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Mobile Strike | Guides | Manufacturing Research and Construction Equipment

In Mobile Strike, good Commander Equipment will dramatically strengthen your troops and increase the economic boosts to your base. Two of the most important boosts in the early game are research and construction speed (in the later game mainly research speed). Having a decent set of research and construction equipment will literally shave months off of long timers.

This guide covers how to maximise your materials to build the very best research and construction gear.

Understanding How Boosts Work

Every building and research has a fixed original time to complete. This can be reduced depending on your overall research and construction boost. To work out the exact time from your individual boost, you need to divide the original time by your modifier.

The modifier is calculated with the following formula:-

  • Modifier = (Total Boosts + 100) / 100

If you don’t like math, then use the figures below to give you a rough idea:-

  • 100% boost = Will take half the original time.
  • 200% boost = Will take a third of the original time.
  • 300% boost = will take a quarter of the original time.

Now apply this to some of the long timers, such as troop health 10, which has an original timer of almost 2 years…. you can see that your research and construction boosts will save you a significant amount of time!

Your Boost Only Matters at the Start

Next you need to understand that your research, or construction boost only comes into play right at the point you start upgrading a building, or researching a new skill. Changing your boost at any point after the start, does nothing to the timers.

With this in mind you can see that having a complete set of equipment just for research and a complete set just for construction, can give you a huge advantage in Mobile Strike. All you need to do is equip the relevant set just prior to starting a new upgrade, or research.

This will drastically reduce the timers, without having to sacrifice any of the combat stats on your battle gear. Once you start your upgrade you can put your main equipment back on.

Materials and Quality

Okay so you understand the basics of how research and construction boosts work in Mobile Strike, so why not just go and manufacture a load of gear with research and construction stats on right?

Well before you do, you also need to understand the grading system of the materials needed to manufacture items, which ultimately effects the final quality of the item.

All items come in six different variations of increasing quality:-

  • Grey > White > Green > Blue > Purple > Orange

The higher the quality, the better the stats on the final item.

You should never manufacture any items that are less than blue quality. To be sure of getting an item of blue quality, or above,  you must not use a single material below blue in the construction of any item.

Ideally you want to go for purple, or orange and the only way to guarantee the outcome is to use all purple, or all orange materials.

You can change any material into the quality directly above, by combining four of the same color material in your Armory.

i.e. 4 greys make a white, 4 whites make a green, 4 greens make a blue e.t.c.

From the moment you start the game you should be saving and combining all the materials you receive into better qualities.  Do not waste materials on low level items, save them all for the good items later on!


Whist there are some low level items with research and construction boosts, in most cases you are better off waiting until you unlock the best items (all items are unlocked based on your Commander level). The reason for this is that most research items use the same type of materials and a lot of construction items also use the same type.  Therefore you should try and save your materials for the better items.

As some items need duplicates of the same material, you might want to hold off combining the very top qualities until you know what you want to manufacture. For example 3 blue Titanium go into making the blue Engineers Hammer, an item with an impressive 33% construction boost.

You would need to combine 12 blue Titanium to make the three purple titanium. Which is needed for the purple version and has a boost of 41.3%. You would need a total of 48 blue titanium to make the orange version with 49.5% boost.  Given that you can equip three Engineers Hammers, you may decide to settle for blue, or purple.

For research and construction, there are only two decent armor pieces in Mobile Strike and they are as follows:-

  • Field Scientist Uniform (level 33) +23.9% research (orange)
  • Mechanics Vest (level 30) +15% construction (orange)

For your feet there is a decent construction item and a pretty poor research item (you may want to skip this):-

  • Cross Hikers (level 1) +3.3%  research  (orange)
  • Construction Boots (level 30) +15% construction (orange)

Two fairly decent weapons include:-

  • Silenced Sniper Rifle (level 40) +15% research (orange)
  • Tactical Sledgehammer (level 30) +18 % construction (orange)

There is no research item for your head unfortunately, but an okay-ish construction item:-

  • Engineer’s Headset (level 35) +16% construction (orange)

Once you have a level 21 Armory you can equip three accessories and luckily they have some of the best research and construction boosts in Mobile Strike.

The Engineer’s Hammer is the best construction item and Holographic Sight the best research item. However, the Welding Gloves are a good balanced item offering both research and construction if you are short of materials. In addition the Field Ops Kit provides almost the same boost to research as the Holographic Sight, but the level requirement is only 21 compared to level 47 for the Ops Kit. The best items are as follows:-

  • Engineer’s Hammer (level 43)  49.5% construction (orange)
  • Welding Gloves (level 35)   18% research 13.5% construction (orange)
  • Field Ops Kit (level 21)  18.6% research (orange)
  • Holographic Sight (level 47) 21% research (orange)

Research Equipment

The table below sets out the total research boost for a full set of the best research equipment in the game. It also includes the bonuses from commander skills and your research facility. By this point in the game you should have maxed commander skills research I & II, adding a further 105% and maxed your research facility, providing a further 25% boost.

