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Mobile Strike Commander
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Mobile Strike | Guides | Commander Skill Points

Mobile Strike Commander
© Epic War LLC

In Mobile Strike leveling up your commander is a great way to gain power and access skills that will significantly increase your combat and economic boosts.

The majority of your commander experience points will come from mission rewards. Before completing a large number of missions, it’s a good idea to get your Hall of Heroes upgraded as high as possible, as this increases the xp rewarded from all missions (125% increase at level 21).

Daily, Alliance and VIP missions can contribute a significant chunk of XP needed to get to commander level 50. Daily chances are one of the best value items in the alliance store, at only 50,000 loyalty points each. Remember that as well as granting your commander xp, daily chances also reward materials and resources – at a very low loyalty cost.

It is best to save up your daily and alliance chances until you have VIP 7/8 active. The reason for this is that the higher VIP levels allow you to auto complete missions and provide you with additional missions.

Standard Commander Skill Points Table

The table below breaks down the xp needed to reach each commander level, the skill points rewarded and the power granted. Please note that the xp resets back to zero at each level and is not cumulative i.e. going from level 49 to 50 requires 200 million xp! The red figures have not be verified, please help us to update the table by posting below.

Level Required XP Skill Points Cuml.
Skill Points
2 10,000 1 1 57
3 20,000 1 2 34
4 30,000 2 4 24
5 40,000 2 6 30
6 50,000 2 8 38
7 70,000 2 10 49
8 90,000 2 12 62
9 110,000 2 14 76
10 130,000 3 17 468
11 220,000 3 20 591
12  240,000 3 23
13 260,000 3 26
14  280,000 3 29
15 300,000 3 32
16 320,000 3 35
17 340,000 3 38
18 360,000 3 41
19 380,000 3 44 3,823
20 500,000 4 48
21 530,000 4 52
22  560,000 4 56
23 690,000 4 60
24 720,000 4 64
25 910,000 4 68 9,017
26 950,000 4 72
27 1,000,000 4 76
28 840,000 4 80
29 870,000 4 84
30 1,200,000 5 89
31 1,350,000 5 94
32 1,600,000 5 99
33 2,500,000 5 104
34 2,500,000 5 109
35 2,500,000 5 114 33,189
36 2,500,000 5 119
37 2,500,000 5 124
38 2,500,000 5 129 66,825
39 5,000,000 5 134 84,377
40 4,700,000 6 140 106,534
41 7,000,000 7 147 134,516
42 7,700,000 8 155 169,843
43 10,700,000 9 164 214,451
44 15,000,000 10 174 270,771
45 20,400,000 11 185 341,886
46 30,000,000 12 197 468,000
47 50,000,000 13 210 545,049
48 80,000,000 14 224 688,199
49 140,000,000 15 239 868,942
50 200,000,000 16 255 1,097,157
51 500,000,000 16 271
52 1,000,000,000 15 288
53 1,500,000,000 19 307
54 2,500,000,000 18 325
55 5,000,000,000 19 344

Commander Medals

Levels 51 to 55 also require commander medals to upgrade, which can only be purchased in gold packs. The number of medals required for each level is as follows:

  • Level 51
  • Level 52
  • Level 53
  • Level 54
  • Level 55  – 15 Medals

Rebel Target Skill Points

In addition to the above, each level you are also rewarded with Rebel Target Skill points, which allow you to increase your commander’s skills against Rebel Targets, including commander attack and energy stats.

You are granted a single rebel target skill point per level, resulting in a total of 55 points for a level 55 commander.

Tip: The rewards for all abilities in the standard commander skill tree and rebel target skill tree increase exponentially. This means it is always better to max out a few skills, than spreading your points over many abilities.

General Kane


"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

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  1. Great write up, I wanted to add that 1 point in a lvl 1 skill is less of a % increase than 1 point in a lvl 3 skill, so max from the bottom up.

  2. lvl 47 – 48 is 80 million

  3. lvl 45-46 is 30,000,000 xp.

  4. Can you please clarify, does the daily chance replace or “add to” the number of missions? So, do I complete the first set of missions and then hit chance and “add to”?

    Also, does the 25% XP bonus boost (24 hr) apply to the XP earned, or is it just a temporary boost?

    • It replaces. Apparently it has a chance to “improve” your existing mission quality, but I have found this to be very hit and miss, so my advice is to complete all missions and then use your daily chance.

      XP boosts are temporary, but it would apply to all mission completion in those 24 hours.

