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Mobile Strike | Updates | Economy Gear Released

Today Epic War released a new type of commander equipment in Mobile Strike, called Economy Gear. The first set of economy gear has a brand new boost called “construction time reduction”. This is different to the regular construction boost found on normal items and the construction boost in the commander skill tree.

Understanding the New Boosts

The current construction reduction is calculated by applying a percentage to the original timer, based on your construction boost. Which basically means the longer the original timer, the bigger the reduction you get. The new boost simply reduces the original construction timer by a fixed period of time.

After you deduct the new equipment construction time from the original timer, you then apply your normal construction boost to the remainder.

Workman’s Set

The first Economy gear released in Mobile Strike is the Workman’s set, which offers a fixed reduction in construction timers. The reduction for each quality of the Workman’s set can be seen in the table below:-

Workman’s Item Grey White Green Blue Purple Orange
Hammer 5m 10m 15m 30m 1h 2h
Shirt 5m 10m 15m 30m 1h 2h
Boots 1m 5m 10m 20m 45m 1h 30m
Helmet 1m 5m 10m 20m 45m 1h 30m
Toolkit 1m 5m 10m 15m 30m 1h
Toolkit 1m 5m 10m 15m 30m 1h
Total 14m 40m 1h 10m 2h 10m 5h 30m 9h

With a full orange set your build times will be reduced by 9 hours. This increases to 10 hours by adding a 3rd tool kit to your last accessory slot (once unlocked).

How Useful is Construction Time Reduction?

Because the time reductions are fixed, it means you reduce each build time by exactly the same amount of time. Therefore if you managed to get a combined 5 hour reduction, then your build timers would all be reduced by 5 hours, regardless of how long the original timer was.

This means that these items are useful early in the game, when construction timers are low, but become less effective later on, when you have longer timers. Later in the game the traditional construction items will be far better, as they will reduce your timers by a percentage of the overall time.

Tip: With this new boost you can reduce timers down to zero, allowing you to instantly construct some buildings. This was never possible with the normal construction boost, as it is percentage based.

Good for Switching Base Layout

Where these sets are useful is for switching your base layout quickly. If you want to switch from a farming setup to an oil production build, or you want to replace a your banks with hospital’s, then having a 10 hour reduction on build timers will allow you to instantly replace all of your buildings up to about level 10, with no waiting time at all.

Initial Thoughts

Whilst new types of boosts are a nice addition to Mobile Strike, there are only a few instances when these items will be better than a traditional construction set.

The only half decent time reductions come from the purple and orange set. This would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that the boost is only really useful in the early part of the game.  Given that most players will not have any purple/orange materials until later in the game, it would then be a waste to manufacture this set!

In the long run you are better off manufacturing a standard construction gear set, like the items covered in our manufacturing guide.

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  1. I manufactured the orange hammer but it reduces the time with one hour and not two hours. I tried it on several constructions but the outcome is the same.

    • The problem is that you will already have construction boosts which are applied after your hammer has reduced the original timer.

      To give you an example, say for instance you are upgrading a building that has a 10 hour original timer, but you have construction boosts that reduce the actual time in half. Your time will be 5 hours. Now you equip your orange hammer, you would expect the timer to go down to 3 hours, but it actually goes down to 4 hours.

      The reason is your orange hammer reduces the original time from 10 to 8 hours and then your construction boost reduces the remainder in half down to 4 hours.

  2. Can you build automatic Bank in Mobile Strike?

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