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  1. Lvl17 Building materials
    Oil 308,902
    Stone 343,224
    Iron 377,546
    Food 394,708
    XP 2,500
    Power 4,925

  2. what rsss are needed for level 19

  3. how do you go about getting an outpost? how many can you have?

  4. Outposts are just deployments to a specific spot. The number of deployments you have, eg. 3,4 or 5, is the number of outposts you can have. You don’t obtain them, or research them, they’re just …….there.

    • MobileStrike_Crafter

      False! Outposts don’t just appear, depending on how many troop armies your aloud to let go to a resources or attack someone is just the same with outposts!

      Examples would be if you were aloud to deploy 5 troop armies you could do 5 outposts….If you sent 3 troop armies to resource places you could send 2 outposts out.

  5. How do you build an outpost? I see them everywhere in my state.

    • Click where you want it to go…choose occupy…thisctakes you to the deployment screen…choose troops (1 is the usual) and deploy

  6. When can you do a page HQ 22 please your website is so helpful

    Thank you


  7. How do I free up space in the core inventory?

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