    • I am having a hard time finding an answer to my question. Hopefully you can. Can you FULLY explain the 25% commander XP Boost. How exactly does it work and what exactly it does. It says it doesn’t do anything from regular XP items, what does that mean? I am 20, construction of HQ is going to reach 21. I have 1 empty const. Q. Death Row is 18, war room is 19, waiting on cuffs and manuals. I’m saving missions and speed ups. I have been doing nothing But gathering for going on 2 weeks so I can do a huge amount of research in 1 day. But I want to know, should I continue to save and not do this until level 21, when XP reward is greater? Also, how would the comm. XP Boost affect it. I’m getting completely different answers from everyone. Some say speed up to 21 then do it all. Others say get all research done then go to 21. HELP

  5. Regarding the use of Skill Points and Rebel Skill Points for the Commanders, do you have a recommended mix? What is the best set up for these 3 scenarios: maximize combat power? Research/Construction? Overall?

    • When you are not in combat mode you should be able to max all the research & construction skills fairly early on. Once you get close to level 50 you should be able to max troop training as well. Having troop training, research and construction maxed is in my opinion the best non combat build to go for.

      For combat it really depends on what you are doing i.e. attacking, rallies, trap account, defending e.t.c. A good all rounder is to max troop health and defense and then concentrate on a single troop attack stat.

  6. Hello general

    What is the different between Commander skils, for training troops, and the reduce you get from training ground.

    I have set my commander skills, so I have troops training at 122%, but the training ground say 68 % reduce in time

  7. It says at the bottom of my skill points I can reset. What does that mean? Do I still keep all my skill points and I can re-do where I want my skills?

  8. 48-49 is 140mil xp
    Go BENL! state #76 !!

  9. I can confirm lvl 46 gives you 12 points and that you need 50M XP to reach 47. I didn’t get the exact number, but is was something like 468K power from the level up 45 -> 46.

  10. From 42-42 is 10,700,000 xp

  11. Can a med kit be used on a LVL 21 commander? Or will I have to hire a new commander?

  12. 40 – 41 5.7M xp

  13. lvl 30-31 1.35m XP

  14. Someone please clarify what resets does?
    Im at 41 and everything in the beginning is about maxed down?
    Do I want to reset or would this be foolish?

    • No you are fine. It just resets all your skill points so you can allocate them again, you do not lose any skill points or commander xp. I’ve used at least 50 resets+ on my account.

  15. 41 to 42 is 7,700,000

  16. Lvl 43 14.700,000 do is needed. I’m at that Lvl now.

  17. 31->32 is 1,600,000

  18. Wondering Iam nearly at commander level 50 my question is once I’ve levelled to 50 will I get remained of points for my skills tree if not once commander at 50 how do I get those other points to finish skill tree or will there be more commander levels coming in future to finish skill tree as you would understand I got all the way to 50 but the points that get awarded ain’t enough to finish my commander skill tree any information greatly appreciated

    • At the moment, there is no way to complete all of the commander skills. Even if we use Game of War as a reference. You have to reset your points to either the attacking side or the growing side, the right side and left side respectively.

  19. The max energy level goes up to 30, but with only receiving 50 skill points from upgrading my commander, the most I can bring it up to is 25/30. Is there another way to get skill points?

    • I am trying to get useful help ad well. 50 points awarded but being that the debuff, energy cost and energy recover have 10 point requirements, how can you Max out “Max energy” if the total required to unlock it is 25 points? No one can seem to help with this issue. Do you get awarded an additional 5 points at commander level 51 that doesn’t exist?

      • Since this is similar to Game of War, we can assume that commander level 60 is a possibility that may come out. This solve the problem. Usually level 21 Hall of Heroes would provide the extra additional commander points, if you went by the Gymnos in Game of War.

  20. After you build hall of heroes 21 and get the extra skill points that come with it, can you tear it down and keep extra skill points later so you can build a more useful building?

  21. If you gather resources without your commander, is it still worth adding points to “gathering”?

    • No it is not. The gathering boost from the commander skills is only applied to the march that you send with your hero. One march with you commander and the full gathering skills is about equal to three marches without a commander. It better to send as many marches for gathering as possible.

  22. EXACTLY. No one can seem to explain this.

  23. Level 49-50 is 200,000,000 pts

  24. Lvl 25 requires 910k exp .. gains 9017 power
    Lvl 26 requires 950k exp

  25. Lvl 39 – lvl 40 : 4.7m xp

    You are doing a very good job here. Thumbs up!

