Mobile Strike Building Boosts
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What are Building Boosts?

In Mobile Strike Building Boosts allow you to add a permanent bonus to your base, on top of the normal stats provided by upgrading your buildings. Most of the buildings in your base can have a boost applied to them, which can significantly increase your combat stats.

Building Modifiers

Before you can boost a building you need to obtain special building modifiers, which can be earned by completing challenges and purchased from special gold packs. You need 1,000 building modifiers to boost the majority of your buildings, but 5,000 for your Prison and 10,000 for your Headquarters.  You can’t apply building boosts to resource generating buildings, or your War Room.

To apply the building boost, tap on the boost button on a specific building and then hit boost.

Building Experience Levels

Applying a boost grants you building experience, which increases your buildings experience level. This gets a little confusing because this is different to your normal building levels. I’m going to call these “e-levels” in the rest of this post.

The higher your buildings e-level, the better the chance you have of receiving higher level boosts to that building. In addition the higher your buildings normal level, the more experience you get towards your buildings e-level every time you use a boost.


Well the basic rule is to try and hold off applying boosts until your buildings are upgraded as high as possible. Ideally you want your buildings to be level 21, or even 22 before applying any building boosts. This will grant the highest building xp.

The table below shows the extra xp that is awarded for the Armory levels from level 11 to 22. You can see that at level 21 you are granted 100% extra xp for every building boost applied. At level 22 you gain a 200% extra xp towards your building e-levels.

Mobile Strike Building Experience
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How exactly do Building Boosts Work?

Okay, so every time you apply building boosts in Mobile Strike, the old boost is removed and replaced by a new one. You can only ever have one building boost applied to a building.

Increasing the e-level of your buildings means the boost applied has a chance of being higher. The actual boost applied does have a random element, but they are taken from a pool of boosts applicable to different buildings. The higher the e-level of a building, the better chance you have of getting higher stats.

The Boost and Multiplier

Taking a look at the boosts a little closer, you will see that each time you apply a building boost you receive a boost and a multiplier.  Both these are random and increasing your building e-level will increase the chance of getting better boosts and higher multipliers.

The boost X multiplier = your actual boost.

Bonus Rescues

As the boost applied is some what random, you may end up with a weaker boost than you had previously. Note that your building e-level will still increase, which should eventually result in better boosts. However, you may wish to roll back to your previous building boost.

To do this you need to use a bonus rescue. Simply tap the bonus rescue button after applying a boost and a screen will appear showing the previous building boost compared to the current one. Note that if you revert to your previous bonus, this is applied permanently and you can’t switch back again.

List of Building Boosts

Below is a list of some of the building boosts. Please help us update this list by commenting below on boosts you have received.

  • Armory – Troop Health
  • Bank – Infantry Health, Armored Vehicle Health, Tactical Health, Artillery Health
  • Death Row – Infantry Attack, Armored Vehicle Attack, Tactical Attack, Artillery Attack
  • Embassy – Defense
  • Hall of Heroes – Commander XP
  • Headquarters – Troop Attack
  • Hospital – Troop Health
  • Prison – Troop Attack
  • Radar Station –  Troop Attack
  • Research Facility – Troop Defense, Troop Attack
  • Trading Post – Troop Health
  • Training Ground – Infantry Health, Armored Vehicle Health, Tactical Health, Troop Queue
  • Warehouse – Iron, Food, Stone and Oil Production
  • Walls – Troop Defense

Initial Thoughts

As the building boosts do not add any power to your base, it is a great way to increase your troop stats without other players knowing. This is especially useful for trap accounts, because you can significantly increase your troops attack and defense, without other players being able to tell from your power.

Let us know what your thoughts on Mobile Strike building boosts in the comments section below.

General Kane



  1. How does health boost compare to defense and attack boosts?
    If I’m attacking is it better to have 25% health and 25% attack or 0% health 50% attack?
    If I’m defending is it better to have 25% health and 25% defense or 0% health and 50% defense?

  2. This article is completely wrong with what each building boost actually is.

    Embassy is troop attack
    Warehouse is infantry attack
    Bank is troop attack
    Radar is tactical attack
    Death row is troop attack
    Prison is troop attack
    Armory is troop health
    Hall of heroes is troop health
    Research facility is troop attack
    Hospital is troop health
    Training ground is troop health
    War room is troop attack
    Trading post is armored vehicle attack
    Wall is troop defense

    Fix your post please …

  3. 1. Each boost apply only to that specific building. Boosting 1 hospital for example will not boost all your hospitals.
    2. Having all 3 deathrow skills maxed adds a 4th hidden boost. Regardless if deathrow active or not.
    The hidden boost is based on your buildings.
    Hospitals give health TG defense for exmple. This boost is separate from the regular building boost.
    So basically you get

  4. So is it better to boost buildings to the max one by one, or to boost all buildings equally? And if the answer is to max boost one by one, is there an optimum order in which to do that?


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