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Many new players to Mobile Strike throw themselves into the game and immediately start leveling their Headquarters quickly, only to find they have permanently bound themselves to their current state, by upgrading their HQ past level 5.

I’ve had many, many comments on this site asking how these players can join their friends in a different state, after going past HQ5. Some have even contacted Epic War support to try and get them to move their base to another state!

There is a good reason EW will not budge on this game mechanic, and no, it has nothing to do with stopping you from playing with your friends.  It’s here to stop high level players porting into a brand new state, immediately taking the control point and making it much harder for all the new players just starting out.

So how do you get a head start in a new state? Well aside from spending lots of money, the next best method is to create a jumper account.

What is a Jumper Account?

Put simply a jumper account is a Mobile Strike account that has gained as much power and gold as possible, by maxing  research, hero level, buildings and troops, without ever going over Headquarters level 5.

Then once the player is ready, they wait for a new state to open, before porting over with a huge advantage over the rest of the state.

Usually jumpers will form a Jumper Alliance and the whole alliance will port over to a new state, with the goal of taking and holding the control point, thus quickly establishing themselves as the dominant alliance in the state.

Where to Start

The starting state for your jumper account should be the same as your main account. The obvious reason for this is because you can then support your jumper, by sending over large amounts of resources to get you going.

Now before you go any further, there are two critical points to remember that will completely screw up your jumper account:-

  1. You can only jump states twice. Therefore you can use one port to get to your mains state and then you must save the remaining beginners teleport to jump into your final state. This holds true even if you use advanced teleports to move around in your own state. You must only teleport once before your final move.
  2. You must never go above Headquarters level 5, or you will be permanently bound to your current state.

These two rules must be followed at all costs, or your jumper account is over.


The key to a good jumper account is to amass as much gold as possible. You may want to start out by purchasing some of the cheap gold packs. If you do, try to wait for a pack that offers a large amount of commander XP points.

Contrary to popular belief, the cheapest packs are offered more than once, provided you have not moved onto the next price band. The trick is to wait a few days/weeks after you purchase your first $5 pack, for further $5 packs to be offered.  As soon as you buy a $20 pack, the $5 packs will disappear permanently.

You will want to build a gold mine, upgrade it to level 5 and join a facebook gold group. More details on how to use your gold mine can be found here. You can also gain decent amounts of gold by referring friends on Facebook.

Finally, you should join an alliance with a high gift level. If your main alliance has room, try to get your jumper account invited so you can benefit from all those alliance gifts. Alliance gifts provide a significant amount of gold.

Commander Level

Commander level is the single most important factor you should concentrate on. This is because there is no cap on commander level at HQ5. It is in fact possible to have a level 50 commander, on a level 5 account (although pretty hard to achieve in practice).

You will therefore want to level your commander as high as possible, ideally up to level 40 minimum. Save all of your base mission rewards until you have a level 5 Hall of Heros, as this will provide a 25% boost to all your XP rewards. Alliance and Daily chances will also provide large amounts of commander XP. Try to get your VIP to level 8 so that you can auto complete daily and alliance missions.

Having a high level commander offers you access to a large number of skills, making you significantly more powerful than other low level players.

Whilst you are at the early stages of your jumper account, you should max the skills Research I & II and as much food production as you can.

Buildings and Research

Before building anything make sure you complete the 10 of each building missions, which reward you with a large amount of resources. Details can be found in our Mobile Strike Beginners Guide.

Buildings are pretty straight forward to deal with, you just want to max every building to level 5, which shouldn’t take too long at all. I suggest going for a large number of food farms to support your troops and a large number of barracks to get your training queues as long as possible (remember a single level 5 barracks only allows you to add 200 troops to a queue).

For research you just want to max out as much as possible for you level. You should try and complete large chunks of research during basic and extreme events, for even more rewards. At level 5 you should be able to go for the top prizes on the leader boards. Your main competition at this level will probably be other jumper accounts.


Once you have your research maxed, the final stage is to train your troops. Before you get going, respec your commander skills and max out both Troop Training I & II.

