percentage, so don’t use any speed ups until all of your helps have been received.

Finally you will need a large number of speed ups to reduce the balance of those lengthy timers. The best way to get speed ups is by carefully completing challenges. The trick here is to use speed ups to finish research/build timers, to get to the required points to win the event. You need to make sure the rewards for each prize are equal to, or greater than the amount of speed ups you have spent.

This way you will have completed a large chunk of research, or building upgrades, but still managed to recover more speedups than you used.

Unleash the Mighty T4

If you stick with it long enough, you will eventually command an army of  Demolitions, Deltas, Tanks and Rocket Artillery.  Without purchasing gold packs it will probably take you the best part of a year to get to this point, but it will be worth it in the end once you unleash your brand new units on the state!

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  1. Hey,
    I though the commander skill research did not affect t4? It says here you need to maximized Troop training to get Demolitions? Can you please revised and let us know.

    Thank You,

  2. I’ve looked all over and I can’t find where the requirements are that list a maxed economics tree as a requirement for opening up the T4. Can you clarify what research or building requires that? Thanks and love the site!

    • It’s troop health 10 that’s the issue. It requires Troop Load 10, Deployment Speed 10, Gathering 10. These all have prerequisites further up the economics tree.

      If you keep working back you will find you have to max the whole tree, except for gold gathering.

  3. If I click on Demolitions on the research tree, it says I can finish all the requirements and the research instantly for under 200k gold. ????? So that sounds like the way to go????

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