Deciding what to spend your hard earned alliance loyalty points on in Mobile Strike can be difficult. It’s often tough to work out whether you are better off purchasing items in the gold store, or the alliance store. The main reason for this is because the rate of loyalty points, per 1 gold spent in the gold store is not fixed. This means some items are much cheaper to purchase in the alliance store and others cheaper in the gold store.

I have put this guide together so that you can easily see the gold/loyalty cost of every item in the alliance store. Hopefully this should let you stretch your gold and loyalty points a lot further.

Alliance Loyalty/Gold Store Comparison Table

The table below shows the loyalty point and gold cost for each item available in the alliance store. The items are ranked by the alliance points to gold ratio. Effectively this shows the number of alliance points you are using up, compared to 1 gold spent in the gold store.

This means the lower the ratio, the better value the item is in the alliance store and the higher the ratio, the better value the item is in the gold store.

Item Loyalty Points Gold Cost Alliance/Gold Ratio
7 Day Gather Boost 300,000 5,000 60
Daily Chance 50,000 800 63
Fake Forces 15,000 200 75
12 Hour Defense Boost 20,000 250 80
12 Hour Attack Boost 20,000 250 80
Rename Alliance 16,000 200 80
24 Hour Gather Boost 50,000 600 82
Medical Kit 500,000 6,000 83
25% Deployment Size Increase 200,000 2,400 83
Alliance Chance 100,000 1,000 100
25 Deployment Banners 5,000 50 100
Standard Mod Crate 60,000 600 100
Standard Material Crate 60,000 600 100
Base Rename 5,000 40 125
Change Personnel File Image 10,000 80 125
Commander Select 5,000 40 125
Change Player Name 5,000 40 125
Deployment Recall 5,000 40 125
15 Minute Rebel Target Attack 150,000 1,200 125
Simple Mod Saver 60,000 400 150
Commander Skill Reset 150,000 1,000 150
Building Move 100,000 500 200
Random Teleport 100,000 500 200
50,000 Commander XP 100,000 400 250
100 VIP Points 37,500 150 250
Rebel Target Skill Reset 150,000 600 250
7,000 Training Ammo 50,000 200 250
30,000 Training Ammo 200,000 750 267
Advanced Teleport 400,000 1,500 267
15 Minute Speed Up 20,000 70 286
60 Minute Speed Up 50,000 130 385
8 Hour Peace Shield 200,000 500 400
3 Hour Speed Up 150,000 300 500
1 Minute Speed Up 5,000 5 1,000
24 hour Resource Boost 7,000
24 Hour Silver Boost 15,000
7 Day Resource Boost 42,000
7 Day Silver Boost 80,000

Best Alliance Store Items

The two best value items in Mobile Strike to purchase in the alliance store include: 7 Day Gathering Boost and Daily Chance. As well as being the best value, these are actually two of the most useful items you can buy.

A 7 day gathering boost is extremely handy, increasing your gathering speed by 50%, thus greatly increasing the speed at which you acquire resources.

The daily chance is in my opinion the best item to purchase in the alliance store. With VIP active (allowing you to auto complete missions), multiple daily chances provide large amounts of xp for your commander, resources, materials and mods.

Another great item to buy in the alliance store and keep in reserve is a Medical Kit. This will come in very handy if you need to revive your commander and at a cost of 6,000 gold, you may not be able to afford one when you need it.

Worst Alliance Store Items

Interestingly enough, speed ups and peace shields are actually the worst value items to purchase in the alliance store. You are much better off purchasing these with gold, rather than loyalty points. Both speed ups and peace shields are actually two of the most commonly purchased items by players, because they are used a lot in Mobile Strike.

Buying speed ups with loyalty points is a definite no-no. 8 hour peace shields should only be bought with loyalty points if you really have no gold to spare and need to shield urgently.

Don’t ever buy a 1 minute speed up. At a cost of 1,000 loyalty points, per 1 gold spent in the gold store, they are a complete rip off. In fact any R4’s should make a point of not putting any of these useless items in the store!


If you try to keep most of your alliance store purchases below the 100 points per gold ratio, you can’t go too far wrong. There will be times when you need to spend loyalty points on some of the items lower down the table out of necessity, but provided this is only an occasional purchase, you will find your gold and loyalty points go a lot further.

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