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Trap Accounts

In Mobile Strike, a trap account is a play style specifically aimed at luring players to attack your base, by making yourself appear weaker than you actually are. The goal is to obtain the maximum possible kills during a kill event, whilst still offering as much protection to your troops as possible.

Trap accounts can be built at various different HQ level’s. The research and commander spec will differ depending on your level. However, they are all built with similar goals which are:-

  • To maximize your troop and traps offense and defense stats.
  • To maintain a full compliment of wall traps.
  • To keep your own power as low as possible.
  • To protect your troops with a large hospital capacity.

An effective trap account can easily top the kill boards during Mobile Strike kill and state v state events, often scoring more points than much more powerful players. This guide will be in three parts: Part 1 will explain how to build a trap account, Part 2 covers which troops and traps to build and the Part 3 will explain how to use your trap account effectively to win kill events.

Trap Level

You can build a trap account at any level, but there are a few key Headquarter level’s that make great traps. Broadly speaking they fall into the following bands:-

  • HQ 8-10 is a great beginners trap account. It provides you with access to T2 troops & traps, access to a fair amount of research, plus a decent 20k+ wall trap capacity to start you off.
  • HQ 15-18 is the mid level trap account, which allows you to unlock tier 3 troops and traps and access a larger part of the research abilities.
  • HQ 21 is an end game trap account, which allows you full access to all the research and eventually T4 troops and traps.

The point of stopping at these levels is to keep your HQ level as low as possible, whilst benefiting from the next tier of troops and traps, plus better research. HQ level is a large factor attackers will take into consideration, when choosing a target.


Even more important than HQ level is power. Power is the defining attribute to compare the strength of different bases. However, not all power benefits you and it is this “useless” power that we need to avoid.

A great example is mission power, it does absolutely nothing to benefit you in any way, other than increasing your power! Do you know you can get over 4 million power from missions alone?

Low power, means players will think you are an easy target, which is exactly what we want to draw them into attacking you. The rest of this guide will go about explaining how to get the most out of your base, whilst keeping your power to the absolute minimum.

What to Research

Or more importantly, what not to research! As the goal is to keep your power as low as possible, you need to keep your research power at a minimum. The way to do this is by only researching abilities which will benefit your build.

Economics Tree

You can completely ignore the economics tree, as there are no beneficial research abilities for a trap account. If you feel the need to research something, then construction is probably the only boost worth going for. This is because it helps you to progress through the game by reducing build timers.

However, for the hard core trap account you will not research anything in the economics tree, unless you are going to create a Tier 4 trap account.

Trap Tree

For the trap tree you want to max as many abilities as possible for your level. In particular Trap Attack and Trap Defense.

Combat Tree

The same goes for the combat tree. Try to max the troop attack & defense abilities and later move onto the troop health and troop defense. The exceptions in this research tree are artillery defense and artillery attack, which are not much use to you.  Some might argue that scouting can be missed too, but I’m not a fan of not being able to scout targets, even if the plan is to get them to come to you.

Commander Tree

Finally the commander tree. Most of the abilities do not help trap accounts at all, but there are a few later abilities that do. Unfortunately a large portion of the useful research has useless prerequisites, thus gaining you a lot of wasted research power.

The research you are after includes:- Trap Attack, Trap Defense, Training Speed II, Hospital Healing Speed, Troop Attack and Troop Defense.


Outside your Walls

Outside your walls the only buildings you need are:- a single Farm, Oil Well, Quarry, Iron Mine (and possibly a Gold Mine). You need one of each of the resource buildings to level up the rest of your base and the gold mine gives you a lot of free gold, so it’s worth considering.

The rest of your tiles outside your walls should remain empty, to really minimize power gain. If this is your main account, you might find resources difficult to obtain with this set up. By all means build more farms to start with and then destroy them when your trap account is ready. The good thing about building power, unlike research power, is you can lose it by destroying buildings!

