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Mobile Strike | Research | Combat | Scouting

Scouting provides a more specific approximation of defending troops and reveals the names of reinforcing troops in Mobile Strike.

Once maxed you will receive exact information on a players defenses.

The table below outlines the cost in materials, requirements and rewards for each research level of Scouting.

Scouting Research Requirements

Levelblank-place-filler CoinMobile Strike Coin Timeblank-place-filler Requirementsblank-place-filler Rewardsblank-place-filler PowerMobile Strike Power
1 225 0d 0h 15m Research Facility 1 Provides an estimated number
of defending troops, and gives an exact count on a bases food, stone, oil and iron.
2 675 0d 0h 45m Research Facility 3 Provides the troop type of
defending troops and coin count.
3 2,025 0d 2h 15m Research Facility 4 Provides the number of
reinforcing troops.
4 6,075 0d 8h 30m Research Facility 6 Provides an estimated
number of defending troops and the reinforcing troop type.
5 18,225 1d 16h 30m Research Facility 8 The Commander’s status is
revealed and specific troop names appear.
6 54,675 3d 9m 0m Research Facility 10 Provides and approximation
of reinforcing troops.
7 164,025 6d 18h 0m Research Facility 12 More specific approximation
of defending troops and reveals the names of reinforcing players.
8 492,075 20d 6h 0m Research Facility 15 Provides more specific
approximation of reinforcing troops.
9 1,476,225 40d 12h 0m Research Facility 18 Provides the Commander’s level,
an exact number of defending troops and a list of all buildings and their levels.
10 4,428,675 81d 0h 0m Research Facility 20 Provides an exact number of
reinforcing troops and reveals active boosts a base has.
Total 6,642,600 332,145

About Mobile Strike

"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

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