Grey White Green Blue Purple Orange
Field scientist Uniform 4.0% 8.0% 11.9% 15.9% 19.9% 23.9%
Cross hikers 0.6% 1.1% 1.7% 2.2% 2.8% 3.3%
Silenced Sniper rifle 2.5% 5.0% 7.5% 10.0% 12.5% 15.0%
Holographic sight 3.5% 7.0% 10.5% 14.0% 17.5% 21.0%
Holographic sight 3.5% 7.0% 10.5% 14.0% 17.5% 21.0%
Holographic sight 3.5% 7.0% 10.5% 14.0% 17.5% 21.0%
Total Equipment Boost 17.6% 35.1% 52.6% 70.1% 87.8% 105.2%
21 Research Facility 25.0% 25.0% 25.0% 25.0% 25.0% 25.0%
Research I & II 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0%
Grand Total   147.6% 165.1% 182.6% 200.1% 218.0% 235.2%

Construction Equipment

The table below sets out the total construction boost for a full set of the best construction equipment in the game. The table also includes the bonuses from commander skills and your construction research. You should have also maxed commander skills construction I & II, adding a further 105% and maxed your construction research providing a further 66% boost.

Grey White Green Blue Purple Orange
Mechanics vest 1.7% 3.7% 5.8% 8.8% 12.2% 15.0%
Construction boots 1.4% 3.7% 5.7% 8.6% 12.0% 15.0%
Tactical sledgehammer 1.9% 4.5% 6.9% 10.4% 14.5% 18.0%
Engineers headset 1.6% 3.9% 6.1% 9.2% 12.9% 16.0%
Engineers hammer 8.3% 16.5% 24.8% 33.0% 41.3% 49.5%
Engineers hammer 8.3% 16.5% 24.8% 33.0% 41.3% 49.5%
Engineers hammer 8.3% 16.5% 24.8% 33.0% 41.3% 49.5%
Total Equipment Boost 31.5% 65.3% 98.9% 136% 175.5% 212.5%
Construction Research 10 66.0% 66.0% 66.0% 66.0% 66.0% 66.0%
Construction I & II 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0%
Grand Total  202.5% 236.3% 269.9% 307.0% 346.5% 383.5%

A blue set of each of the best items is perfectly adequate providing you with a 300% boost to construction and 200% boost to research. If you decide to push to purple, or orange, you can squeeze another 35% for research and 75% to construction.

I recommend going for research first, as this will be the most useful in the long term. It’s not actually too difficult to max all of your buildings, but you will always be researching something!


"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."

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  1. the part where you say one should never ever manufacture anything lower than blue is kinda flawed.
    some of the cheaper low commander level requirements can be made in just the white quality.
    They are cheap and give you an early savings on research and construction and they all add up in the long run.
    Think about it, even a 25% savings on a cheap research/construction set will save you LOADS before you can manufacture the higher quality items and they cost very little in terms of overall material needed for late game items. for example 2 white quality fields ops kit will save you so much time until you are able to get the higher quality items and for so little to manufacture.

    • It is a valid point, but where research is concerned I personally don’t think that the boosts on white equipment make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile crafting a whole white set, at the expense of delaying a higher level set of equipment. Getting the required blue materials should not take most active players too long.

      In your example two white field ops kits would give you a combined bonus of 12.4% to research, two blue would double it to 24.8%.

      Now orange and perhaps purple are a different story and I would agree you should leave these until you get a decent blue set.

      The reason I say it’s worth holding out for blue, is because the stat increases are much higher going from grey to blue, than blue to purple/orange.

      • Yes agree that the stat increase are much higher form white to blue or orange. But what are stats alone for?

        Was pointing out that better item STATS vs total TIME saved, for research for example, is much more obvious if you have even a few white items for the early game. I’ve been playing for only 2 weeks and a 12.4% savings on research time vs NONE while waiting for blue item parts for the duration of playing the game is pretty obvious. gathering and combining material for the ONE blue item already takes so long vs using 2 or 3 whites.

        Another way to look at is this, we will use your example of 2 white 12.4% vs blue 24.8% field ops kit. taking into consideration combining of material, cost of producing and MOST importantly time to gather the materials of these 2 items. having an early 12.4% ( which i have gotten by day 7) vs a better CONFIRMED 24.8% stat item (which one will be lucky to get by 2 months). you can already see that it DOES make sense to have them early on.

        You are only delayed by ONE set of white lvl materials, but for the WHOLE duration u get a 12.5% savings THEN you move to a 24.8%. the alternative you advice is 0% to 24.8% for the whole duration of gathering material. if you are LUCKY one month but more likely a few months.

        The focus on stat alone should not be the case because the items purpose is for overall time saved.

        • Yeah I understand what you are saying, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve been sat for weeks just trying to get that one more material I need to craft a blue, or purple item. You could very well be in a situation where by using up some early materials it delays you for a lot longer than you think.