Core Buildings Inside Your Walls

The important buildings inside your walls include the Radar Station, Embassy and a Prison, all of which benefit your trap account. You will need most of the other buildings whilst making your trap account, but they do not directly benefit your account once it is finished.

For example once you have all the research maxed for your trap account, you no longer need a Research Facility. Once your Commander is at max level, you no longer need a Hall of Hero’s. Once your commander has all his gear, you no longer need your armory e.t.c.

Basically you will need most of the other buildings whilst building your trap account, but they can be destroyed once it’s complete.

Hospitals, Training Grounds and Banks

Finally you need to decide what combination of hospitals, training grounds and banks you require. Check out our base layout guide – inside your walls to get a good idea how to setup your base whilst building your army.

Ultimately though in Mobile Strike, the difference with a trap account is the number of hospitals you want to cover your troops. The idea is to have enough beds to protect all of your troops, so as your army grows, your hospitals need to grow too.

A good starting point is 10 hospitals which will provide you with 85,000 beds at level 10, 180,000 at level 15 and 400,000 at level 21. As you get bigger,  you will want to cram in as many hospitals as you can fit, which is where freeing up some of the other buildings comes into play.

If you take it to the extreme you can get to a point where you potentially have 23 level 21 hospitals providing 920,000 hospital beds!

Commander Gear and Mods

What gear and mods are best? Well the short answer is you want to choose items and mods with stats in the following priority order:-

  1. Troop Health
  2. Troop Defense
  3. Troop Attack
  4. Trap Defense
  5. Trap Attack

Actually choosing which items to manufacture in Mobile Strike for your trap account is not quite so simple. It will often depend on the type of materials you find, or can afford.  In addition new equipment is released all the time, but as of 27 January 2016 a good set includes:-

  • Helm – Warfare Helmet – 24% troop defense, 12% troop health and 12% trap attack.
  • Chest – Winter Ghillie Suit – 8.5% health, 12% defense, 17% tactical attack.
  • Boots – Gravedigger Boots – 9% health 18% defense, 10% tactical attack.
  • Weapon – Ghost Maker – 12% health, 20% defense, 24% tactical attack.
  • Accessory – Spider Mine – 16% trap attack, 12% troop attack.

As for mods, you just want to fill your items with health and defense mods.

Commander Skills

A good commander build for your Mobile Strike trap account involves maxing the following skills:-

  • Troop Health I
  • Troop Health II
  • Troop Defense I
  • Troop Defense II
  • Troop Attack
  • Trap Attack I
  • Trap Attack II

You need a level 49 Commander to max all of the above. The remaining points can go into some of the specialised troop attack skills.


The final part of the game that gives you power in Mobile Strike (except for troops and traps of course) are mission rewards. Now the issue here is that you need mission rewards to gain commander XP, to unlock the above skills.  But completing base missions increases your power which is bad! There are however ways to minimise your mission power.

First of all deferring the completion of all base missions until you have a high level Hall of Heroes, will reward you more commander xp for the same missions. Waiting until your Hall of Heroes is level 15,  will reward you with 75% more XP for the same increase in power.

Holding off until you have a level 21 Hall of Heroes will grant you 125% more XP.  This way you will get your commander to level 50, but complete a lot fewer missions and therefore have a much lower mission power.

A really dedicated trap account player will only to complete daily, alliance and VIP missions. By not completing a single base mission, you end up with no power from missions at all. This will take an incredibly long time to get to level 50. A combination of the two is where most trap accounts sit.

You can also pick and choose which missions to complete based on the amount of XP rewarded, compared to the power gain i.e. only complete missions that reward high XP and low power. The power/xp rewards vary significantly between different base missions.


That concludes my Mobile Strike Trap Building Guide.  If you follow all of the above, you should be well on your way to building the ultimate low power, maximum troop killing, trap account! Next find out exactly which troops and traps to build in Part 2 – Building a Trap Account.

