/Flash Mobile Game Review: Four Play

Flash Mobile Game Review: Four Play

Four Play
Developed by Nitrome

“Cute graphics, nice theme but lacks performance.”

Overview: This game looks like to be the first Flash Lite game by Nitrome, a tradional Flash game development company. As any other experience, it has really strong and some weak points. The main game objective is to “drop” 04 aliens of your own color in order to form a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Nitrome picked up a great game stlye for a casual game and also offers players the chance to play against each other on the same device (it may sound crazy, but I really like this idea).

The good: The graphics and color choices have a professional look, with a “pixel tendency” style. Well, so professional that could be ported to J2ME easily (I don’t like this idea…No, I don´t).

The bad: Slow performance. The game speed affected my interest over the game after 30 seconds, plus, the “…turn” warning showing up all the time, gets really annoying too. A faster frame rate or graphic optimization would be very useful.