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Mobile Strike | Updates | War Bonds – Treasury Coming Soon?


If you are looking for what War Bonds do, or what the War Store is please check out this guide.

There have been a few rumors floating around from Mobile Strike players that war bonds are dropping from alliance gifts. The description on war bonds state they are used to upgrade the Treasury.

Currently there is no building called the Treasury in Mobile Strike, but there is a similar building in Machine Zone’s sister game, Game of War: Fire Age. This would suggest that the Treasury may be released shortly in Mobile Strike.

What does the Treasury do?

Assuming the Treasury released in Mobile Strike will be the same as Game of War, then the Treasury acts as a gold bank, allowing you to invest gold for a set period of time. After your investment matures you will be rewarded with interest (in the form of more gold) and your capital back.

I anticipate there will be 7 upgrade levels, with each level increasing the amount of gold you can invest and the interest rate earned on the gold.

What Returns can I Expect?

I expect the Treasury to allow you to invest 10,000 gold at level 1, increasing to 20,000 gold for a level 7 Treasury. Investment periods can be for 7, 14 or 30 days. The return on 20k gold for the full 30 day investment is likely to be 21,000 gold.

i.e. you lock 20,000 gold away for a month and receive 41,000 gold back (your original 20k gold, plus 21k gold in interest).

You can withdraw your gold at any time, but forfeit all interest unless you wait until the investment period ends.

What are the War Bonds for?

Whilst I can’t say for certain, I expect you will need around 4,800 War Bonds in order to upgrade your Treasury to level 7. Just like the Prison, War Room and Death Row, need golden cuffs, tactical manuals and golden bullets, the Treasury will need War Bonds to upgrade each level.

I anticipate War bonds will cost around 14,000 gold for 1,000 bonds. This means it will cost 70k gold to fully max out your Treasury. I also anticipate you will need a level 21 Headquarters in order to reach the maximum level.


Whilst the above is purely speculation at this point, the fact that War Bonds are appearing in Mobile Strike, does suggest the Treasury will be released soon. As Mobile Strike developers have a history of setting building requirements at a very similar level to Game of War, it wouldn’t be a far stretch of the imagination to assume that the Mobile Strike Treasury will have the requirements and rewards stated above.

Stay posted for future updates.

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  1. Yes, I am one of the lucky players who have gotten the drop for the treausry. I am unsure what it is since we do not have one yet

  2. it will be the same as gow dont know why they havent added it yet period….. whats the hold up mobile strike.. i got a few already stored and my team been waiting for this… BOOM… state:ASCE team:TDDs

  3. War bonds have something to do with the Control Point. You donate to CP, but for whatever reason it is, I dont know why.

  4. when was this posted?

  5. When you select a War Bond, it says something about the CP war store and donate to the CP.

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