You will need to protect your troops from attacks in your current kingdom by shielding your jumper account until you port.  During this shielded time you will want to train vast numbers of T1 troops. Again try to tie this in with troop training events, to maximize your rewards.

In order to get a decent training queue you are going to have to use most of the tiles inside your walls for barracks. You ideally want at least 20 barracks, giving you a training queue of 4,000. Don’t worry you can easily destroy them once your army is built and build all the core buildings you need to advance past HQ5.

The number of troops you train is up to you, but the more the merrier. I have seen jumper accounts with well over 1 million T1 troops.

Jumper Day

If you have a made a solo account then your goal will be to jump into a new state and join the top alliance, or at least one of the top alliances in the state. With your high power you should have no issues with your application. I would suggest you wait for a few hours after the state opens to see which alliance takes the control point. Multiple jumper alliances may have their eyes on this new state and waiting a little longer is not going to make much difference to you as a solo player.

If you have created a jumper alliance, you can either go all out for the control point immediately, or you can port to a good position near the forest and wait until you are more established. Remember there may well be multiple alliances contesting the control point soon after the kingdom opens. You are going to need a lot of troops and ideally a few players dedicated to powering through to T2 quickly.

Another strategy is to wait a couple of hours before porting in to see who turns up. If a number of very high power jumper alliances port in, you might choose to skip this kingdom and wait for the next. Remember though, the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to take the control point.

Good luck Jumpers!

General Kane

25 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | Jumper Account

  1. thanks Kane that helps me out a lot.

    I’ve tried making a couple jumpers to test what to do and not to do, and everything you just stated is everything I have found works the best.

    1. Make sure you have created an EW account first, then you can logout of your account under: More > EW Account.
      When you log back in you have the option to create another game.
      Link this to a new e-mail address and you can then switch between accounts on a single device by logging into each EW account.

  2. I have a main base and I’m doing very well with that. I recently opened a second base and it’s at level 9. I need to create a jumper base now and I am okay with losing the few days of effort I’ve put into the level 9 base. I started the second base with the intent with my alliance but the members in my alliance decided not to, then a few days after I started upgrading the base, they decided to jump again and asked why i couldn’t go! My alliance members do this by having three and four bases per player and I just don’t want that many bases to manage (or time spent). Is there a way to reset or restart my level 9 account? I don’t mind starting over but I don’t want to have to create and manage yet another temporary email account or change my settings back and forth on my secondary device.

  3. I am level 15 hq.. my state is 138.. is there any possiblity i can go to state 90? Which is a lot older than my current state and which means i cant take advantage of being a jumper or anything… just want to move near my friends in real life

    1. Usually states open Friday and Saturdays, not sure exact time frame, but those are the days I’ve been on and see new states formed

    1. I don’t know. I made an account to scout new states and it would let me into a state that was two days old, but not one that was only one day old. Does anyone know if there are restrictions on how soon you can jump into a new state??

  4. Bonjour
    Je souhaite devenir un compte pi├Ęge.
    Quel est la bonnes r├ępartition entre t1 t2 et t3
    Quel type de troupes et comment cela va fonctionner.
    D avance merci

  5. Do you want to put this theory into practice?
    The “jwbl” alliance is gearing up to jump in two weeks.
    Gift level 15 is a nice starting point.
    Educated and active players are welcomed.

  6. So I have made the new account Been on it for a month and now that I’m ready to port all the state say protected and I can’t port . Why I have 1 beginners teleport left , commander 35, every building at 5 , so why can’t I port?

    1. Same thing is happening with me right now. Did you manage to port or? I’ve emailed EW so just waiting for a reply back as to why I can’t port.

  7. I got all of these, thing is collect threw the game and there are 5 dots to make something out of it ….. But I don’t have the elites ideal where to start or what item to use to make different things can u guid to a sight that helps s me fig what item to use and what it makes …..thank ya

  8. For some reason my keyboard won’t come up when I’m trying to create the EW account.. Have you ever come across this before?! It came up once but I got to type 2 letters And back off it went!!!

  9. is there any way to teleport to new state with out losing the resources I know the max is 500 k but I have Bliions and I don’t want to lose it

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