In Mobile Strike, resources are king. You need them to upgrade your buildings, for researching new abilities and for training your troops. The easiest and safest way to gain resources, is by building resource generating buildings on the tiles outside the walls of your base.

You can build four different types of building on these tiles (excluding the gold mine), which includes the Farm, Oil Well, Quarry and Iron Mine. A total of 25 tiles are available to set up as you please. In this guide I cover several different tried and test builds, that are useful for different play styles and for different stages of the game.

Don’t be Afraid to Change!

Before you get going, you need to understand that as you progress through the game, or switch to different play styles, your resource demands will change. You therefore need to accept that at some point you will probably be tearing down some high level resource buildings to try different setups.

Right, before we get going let’s look at how many of the 25 tiles are actually free to play around with. First of all you must have at least one of each resource building in order to level up your base. You will need to set aside four tiles for a level 21 farm, 21 oil well, 21 quarry and 21 iron mine.

I also strongly recommend you invest in a gold mine. You can only build one gold mine which you need to link to your Facebook account (or a fake fb account). You should then join a Mobile Strike group and add enough people to get the maximum gold gifts per day. At max level your gold mine will earn you 300 gold a day, or 9,000 gold a month!

So this leaves 20 tiles free to do with as you please…..

Balanced Setup

The name of this build pretty much gives it away. You simply build another five of each resource building, leaving you with six of each type and a gold mine. This will provide you with a steady stream of all four resources and can be useful in the early game.

Now this would be the perfect set up if there wasn’t a capacity limit on resources, unfortunately there is. Your resource buildings not only increase the rate of income, but they also set the capacity limit for your base. Once this limit is hit your buildings stop producing resources.

The problem with the balanced setup is that as you start to progress through Mobile Strike, you will find that you hit the soft cap limit for all four resources. At this point suddenly all your farms will stop working. In addition you will not be able to channel your boosts into a single resource. For these reasons a completely balanced setup is generally a poor choice.

Pure Food

In this setup you build food farms on all the remaining 20 tiles. This is a great build to support a large army, without having a constant negative food production issue. You will however need to gather, buy, trade, or steal the other resources in order to afford the later upgrades.

This is my preferred set up for the later stages of the game and I usually switch to an all farm set up after reaching Headquarters level 21. You can equip your commander with items that boost food and you can max out the food skills in the commander tree, to really ramp food production up.

If you struggle with oil, iron and stone, you can also set up alt accounts for the other resources.

Pure Oil, Iron or Stone

Going for 20 of any other type of building should only really be used for an alt account, or as part of a specific resource sharing team in your alliance. This is because having a single stockpile of one of other resources is not that useful, other than to trade with.

You will also have constant negative food supply, which means every upgrade, or research you start, will require food to be sent from an alliance member, alt, or your own items.

These builds do have their place, but if you are just starting out it’s not ideal.

Good leveling Setup

In my opinion the best starting layout is to go for 4 oil wells,  4 quarries, 4 iron mines and 12 farms. This will give you a decent supply of all the main resources. You will be able to afford your upgrades and research in the early levels and by adding a little gathering, this should see you out to getting to the max level in Mobile Strike.

In addition having 12 farms with a food boost setup, will allow you to maintain a fairly decent sized army without going into negative food supply.

This is a great self sufficient build to use whilst leveling. When you hit HQ21 you can slowly swap out some of your buildings, switching to the farm setup, or a more specialized build to fit in with your alliance.

Don’t forget to check my our base layout guide – inside your walls.

General Kane


  1. I looked through some of the guides on mobile strike but still have no idea what a beginners teleport is or does on this game. I don’t want to upgrade my hq because I will lose the teleport for risking that I may need or use them. Thanks.

    • If you look on the world map you will see there are a number of different sates (84 at the time of writing). Each one is effectively another game running on a separate server.

      Once you hit HQ 6 you are permanently bound to the state you are in. The beginners teleport will allow you to not only port anywhere on your map, but also into a different state.

      It’s worth starting in one of the newest states, as the rest of the players in that state will be at a lower level, having just started out recently.

      Incidentally the whole point of locking players to a state is exactly for this reason… to stop high level players who have been playing for several months, from porting to a newly opened state and going on a mass killing spree!

      You can fairly easily pick up ports later in the game that allow you to teleport around your state.

  2. Great artical but what about the buildings inside my walls? Namely, what number of hospitals, banks and training grounds should I have??

  3. You don’t need to keep farms to feed your troops. Troops don’t die off if you don’t feed them. So what is the purpose of all farms? You need everything to build troops.

    • The reason is to prevent negative food production – not so much to get a huge stockpile of food over the other resources.

      Once you get into the higher research and building upgrades, most of your resources will come from gathering. If you have negative food production you will be constantly losing food. When you are trying to save up 10 million + of each resource, fighting negative food is a pain.

      This is especially true if you are saving up resources over a number of days for an upgrade. You go to bed after a day’s gathering and wake up with zero food and have to gather all over again.

