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This greaseproof Xbox One controller is 2018’s biggest innovation in gaming

Three-dimensional graphics, analog controls, motion-based inputs – these were all vital innovations in gaming. And, now, we have the next major leap in gaming technology: greaseproof controllers.

Microsoft has developed a new Xbox One controller that’s supposedly impervious to grease. The controller comes in a surprisingly rad-looking yellow-on-gray color scheme, and it’s hand-coated in a urethane material that wicks off grease like certain outerwear does with sweat.

However, the company is only producing 200 of them in Australia as a Facebook giveaway to promote the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, on the console.

Sadly, the controller you’ve always dreamed of is not available for sale much less available at all outside of Australia. That’s cold, Microsoft.

Here’s to hoping this controller gets a wider release, because we’re sure a lot of Saturday night, Cheeto-loving gamers would pay a kingly sum for such a thing.

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