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Mobile Strike HQ 21 and T4 Base Layout

Mobile Strike | Guides | Base Layout at HQ 21 with T4 Unlocked

base layout at hq 21 and t4 troops unlocked - Mobile Strike | Guides | Base Layout at HQ 21 with T4 Unlocked
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Best Base Layout at HQ 21 with T4 Unlocked

I’ve been getting many requests to do a guide on the best Mobile Strike base layout for a level 21 player, with T4 troops unlocked for some time and now I’ve finally got round to writing one.

Like most things in Mobile Strike, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Your base layout will depend on your play style and your role in your alliance. For instance a high powered rally account would differ significantly to an end game trap account.

There are however a few things every player should consider, no matter what build they have.

HQ 21 and Unlocking T4 Troops Frees up a lot of Tiles

If you have read my previous base layout guides you will know that whilst you are leveling it’s very important to keep at least one of each type of building. This is because to get a level 21 Research Facility unlocked (which you need in order to unlock tier 4 troops) you must have one of every other building at level 21.

However, once you have your level 21 Research Facility this all changes. You can start to destroy buildings which are no longer needed, making room for more hospitals, training grounds, or banks.

Which Buildings are no Longer Needed at HQ 21?

I’ve broken the buildings down into the following categories:-

Buildings you will almost certainly want to destroy

Warehouse – At level 21 all the Warehouse does is provide protection for 2 million of each resource if you are zeroed. Sounds good to new players, but by the time you reach HQ 21 and have T4 unlocked, 2 million of each resource is pocket change.

Some players argue it helps you to heal at least some troops if you get zeroed, allowing you to rebuild quicker – but if your 100 million+ power account gets zeroed, being able to revive a few thousand T4 is the least of your worries.

You’re going to be spending gold to get your army back, or you will probably quit in frustration.

Buildings you should consider destroying:-

Hall of Heroes – Once your Commander reaches level 50 the hall of heroes becomes redundant. At HQ21 if your commander is executed you are going to use a medi pack to revive him, which means the xp retention is not needed either.

The only reason I haven’t put this building in the must destroy section, is because at some point the commander level will probably be raised. At this point the Hall of Heroes will become useful again. I personally think you are better off rebuilding when this happens.

Embassy – 1 million troops? Sounds like a lot of extra support when you have a few hundred thousand troops – not so much when your troops get into the 10’s of millions. Unless you have a trap account I’d consider ditching your Embassy, unless it is a key part of your alliance’s attack strategy.

Trading Post – It’s a bit of a pain to play without one whilst levelling, but for the self sufficient T4 player destroying your trading post is a real option. The downside is the lack of support you can provide your alliance.

Buildings you probably don’t want to destroy:-

Hall of War – Limiting yourself to single marches is probably not the best idea in the end game. So for the majority of players you will want to keep your Hall of War. I’ve left it as a maybe because for trap accounts you might decide to destroy it.

Prison – without a prison you can’t capture and execute enemy commanders. What’s the point in having a huge T4 army if you can’t execute a few commanders here and there?

Deathrow – the combat boosts your death row offers for commander execution shouldn’t be over looked.

I also find that most players can’t bring themselves to destroy these three buildings, because of the difficulty and cost of getting them to level 21 in the first place.

Armory – it’s true that if you have your perfect set of commander equipment then you no longer need an Armory, but new equipment is pretty much released every month. Personally I would not want to ditch this building.

Trap accounts may be more inclined to get rid of their Armory once they have their trap equipment sorted.

Buildings you should never destroy:-

Research Facility – New research is released all the time and due to the absolute nightmare requirements to get your Research Facility to 21 in the first place, you have to be a really hardcore (or crazy) player to even consider destroying this building.

Radar Station – I haven’t met a player yet that plays without a radar station. Not knowing who, or what is attacking you is also a little crazy.

Training Grounds, Hospitals and Banks

Let’s assume you destroy your Warehouse, Embassy, Trading Post and Hall of Heroes. This leaves you with 19 tiles inside your walls to play around with.

A level 21 bank provides 2% to all troop attack and 25% troop training. A Training Ground provides 10% defense and 5,000 troop training queue. A hospital 5% to troop health and 40,000 beds.

A full 19 of each type would provide:-

  • Training Ground – 190% troop defense and 95,000 troop training queue
  • Hospital – 95% troop health and 760,000 hospital beds.
  • Banks – 38% troop attack and 475% troop training speed bonus.


HQ 21 Builds

Out of the combat boosts I would take 190% defense over 38% attack any day of the week, but unfortunately the training grounds are the least useful building out of the three. You can usually get away with a single 21 training ground, allowing you to train T4 troops in batches of 5,000 at a time.

Hospitals are great for a trap accounts and 760,000 beds should provide you enough of a buffer to survive the first deployment on your base from most players, with little to no losses. The health boost is also nice for a trap account.

The best build for your average HQ 21 player in my opinion is 18 banks and 1 training ground. Once your research is complete and your buildings are all at level 21, there really is only one thing left to build and that’s troops.

Adding 475% boost to troop training speed will significantly reduce the training time of your t4 troops, allowing you to continuously increase the size of your army much quicker and drastically reduce the speedup cost to win training challenges.

Think you have a better HQ21 base layout? I’d love to hear what’s worked for you in the comments section. Any good suggestions will be incorporated into this guide.

General Kane