      If you remain in positive, or even just break even, food becomes just like the remaining three resources. You will be able to keep what you gather and at least make progress towards the next upgrade.

      Now I agree there are better systems in place with well run alliances and carful use of resource sharing, farm accounts etc, but for your average player keeping positive food production will make it much easier to save up for upgrades and make you completely self reliant.

    • Yes you can. First you leave your current alliance if you are in one, then click ‘create alliance’ in the alliance box.

    • You need more than one email account to be able to do this. Every new player needs to have an email account to start up so 1 + 1 = 2! ?

  4. Hi general kane,

    I did some math, even with the best food production gear, maxed out research and points put into food production on the commander tree, as well as a 50% upkeep reduction running 24/7, a pure farm build can only feed about 3 million t3 troops, which i heard isn’t really that much for late games. What are your thoughts and counter arguments on that?


    • No you are correct, in the very end game no amount of farms and commander equipment will keep you out of negative food production. At this point you might as well ditch all of your farms and go for the pure oil, iron or stone set up mentioned above. Once you get there the chances are you will be in a top alliance that have resource sharing polices, dedicated farms, alliance banks and your troops will allow you to gather a lot more. Getting resources becomes less of an issue.

      The majority of players do not get there for a very long time (if at all) and going for a farm layout to start with will make you self sufficient until the very end game. Once you get to that point it is relatively easy to change your whole farming set up.

      • Got it. So if right now I’m already in a top alliance that had shield super farm set up, should I still go for pure farm? Pure farm seems to be a much more relaxing way of playing but I’m a little worried that tearing down 20 high level farms will bring my power down significantly even in late game. Thanks again for your guides

        • That’s one of the main reasons I go for farms, it’s actually a real pain being in constant negative food production when you are still trying to upgrade buildings, research and train troops. If you are worried about power you can slowly start to swap your farms out when you think you can no longer keep up with troop requirements.

      • DESTINYCHILD, how about packs? Is there something that can be done to allow people to get a cheaper packs with speedups? Permanent 2nd day research/building ?
        Not everyone can afford to pay $100 for packs.

  5. General,
    A new server that is 5 days old, already has someone controlling the control point as head of state, with 9 million power. How is this possible?

    • Okay there could be two reasons for this:-

      1. Someone has started a new account and just spent enough money to get to 9 million power quickly.
      2. They were part of a jumper alliance. A jumper creates an account in a kingdom and maxes out every research ability and building upgrade to level 5. They also get their hero level really high. When a new kingdom opens they use their beginners teleport to jump to the new kingdom, with a huge head start on everyone else.

  6. I got a couple questions.
    1) How much power will you have if you max out all the research? Im 87 mill power, have all research tree maxed out and half of commender. Not seeing how you can get to 200,000,000 power without millions of T4’s.

    2) What happens to your troops when you run out of food. Everyone tells me nothing but that doesn’t make sense?

  7. General can you please describe a good alliance structure? Like alliance banks, burn teams, diplomats and such. Our alliance is lacking and really needs some great ideas on how to structure a strong alliance. Thanks

  8. do all resources stop producing if you hit base limit on one? For example I’m over on coin but under on everything else and nothing is producing. Thanks

  9. I do not know my Ew email or my password and can not get on the game and i can’t find a phone number to call for help. I have been playing MOBILE STRIKE FOR ALMOST A YEAR AND HAVE SPENT A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY. MOBILE STRIKE SENT ME AN UPGRADE AND AFTER I CAME on EVERY TWO MINS. I CLICKED IT AND NOW I CANNOT GET BACK INTO THE GAME AND MY BASE HAS BEEN ATTACKED AND ALL MY WORK AND MONEY ARE FOR NAUGHT! I AM VERY FRUSTATED. my name in the game is capt ahab. I need help please

    • What email gets receipts for your purchases?

      Every purchase generates a receipt. You should get it almost immediately. The email that gets the receipt is your registered email. Go to the sign in page, enter that email, then click forgot password. It should send you a link t o help you get recover your password. That should help you get back on.

  10. What is the point of the Building Swap Item? I asked Epic War (creator of the game) and never got a coherent answer. Is different tiles inside base better for certain buildings? I guess another way to ask would be should certain buildings be close to other buildings? I have been under the impression it makes no difference where buildings are placed…

  11. There is a building called Speed Up Factory that I can’t find information about anywhere. I have it, I unlocked it and I’m using but I’m trying to help other members of my alliance, by sending them to your pages, sometimes specific links, but I can’t find ANYTHING specific about this building and I can’t remember HOW I got it, just that it’s now sitting IN my base.

    What it does is it takes a 10 minutes of speed ups, in ANY combination, even if it’s 20 minutes say, and either transforms it into 30 minutes in 5 minutes or 3 HOURS in half an hour, in lvls 1 – 14. Info says other options will appear after lvl 15.

    One of my members has asked when I suggested he/she unlock it and they asked HOW?! I was trapped!

    GREAT guide! But can you help??


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