I’d love to hear any of your views on what makes a great trap account in the comments section below.

General Kane

20 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | How to Build a Trap Account

  1. Great article! I am starting a second account now to test this out. I am definitely interested in part 2.

    Quick question, do you recommend a SH18 trap to start with? If so, do you race to 18 or take it slowly based upon where you are with research.

    Thanks again!

      1. I am thinking getting your HQ to level 16 unlocks the Troop Health and Troop Defense in the combat tree. Wouldn’t this be the most advantageous instead of concentrating on individual troop types at the top from a return on power investment perspective?

  2. great article! even though your giving away all the juicy info on trap accounts. might make the big boys wary…i need my trap acc getting kills lol!! Every one keep attacking without looking at profiles and we’ll be sweet.
    especially great is the gear set info. I knew about most but not all. Great Job and thanks again!

    Long live the trap!

    1. Depends what level you are and how far you take your hospitals. It’s technically possible to house over 900k troops, but most players aim for at least 400k for a trap account.

      1. Mid level trap 15 for example. 10 level 15 hospitals will protect 180K troops. Do you stop at 180K troops or do you still aim for the troop numbers you listed for mid level trap accounts?

        1. It depends what type of hits you want to take. To take a full T4 march you’ll want around 2mil+ T1 and 250k+ hospital beds…with your research maxed out in combat and traps at that level (but you’ll need to shield after each hit to rebuild). If you only plan to take smaller hits then you can get away with less troops and hospital beds. Just remember that incoming marches can have a lot more than 180k troops so the more the merrier unless you want to risk losing your commander. Commander boosts also play a massive part in what results you’re going to get.

          Troop training generally comes last. Do your building and research first and only train troops to gather rss.

  3. Looking for info on current T1 nerf ratios which seem to have been lowered recently, anyone have those figures?

  4. Need to add update to cover the new Commander max level increase to 55.

    As a side note; getting into an alliance with the highest ‘gift level’ means you are joining the crew spending money on the game, and as a benefit, you’ll have a steady stream of free Gifts, which will include tons of materials for combining for better/higher level manufacturing. And when you buy a pack yourself, both you and your alliance mates will get more bang for your buck as well.

    Therefore; if you intend to manufacture some of your own Gear, you will need a bit of research in the Manufacturing tree.

    Also, the most cost-effective way to max out Commander XP is to save up or buy (with Alliance Loyalty in your Alliance Store) a few hundred Daily Chances to refresh and Autocomplete in a binge-tapping marathon, AFTER maxing out your Hall of Heroes for your target HQ level, and then activating a 24-hour Commander 25% XP-Boost.
    You’ll pick up around 7mil XP for every 25 Daily Chances used, depending on your boosts, so you can do the math.

  5. Use to trap in #ligs with a l14 trap base, i got 10m kills and 235m points in one ke. It was never completed to how i wanted it, (14m t1) as i quit, due to no longer having time to play. Since about 2 months ago l14 traps are prob no longer effective (15m t1, 5m t2) with latest boosts giving over 5000% attack. I think l21 traps with this combination of t1-2 will have also been rendered extinct by now, though i could be wrong. Generally traps should focus on t2/t3 troops at the ratio of 1:6 and with about 15m t2 and 2.5m t3, at least for December, before stats go up again…
    You also don’t mention having a base at l15 with lots of t3. I don’t have any name to describe this particular trap, other than a troll base,”. Basically people have grown accustom to thinking traps below l21 are no longer viable, so they’ll attack any base bellow that without looking at power. Here you can train as many t3 troops as you want, an have a nasty surprise for anyone attacking you hastily.

  6. Is there a latest trap account with all the new gear and T5 troops.
    I see they have just released new troops T6, what will a trap account look like now with them.

  7. As of July 2017, the Economics tree is a requirement if you at starting your account. If you intend to get to level 21, you will need to fully research the Economics tree.

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