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Create An EW Account

The absolute first thing you should do in Mobile Strike is create an EW account. You do this by tapping the “more” button in bottom right hand corner of the screen and then selecting “EW account”. Fill in you e-mail address and password to create your account.

Apart from the fact this will reward you with free gold, it also means your account can be recovered if your phone crashes, breaks, or you accidentally flush it down the toilet! You can also login to multiple devices and continue your game where you left off.

Change Your Name

Click on the items button at the bottom of the screen and under the special category you will see you have a player rename item. You should use this immediately and change your name to whatever you want.

Leaving your name as base123456 – the default for all accounts, instantly tells others that you have not played this game before and opens you up to early attacks. In addition it’s very difficult to get to know and distinguish different players in your alliance if they are all called base123456 etc.

Join an Alliance

Next you should join an alliance. Tap the alliance button at the bottom of the screen, which will instantly bring up a list of alliances that are open to join without an invitation. For the time being just join any in the list (you can move later once you make some contacts).

Joining an alliance in Mobile Strike instantly provides you with alliance missions, helps speed up building and research times via alliance helps and rewards you with gold. Perhaps most importantly, it will reduce the number of times you are attacked early in the game. Players roaming the map looking for easy targets tend to go for non allianced players, as it is less likely there will be repercussions from their attack.

What to Build First?

Chances are the tutorial has forced you into building and upgrading a few buildings before the game lets you go it alone. Once you get the chance, the first thing you should build is 10 level 1 farms. This should be very quick as you can auto complete the construction of each building. Once you have all ten level 1 farms built you will complete two missions, rewarding you with 112,000 food and 6,750 power.

You can now destroy some of those farms and repeat with 10 Oil Wells, 10 Quarries and 10 Iron Mines. Destroying some buildings each time you complete the second mission. Again this will reward you with resources and power.

Next it’s time to repeat the same process with the buildings inside your base walls. This includes 10 Hospitals, 10 Training Grounds and 10 Banks. These three buildings provide you with two mission rewards each, awarding further resources and power.

After you finish the above missions you will be sitting on close to 200,000 of each resource and just shy of 50,000 power. This is a massive head start over most players and it is also a lot harder to complete these missions later on in the game. At higher levels tearing down buildings is time consuming and wastes a lot of resources.


In the early levels of Mobile Strike you generally can’t go wrong upgrading your buildings in any order, provided you try and keep most of them in line with your Headquarters. Your HQ determines your overall base level and is also the cap at which all other buildings can be raised. You want to start being careful when you hit Headquarters level 5. Once you go above level 5 you lose your free teleport, allowing you to move anywhere on the map.

Whilst this is a slight draw back if you want to move near your alliance, you can always purchase another teleport later in the game. The biggest issue going to HQ level 6, is that you lose the ability to teleport to another state – permanently!  You therefore need to make sure you are definitely in the state you wish to play in for the remainder of the game, before hitting HQ 6 i.e. make sure all your friends are in the same state.

Research and Build Timers

You may have noticed early on you can only build, or upgrade a single building at a time. The same applies to research, which is accessed in the Research Facility. In Mobile Strike research allows you to unlock and improve new troops and traps, plus it boosts your Commander’s abilities. From this point onwards you should aim to be constantly researching and building something.

When you know you are going to be offline for some time, try to start some research and builds with long timers, to gain the most benefit from your down time. Research also significantly boosts your power and it can’t be lost (like troop power). It won’t be long until most of your power is made up from research, so don’t ignore it.


By now your commander has probably levelled up a few times and you might be wondering where to spend your Commander and Rebel Target skill points. The first thing to understand is that unlike a lot of games it is fairly easy to respec your skills, if you decide to change them later. So don’t worry too much if you think you have messed up your allocation early on.

The quickest way to get powerful in Mobile Strike is to upgrade your buildings and research. Therefore, for the commander tree you almost certainly want to focus on research and construction skills. My suggestion is to max out research 1 and construction 1 first and then head down the right hand side of the tree. Put in the minimum points you need to get down to research II and construction II, then max them both.

Maxing out these skills first will greatly reduce your upgrade and research times, allowing you to level quickly and unlock better troops. The rebel target skill tree is not so important and you cannot really go wrong here. Remember that the rewards greatly increase as you come close to maxing a skill i.e. they are exponential. It is always better to have a lot of points in a few skills, than a few points in a large number of skills.

Troop Death

Before you start training lots of troops you need to understand how troop death and hospital healing works. First of all, unlike similar games such as Vikings War of Clans, if your troops are killed outside of your base they are permanently killed. There is no way to resurrect your troops that are lost in battle once they leave your base.

If however your base is attacked, then some of your troops can be saved, depending on the number of hospital  beds you have. This means that if your hospital capacity is higher than your troop numbers, none of your troops can be killed whilst in your base. This is important as the cost and time to heal troops is significantly cheaper than training them from scratch.


If you have followed the above you should now be off to a great start in Mobile Strike. The next steps are to decide how many of each building you want inside and outside your walls and to starting to build your army! Check out my base layout guide here.

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