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Mobile Strike Level 22 Trap Account
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Mobile Strike | Guides | Level 22 Trap Account

Mobile Strike Level 22 Trap Account
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Level 22 Trap Account

I thought my trap account guide could do with a refresh, as a lot of new content has been released since I wrote it earlier this year.

This Level 22 Trap Account guide should be read in conjunction with my three part trap account series which can be found here.  This update looks at what you need to create a trap account aimed at taking on a level 22 single attack.

Note that this does not look specifically at creating a level 22 trap account.  I’m more concerned with how to expand you existing trap account to defend against a level 22 player.

There are lots of additional features to consider since my first trap account series was written. Increased march size, increased commander level, building boosts, new research to name just a few. I’ll try to break each one down in the sections below.

Increased Deployment Size

First let’s look at the biggest advantage a level 22 player has against your trap account: increased deployment size. Previously the maximum deployment size for a solo level 21 player was 375,000.

Well with Headquarters 22 this increases to 525,000 (with a 50% boost from items).

That’s a huge increase of 40% over a level 21 player.  Broadly speaking you need to increase your troops and traps by 40% to make sure you are still covered.

To recap my original suggested troop numbers were as follows:-

  • HQ 8-10 – 3 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 375k T2, 1.5M T1, or a combination of the two.
  • HQ 15-18 – 10 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 417k T3, 1.25m T2, 5m T1, or a combination of all three.
  • HQ 21 – 15 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 417k T4, 625k T3, 1.875m T2, 7.5m T1, or a combination of all four.

Before we even consider the other changes, we need to increase all these across the board by 40% to get:-

  • HQ 8-10 – 4.2 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 525k T2, 2.1M T1, or a combination of the two.
  • HQ 15 – 14 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 584k T3, 1.75m T2, 7m T1, or a combination of all three.
  • HQ 21/22 – 21 million power in troops. This will allow you to have 584k T4, 875k T3, 2.63m T2, 10.5m T1, or a combination of all four.

All of the above setups will still keep you below the Mobile Strike nerf level.

However, you also need to take into account that the above limits were set when it was fairly easy to max all your combat boosts. You also had a fairly a good idea of the maximum boosts an attacker would have.

There are now a lot of new features which can significantly increase an attackers stats. To combat this we need to look at giving our trap account and upgrade over and above simply increasing our army size.

Unlock Urban Plot

Urban plots are a useful addition that have been introduced  since I wrote my first trap account series. They provide you with the ability to unlock additional Urban Plots. At the time of writing you can expand your base with an additional three plots by completing special events, or purchasing special packs.

This allows for three more hospitals, thus increasing your hospital bed capacity by 120,000 beds.  It now means it’s possible to have 880,000 hospital beds on a level 21 trap account and 1,100,000 hospital beds in a level 22 trap account.

Note this does involve destroying some buildings when you trap account is finished, which is covered here.

Commander Level 55

Commander level 55 gives you a further 89 skill points to spend. You will want to get your commander up to level 55 to unlock these extra skills points as soon as possible.

Some new standard commander equipment has also been released since my last guide. A good trap account set is as follows:-

  • Helmet – Warfare Helment – 24% defense, 12% health
  • Armor – Stealth Armor – 18% defense, 8% health
  • Accessory – Commando Grenade x 3 – 12% Defense, 20% health
  • Boots – Gravedigger Boots – 9% health 18% defense, 10% tactical attack.
  • Weapon – Ghost Maker – 12% health, 20% defense, 24% tactical attack.

Battle Tactics Research

Battle tactics research has been added fairly recently and adds some decent trap account research.

Commander Preset is now a must have requirement for any decent trap account. Being able to switch between farming gear and trap account gear at the last second makes life a lot easier.

The Battle Tactics tree also has Troop Defense III, Troop Health II and Troop Attack II with a 30% bonus to each once maxed.

Embassy Capacity Increase is also a great skill to increase the number of troops you can house from alliance members by 500,000.

Building Boosts

Building boosts are probably one of the best trap account additions to the game. Why? Because they add a significant boost to troop attack, defense and health without increasing your power at all.

It is impossible for an enemy to know what building boosts you have active and that’s exactly what we want for a good trap account.

You can read more on how building boosts work and which buildings attract which type of boosts here.  To give you an idea it’s not unheard of for single level 21 building, with a high multiplier to get a combat related boost of over 100%!

Prototype Gear

Prototype gear was in its infancy when I was writing my first trap account guide. There is now a significant amount of prototype gear that can massively boost player’s stats.

Using prototype gear for a trap account is difficult and expensive, because typically you may only get hit once before the timers expire. You can however expect to get hit by other players in prototype gear, especially during state vs state events.

My recommendation is still to go for the best normal gear you can find and boost you army size further to combat prototype attacks.

Little Overwhelming

Taking into account all of the above you might be wondering how the hell are you ever going to build a trap account that you know for sure will take any solo deployment?

Well don’t worry too much. Most of your attackers will be nowhere near maxed out on all their research and buildings. They won’t hit you with the very best prototype gear every time.

But just to be on the safe side there is nothing to stop you boosting your troop numbers above the numbers I have set out above.

There is so much extra power in the game from additional research and buildings, that you can afford to increase your troop power quite a bit without scaring away high power players.

My recommendation is you try to boost your trap account as much as you can from the above and then make up the difference by boosting your troop sizes.

Whilst the ultimate trap account might be able to win any solo event with only 21 million power in troops, adding another 10 million troop power, or even 15 million to your account is really not going to deter high level players from hitting you.

