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"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

Fortnite on Android: everything you need to know

[Update: The beta is here! Epic has now begun the beta for select Android devices. We've run through how to download Fortnite on Android in our separate how-to guide, but the page below has everything else you need to know about the mobile version of the popular game.] Battle royale shooter Fortnite is the most-played video game on the planet, …

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The best gaming mouse deals in September 2018

A gaming mouse is just a gaming mouse, or so you’ve heard. The truth is there are a ton of options available when it comes to these pesky, yet necessary peripherals. When you buy a gaming mouse for yourself, it’s crucial to be conscious of the price you’re paying relative to the specs and comfort that you’ll be getting from …

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The best PS4 Pro games: push your console to its 4K HDR limits

UPDATE: Marvel's Spider-Man has joined our list of the best PS4 Pro games. With outstanding HDR visuals and a superb 4K resolution, it's easily one of the most beautiful games on the entire system. Although the PS4 Pro is one of the most powerful consoles your money can buy right now, when it comes to stocking up on games it's …

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Battlefield 5 release date, trailers and news

After the huge success of Battlefield 1 in 2016 and a break in 2017, the Battlefield franchise will return in 2018 with a brand-new game called Battlefield V (or Battlefield 5 if you're not into the roman numerals style). This time players will go back to WW2 with a range of single-player and multiplayer missions that will take them through …

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Sony says a final goodbye to the PlayStation 2

Hear that? That’s the sound of a million childhoods being ended in one fell swoop by Sony Japan as it pulls the plug on its PlayStation 2 aftercare service. Although the console hasn’t been in production for over five years, up until now Sony offered a repair clinic for diehard fans of the PS2. Reportedly, Sony asked those diehard fans …

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The best MMO games 2018: live a second life on console and PC

Between RPG, FPS, and MMO, there are plenty of acronyms used in the gaming world that offer a convenient shorthand, but can often prove confusing to the uninitiated. Here, we're going to touch on a genre that's confusing enough without piles of letters getting in the way: the MMO, or Massively Multiplayer Online game. Even if you aren't familiar with …

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