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Mobile Strike Commander
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Mobile Strike | Guides | Common Player Questions

Mobile Strike Commander
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Common Player Questions

Those of you that follow my site will know that my wife and I recently had a daughter and due to this my free time available to play Mobile Strike and update the site has been significantly impacted.

I am conscious that the same Mobile Strike questions are coming up time and time again in the comments section and I just don’t have the time to answer them all.

So I have taken a little time out to try and answer some of more common questions in this post. Some questions not covered here I have already answered previously in 10 frequently asked mobile strike questions.

I will try to answer the rest here, but please ask away in the comments section if you have any others.

Therefore in no particular order:-

How do I get confirmed kills?

Everyone wants to increase their kill points and I can understand why confirmed kills (the ones which show up on your profile ) can be a little confusing to a new player. The simple answer is you only get kills when a troop is actually killed and not hospitalized.

You will always receive a 100% of your kills when attacking a player on a tile, or defending your own base. If you attack another player’s base you will only receive confirmed kills for any troops you kill in excess of their hospital bed limit.

How do I restart a Mobile Strike game?

You can’t restart a game tied to an e-mail account. There are very few reasons that you would actually need to do this anyway. You can’t really “mess up” your account and you can always change your alliance, player name and base name if you want to start over.

The only two legitimate reasons I can think for starting over are:

  • You want to play in a different state and are over level 5.
  • You want to create a trap account and have too much power from research and mission rewards.

In either of these cases you just need to use a different e-mail address and create a new account.

How do I play Mobile Strike on a PC or Mac?

Officially the game is only supported on an iOS device, or android device. You can however play on an emulator such as Bluestacks, which will allow you to play on a PC or Mac.  Just be aware that you may not be able to use the game support if something goes wrong.

Can I play my Mobile Strike on a different device?

Yes you can switch devices such as playing on an iOS device and an Android device with the same account. This is because your account is tied to an e-mail address and not your device. Simply login to your new device with your e-mail and password to resume play on your account.

My farm account keeps teleporting away. Why?

After a certain amount of time an inactive account will be teleported randomly to a low resource area. This is to stop dead accounts building up and occupying all the best resource areas.

The higher your level, the longer the period of inactivity will be before you are teleported. If you have a very low level farm, you will need to login every other day to keep it next to your main base.

How do I find out my local time for events?

All events in game are reported in Pacific Standard Time PST +. If you can’t work out the time difference between your time zone and PST, simply Google “What time is it in ………at …….PST”.

Do I have to start over from gift level 1 when I change Alliance?

The gift level is always tied to the alliance and not the player. This means if you move from say a gift level 4 alliance to a gift level 15, you will instantly benefit from the higher gift level. Likewise if you move from a high gift level alliance to a lower one, you will only benefit from the lower level gifts of your new alliance.

Is it better to attack with a single troop type or balanced army?

It is almost always better to have a single troop type when attacking, but a balanced army for defense.

The reason for this is because you can stack a single attack boost for one troop type much higher than you can for a balance of troops.

For example you might be able to get a 200% boost to tactical, 200% boost to armored vehicles and 200% boost to infantry, which would give a balanced army 200% boost to attack across the board.

If you have one troop type in your army you can make sure all your equipment and commander skills only have that attack type and boost it to well over 600%, which triples your attack compared to a balanced attack.

For defense you want a balanced army because you never know what troop type will attack you.

Is there a way to see who wrote that comment on my alliance wall?

No! You can only see the alliance.

What next for Mobile Strike Data?

Whilst I plan to keep the site going and hopefully have more free time to play, I’m currently looking for players that would like to help contribute to the site.

In particular I’d really like some input/help writing some guides on the following:

  • Managing and running an alliance  – including alliance roles.
  • Capturing and defending the control point.
  • Capturing and defending the global control point.
  • Alliance attack and defense strategies.
  • Player stories.
  • Details of the best combat cores.
  • Details of VIP prestige 2, 3 and 4 rewards.

If you would like contribute some of the above information, or any other advanced Mobile Strike strategies and guides please get in touch here.

In the mean time I will try to keep the site updated and plan to add a new and easier way for visitors to contribute to the research tables shortly.

General Kane


"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

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  1. Hello

    I have to account, one on my iPad, and one on my phone.
    I have now recently got a new phone, and I can’t get the game from my old phone to my new phone.
    How can I get my account on my old phone to my new ?

    I have installed the game on my new phone, but it start every time with new account.

    • For the benefit of others reading your question, as it was some months ago that you asked it, you simply log into the old account on your new device, through the game settings. It will warn you that you will lose all progress in your current game – ignore that. Viola!

  2. Hello there and congrat’s on you new family addition,

    I’m sending you this post because the leader of our alliance (.<4C) is no longer an active member. Many members are leaving the alliance, can this leader be remove from this position and put someone that can lead the rest of it members. This would certainly motivate the others.

    Or tell me what I do to get ride of it.
    Cheers. Sparky099

  3. The game had a update yesterday I have two accounts on two different emails one on Samsung tablet one on iPad 2 when the update was is stalled on both tablets it mess up the game I have multiple languages on the games at the same time can’t read it please fix this problem thanks fury

  4. ^ Dumb, dumber and dumbest.

  5. can you delete T! and T2 troops to free-up capacity for more T3 and T4 troops? If so, how?

    • I believe you can remove troops, when you click on the Tier you want to delete, you can click on stats, at the bottom of the page there is a little section titled dismiss. A just however many troops you want to get rid of then your good. But there is really no purpose in deleting troops

      1. Your loosing power

      2. Mainly being cause there is no limit in how many troops you can train

  6. I logged out and went to log back in and I can’t get in. I know what my password is. Support will not reply, the password reset does not work. Has anyone else had issues with this?

  7. Yes the same thing is happening to me No one will respond and I am not getting email containing reset password link!

  8. I would like to know why I can’t access items that I bought that have a break on them but will not open? I also have items that I have won during the game that are also unaccessable, they only have break and not use.

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