General Kane


"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

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  1. What would you say the highest level you can be a trap account is now?? When 21 was the limits I tried to stay at 75 mil and under, but I would imagine that you could go higher with the new addions that have come out?? Also I’ve noticed you’ve said you can have 21 mil troop power with 7.5mil t1. How is that just in t1 power that is 15 mil power and with 2.82 mil t2 that equates to 22.56 mil power?? So that right there is 37.46 mil in troop power. I think you need to look at your number again bud

    • Those limits refer to a trap account with a single tier of troops – not combined.

      As for the power limit I would still try to keep under 100 million.

      There is a psychological jump in power going over 100 million

      i.e. you will find you will get attacked a lot more in the 90- 99 million power range than once you go over 100 million.

      • are you going to update this now that the level cap has been increased? Also what would you say is the best option for people with over 300 mill power in terms of how to keep yourself from being zero’d easily?

  2. These specifics are great for small traps but you really need to cover rally traps AKA “Breakers” as well!

  3. Sorry to say but the best DEFENSE weapon is the M14. It has 24% defense. Perhaps you are only considering “set gear”? Perhaps the fact the weapon you listed has health bonus which the M14 does not. Fact is, “health” is weaker than “defense” and from tests, health is a bigger factor in attack than it is in defense. Besides, traps typically use many hospitals hospitals which provide all the added health boost you need. Therefore, considering health in defense gear is not an issue as it is in attack. Being such, you can put more skill points in attack which will KILL more enemy troops attacking!

  4. This setup does not and will not work. It doesn’t account for the astronomical rise in stats from level 22 facility research. With hardened, reinforced, and dreaded gear it got worse and only more so with combat lab, set bonus, mod set bonus, and finally lone wolf being released. This is not a guide to winning as a trap it’s a guide to getting immediately zeroed in KE.

  5. Well.. this guide is perfect before all what mentioned have been released. Traps must adapt, with the new changes and the 4500%+ attack boosts out there. There will never a one trap recipe in this game considering the high pace that the game is moving with. One have to adjust, test, and adjust, and make it work. One of my traps is 70m power, and I cap the comm of 38 Billion player from 525K solo with 4500% attack. The gear mentioned in this guide will never ever stand against the new attack boosts. The Hammerhead is best gear so far for traps to stand. Hospitals are useless now and make your trap expires fast (No one will hit base with 30m hospitalized) , Training grounds works best in this case, you need every bit of defense %. and you can get really high health from boosting TGs with building modifiers. One more comment is about T1s, if your goal is to capture commanders on solos, T1s will never ever work in your favor, keep it to T2s and above, Enough attack to kill the march and as high defense as you can to loose less than 525K.

  6. agree!
    go with training grounds and very few hospitals 21 just for the health boost.
    I dont use t1. they just hand over kills to the attacker and take up lots hospital space.
    As your army grows in number, health becomes increasingly important and attack less important when defending.
    full set is important if you have proper research. if you cant buy/craft it you can go assorted gear and perform just as well. privilege defense and health and a bit of attack

    my 2c

    [email protected] state

  7. People have over 8000% Attack with just wolf gear and 10000% with core gear. This you will burn. You need Hammerhead set and you need to get rid of T1 and T2. I guess it depends what you are trying to do, if power exchange is what you are after than keep your T2s however if you want to steal their co and not burn than you need at least 30M T3 and 10M – 20M T4 at this point of the game. That’s also assuming you have at least 2000% Defense.

  8. 300mill each t3 including advanced and 10mill each t4 will eat an 11k% rally without your commander home.

  9. I have a level 15 trap account and change my name often. Garrison gear and maxed out on research. I can take a full rally as long as it isn’t from the top 50 players. Anyone that solo’s me, will lose and if they send a comm, I kill it. I’m no where near 8000% defense, somewhere around 1200% for defense and 1000% for health. I’m not sure what I can do to increase that, without going up in level. I have no desire to go up…it is a trap after all. Most people in my state know me, but I’m hell in SVS KE.
    I can get more building boosts and max out my walls. I have 8 hospitals, do I need to destroy those and build something else? Thoughts? Suggestions?

  10. The easiest way to take more attack is adding more troops but there’s other options VIP 100, co lvl 60 and above garrison with blackout upgrades enhanced to lvl 10 extra etc
    To the guy who said get rid of t2 ………. I’ve got several traps that cap any size player in sols tower of power is over 650billion and would happily reside in my prison

  11. This is a good guide…keyword guide. Not meant to be a be all, end all solution. You have to update yourself based on the ever changing mobile strike landscape. I have seen some awesome lvl 15 hq traps and some awesome 22 hq traps. All up to you which direction you go. I have a 21 hq solo trap with 1.8 billion power. I have all t4 reg troops and garrison gear. I have been eating solos from 300 billion players with no issues. Usually lose some traps and thats it while eating the whole solos. I take co’s as well. The new T5’s have changed things. I still swallow the whole solo but lose t4’s. Usually lose 1 T4 for every 4 T5. Might have to bump my power a little and do some more research. These trap guides are a good starting point. Just keep up to ate and do your homework.

  12. What about the rallies now, how do your traps do with a full rally?

  13. Thanks so much for this guide. It helps alot

  14. So much has changed. What is a good trap for today? My base is at 76trillion…I didn’t mean to upgrade my commander to 325…that was an accident. I left the base at 22, and it’s fully researched. Aux buildings at 200. The gear in the game now is way more dangerous. Are traps even possible still?

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