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Mobile Strike | Updates | Week Ending 3 July 2016

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Mobile Strike Updates Week Ended 3 July 2016

This time around, not all too much has occurred in the form of updates this week; at least when it comes down to sheer size or data that is. However, while it may be a little more on the low end this time around, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things; ultimately, it’ll still do enough to keep you on your toes for a week.

First up, a Level 4 Vault has been released to the players of Mobile Strike, and it will allow the player to earn a higher percentage of return on the gold that you end up investing into it. At first, it might be a touch slow to get started, but at the end of it you will be receiving a tidy profit from this latest upgrade for the Vault. At level 4 you can earn a maximum of 800 gold per day.

The following Rebel Targets are here this week and will proceed to remain for this time:

  • Stealth Bomber
  • Shamrock

For the Stealth Bomber, the corresponding materials for its permanent gear can be acquired through either crates that are specifically marked, by attacking the rebel targets, or by gathering from the hidden cache that they leave behind the moment that they are defeated by you and your troops.

More or less all the same can be said about the Shamrock rebel target, except with some minor changes here and there; just entwined with the Shamrock name instead, which in turn leads to permanent gear relating to said rebel target.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be too much in the form of updates this time around; other than the inclusion of the upgraded Vault this time. While this week may be nothing short of a small disappointment, hopefully next week’s update will include a number of new and interesting additions to Mobile Strike. For the current time being, however, we’re just going to have to wait and see what appears around next week’s corner.

General Sheppard

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  1. Is everyone experiencing a dramatic shortage of RSS tiles? Especially oil. They are forcing us to buy packs…


  2. Captain RedBeard

    I noticed that the player profile now includes a Tournament section near the top. But no news or blog on what it’s for.

    Any insight?

  3. Also coin tiles are hard to find. Forcing to buy can be avoided by building rss farms.

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