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Titan Combat

Mobile Strike recently released the Titan Factory, allowing you to train Titan troops. With the release of these Titans, we have seen a large shift in what is necessary to be safe in Mobile Strike. It quickly became apparent that we were dealing with a large shift in the algorithm towards these Titans.

Due to the apparent massive shift in the MS combat engine, we have performed several rounds of testing over the last few days. After testing, we have managed to create some “rules” for Titans and found (somewhat) their place in the MS combat system.

Titan Types

The most important aspect that this testing revealed was quite simple :
Titans are tiered, just like troops.
There are two tiers of Titans (currently), with three TYPES of Titans. Tier 1 Titans get hit BEFORE Tier 2 Titans do. They act as your new “meat shield”.

Titan Types

  • Ground Titan : Strong against MECH Titan.
  • Mech Titan : Strong against AIR Titan.
  • Air Titan : Strong against GROUND Titan.

Tier 1 Titans

  • Wartank : Ground Titan Type
  • Mechcrawler : Mech Titan Type
  • Raptor : Air Titan Type

Tier 2 Titans

  • Dozer-Tank : Ground Titan Type
  • Mechwalker : Mech Titan Type
  • Nighthawk : Air Titan Type

Titan Testing

In order to discern the tiers and the effect that they had on combat, we performed several rounds of tile tests. In these tile tests we sent various types of Titans along with various TIERS of normal troops to see what died.

In our first tests, the attacker sent a small amount of Mechwalker (T2 Mech Titan) along with the maximum amount of high tier troops into various defending compositions. The most important aspect of our test results was that the defending TROOPS did not have a single loss, even though they were only Tier 3. The same applied when we used Tier 2 troops. This means that the Titans were standing IN FRONT of the troops and taking the damage for them.

Additionally, we learned that the Mechwalkers (tier 2 attackers) did equal amounts damage to Tier 1 Ground Titans and Tier 1 Mech Titans. They did less damage to Tier 1 Air Titans. This was an interesting result, but we used this information to set up the base of our new meat shield to keep your Base safe.

Using the tile tests that we did, we discerned the following facts :

  • Tier 1 Titans take FAR LESS DAMAGE than Tier 2 Titans.
  • Tier 2 Titans are glass cannons – they hit for a massive amount, but break easily.
  • Tier 1 Mythic Titans will take losses before your Tier 2. This serves to protect your Base.
  • As soon as all Titans were dead, the remaining troops (in both Bases and on Tiles) get absolutely devastated.
  • This is why you’ve seen so many people posting about “glitch hits” lately. They are not glitched. They just didn’t have enough Titans to withstand the hit. Tier 2 Titans will utterly decimate MASSIVE AMOUNTS of troops that do not have Titans standing in front of them.
  • These new Titans are basically serving as a (temporary) “reset” on the combat system for MS. The only thing that matters at the moment are Titan stats and counts. Troops are melting to them outright.
  • To reinforce that last point : The MOST IMPORTANT thing that matters at the moment are Titan stats. Focus on these stats above all others.

Using the rules mentioned above, we then built our Base to have a small amount of Troops and juiced up the T1 Titan meatshield.

The results of doing this were a resounding success. We capped a much larger and more researched account comless, using old Insignia. This further serves to show that Troop Stats matter very little at the moment for defending your Base.
EDIT : Recently, some bases are starting to cap using troops and no Titans. This is just by using the old “standard” of high troop count and high defense. This is still possible.


In summary, Titans are utterly game changing. Everyone should be focused entirely on increasing their Titan stats at the moment. When this changes, we will let you know.

Quick rules for Titan combat :

  • Tier 1 Titans are for DEFENSE. Build them to defend your Base.
  • Tier 2 Titans are for OFFENSE. Send them when attacking enemies.
  • Get a scout on your target and see which Tier 1 they have the most of. Send the opposite type of Tier 2 when attacking. (Example : Enemy has 500K Wartank, 200K Raptor, 200K Mechcrawler. Send Nighthawk on your attack.)

Stay tuned for further updates on these massively game changing new Titan mechanics.

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