  26. Lvl 25 – lvl 26 : 950k xp
    Lvl 26 – lvl 27 : 1m xp

  27. Stuck at comm lvl47, which is the bet time to use comm xp boost- get hall of heros to 21 then collect all mission completions or while small attacking rebels over n over, or a different style/part in the game.??

  28. what happens after lvl 50?

  29. Where exactly do I find my Commander Boost percentage at?

  30. How and when can I get an additional Commander? Thanks

  31. is there a way to send my excess xp to another player i am at level 50 with 1,150,000 spare xp

  32. What ate the best power boost. I’M having a hell of a time as a lvl 16 commander lvl 46 getting over 8 million in power. I AM NOT a spender so I can’t break out my wallet. If you have any tips trick and insight please email me if possible. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP.

    • @Ralph: You don’t really want or need to boost “power” per-se.
      Power just comes along for the ride.
      As you complete research and max out your buildings for the level of your HQ, you will pick up permanent Power along the way for each.
      I actually avoid collecting my “Base Missions” until or unless I really need the rss, like after accidentally exposing myself to getting zeroed in an attack, and I run out of rss items to heal my troops. That way, I avoid boosting my Power rating.
      When building an account based on Traps and Advanced Troops for defense, so that you can kill off attackers, you want to concentrate on maxing out your commander level, getting max lvl mods on your legendary gear, and focusing on high level traps and research on trap and troop defense, attack, and health. In my own case building an attractive trap, I WANT to minimize my “Power” while maximizing my ability to kill attackers.
      Their troops evaporate, while mine go into the hospital and await healing while I shield and rebuild traps first.

      SO…as you build troops and traps, that’s how you pick up Power that is attached to each, so it’s temporary (disappears when they get killed off). Easy to get that Power, but easy to lose as well.

  33. New Level:
    Please add that there are now Level 51 to 55

  34. do you know how many commendations are needed to go from level 54 to level 55

  35. Someone know where to buy the medals (not in a pack).

  36. Level 51: 500,000,000 XP
    Level 52: 1,000,000,000 XP
    Level 53: 1,500,000,000 XP
    Level 54: 2,500,000,000 XP
    Level 55: 5,000,000,000 XP
    (plus medals at each level to ‘unlock’ the next level)

  37. Is there another way to receive commadations other than purchasing $100 package in gold store? Thanks?

  38. Please tell me… what happens to extra XP once maximum commander level is reached? I saw this question asked before, but I couldn’t find an answer.

    • You don’t get anything. Once the bar is maxed out at Commander Level 50, you can build XP for Commander Level 51. Once you achieve that max, you need a Commendation to actually unlock and upgrade to Commander Level 51. Then you will have to build XP for 52 and once you reach it, unlock it again with Commendations. If you don’t have Commendations then all the XP you earn is wasted.

  39. I think the table needs updating I have a hero a level 57 and wanted to know some statistics about strength from commanders at higher levels than mine.

  40. Amazing how you get to level 50, buy a pack to get Commendations to allow yo to progress (US$100), work you way up a further 4.5 billion XP and find you need 15 Commendations to open level 55, but you’ve only got 14 left from the pack you purchased way back at level 50. You must buy another pack to get over the hump to level 55 – and I’m sure they’ll do the same when you get toward the “new” maximum level!

  41. For those that have struggle, persevered, bought numerous packs and made it to level 60, all the commendation you still have are now useless. For to progress past level 60 you now need Service Commendations. 20,0000 of them to be precise. How do you get them? By attacking lvl 7 Rebel Bases. On Occassion you can find 1 in lvl 6. Unfortunately Commander. Energy is expensive in gold once you run out of bonus. Which goes real quick. In short, unrealistic at this point.

    It would be helpful if one could, exchange or combine commendations into Service commendations. After all we’ve already purchased tham.

    A more realistic Rebel target service commendation dividend may be more equitable. Example Level 1-5 gets 1-5 sc’s respectively, level 6 = 7 and level 7 = 10. Once a person reaches lvl 60 that is. At 20,000 required, that would still require a lot of effort and time, but at least a reasonable goal within a reasonable time period. Also in my opinion, make Rebel targets more desirable and worth the effort including fighting over.

    Hopefully the powers to be can address the present incongruity of service commendations obtainabilty.

  42. In How do you build a trap account and what tier of troops are needed most in a trap account?

  43. I am at level 68 at which point it requires valor commendations, however I have looked for them in packages and have asked my alliance and no one can tell me how to aquire these commendations. Can you please help?

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