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Mega Arsenal, Set Gear Level 10,000 & Gear Improvement level 40 – Attack Updates

The last few days in Mobile Strike have released pure attack updates, the new research – Mega Arsenal, set gear level can go up to 10,000, Gear level can now be raised until 40 & VIP 940. These updates provide mostly attack combat stats; though higher VIP levels provide some defense.

Mega Arsenal

  • The new research provides a massive jump on attack combat stats, as well as the deployment & rally sizes.
  • There are some defense combat stats you can gain from the research.
  • Additionally, you can unlock 5 more ammunition types. You can use up to 9 ammunition types in an attack now.

Also, Arsenal now has a new ammunition type, Diamond Tip.

We are working on collecting the requirements for this new research, we will update this post when we have the costs. Stay tuned!

Set Gear Level 10,000 & Gear Improvement 40

The Set Gear Levels of 2017 Super Combat sets, 2017 Combat Sets & Revenant Constructor Set can now be raised till 10,000. The higher levels of combat sets only provide extra attack stats.

Also, Gear pieces can be now improved up to max level 40. Again, the higher levels of gear quality improvements only adds more attack related stats.

Stats Chart for Anniversary sets & Super Jack sets

We have prepared stats chart for Anniversary sets & Super Jack sets with the new higher set gear level & gear quality improvement.

Stats of fully enhanced & improved Anniversary sets:

Stats of fully enhanced & improved Super Jack sets:


VIP 940+

Additionally, With VIP 940, Gear Improvement Quality can be raised by 5 levels at a time for a single tap.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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