          The way research is calculated also means the reduction in time is no where near the %. i.e. Having 12.5% boost does not shorten all your research times by 12.5%.

          Finally, in a game where some research timers take over a year to research one upgrade level….what actually happens on the first two or three months really doesn’t have that big an impact.

          2 weeks of research reduced by a couple of % is nothing in this game.

  2. I can’t find Mechanics Vest or Construction Boots, do you have any information on the required materials for manufacturing these items or any idea why they aren’t present in the armory?

  3. My cmd is level 46 and I wanted to produce the Field Options Kit Orange. In the list it showed me it was producable in orange and I got all the required materials for that. When I hit the produce button it gave me a blue one. What went wrong?

    • Stealth,

      Were all of the materials you used orange?

    • You need all materials to be legendary – orange. You must have had one or more orange but not all of them at orange (You must have had a blue or worse quality item). When you’re manufacturing an item you can see percentages (chances) on your manufactured item’s quality, which is determined based on the quality of the inputs for your item.

    • It is not a guarantee that you will get the item even if you have 100% quality score. I have gotten items with 10% chance of getting Orange and not gotten items at 100%. So it is really just luck of the draw honestly.

  4. Since this is a page about manufacturing, it would be useful (just so people don’t have to get out the calculator) in the tables at the bottom to subtotal the percent increases based on the manufactured equipment alone, and then you could add in the research/training bits below that to get the 200-300% increases.

    What I’m wanting to see in the percent increase in one color of equipment over another color of equipment alone, without the influence of research/commander training.

    For instance.. for research, there are 130% added due to research/commander. If we subtotal before that..

    Grey: 17.6%
    White: 35.1%
    Green: 52.6%
    Blue: 70.1%
    Purple: 88%
    Orange: 105.2%

    So, we can see, essentially,
    grey to white: 2/1… doubling grey
    white to green: 3/2 adding 50% to white
    green to blue: 4/3 adding 33% to green
    blue to purple: 5/4 adding 25% to blue
    purple to orange: 6/5.. adding 16% to purple..

    It’s going to take 4x the material to create each higher color so a person has to decide when/if the law of diminishing returns becomes significant to them

  5. Hi General Kane,

    I noticed that all of the research gears you mentioned here can be manufactured eventually, however, I can’t find the required materials for most of the construction gears you mentioned. I’m about a month and half into the game and haven’t find a single 9 volt battery for instance. Any reason why?


  6. For the 9v battery you need to hunt the T-Vulture.

  7. As a non$$$ player, I found the timer is the biggest bottle neck of this game, therefore, this guide is probably the most important guide out of every guide. Could you please do a full guide on ways to get the required materials? I got a lot by buying daily chances but I’m not sure if there are better ways out there in getting materials to manufacturing these gears.

  8. @Ed,

    Yes there is a website where you can find this info.

    www dot mobilestrikeguide dot com/resources/materials/

  9. I messed my equipment all up and need to deconstruct much of it. What do you lose when you tear them apart and recombine the materials?

  10. This is nit-picky but your statement:
    Grey > White > Green > Blue > Purple > Orange
    could be confusing.

    I know you are using the “greater than” symbol as a “next” character, but I think either use the “>” and flip the order of levels or re-wright the list as:

    Grey < White < Green <Blue < Purple < Orange

  11. Would have loved to have got insights on wether to use time reducing gear (“-1:00:00”) or in percentages reducing gear (“+9,8%) and if there was a break even where the advantages of the one overcome the ones of the other, how to calculate this.

    “Shall I buy the -1:00:00 research time weapon or the +10% research boost item?”

    I assume that the -time gets calculated off the standard time (e.g. standard time 11h – 1:00:00 = 10h new time) at first, just then the boost gets calculated off the new time (e.g. 10h – 10% boost = 9h). Right?
    Cause theoretically it could also be the other way round, which makes a difference:
    11h – 10% boost = 594 minutes – 1:00:00 = 534 minutes = 8,9h

    Doesn’t look like a huge difference, but imagine this conducted on the several hundred day research times.

    • Time reductions come off first. In the beginning they are okay, once you start lengthy research, the % reduction is the way to go. -2 hours seems like a lot, but not on a 100 hour research. I’ve seen 21 days so far, but I’m maybe half way done.

    • time subtraction (in the commander boosts table it is listed as “Research Time”) happens before the time reduction. Focusing on research, the formula is

      effective time = (base time – “research time”) / ( 1 + commander “Research Speed” + facility “Research Speed Bonus”)

      [remember that 40% is 0.40]

      To figure out the break even point is just a little bit of algebra, but that 1 / (1 + research speed) is the ugly part. You can approximate it with a Taylor series, so roughly 1 / (1 + research speed + new gear boost) is about 1 – (research speed + new gear boost): so the net is that for small boosts, its about the boost * base time.

      Net net: if your research time subtraction is better than the research speed boost * base time, go with the subtraction. So if you have a 5% speed boost versus a 1 hour reducer, the break even is somewhere around a 20 hour research project. At the start, the time breaks are better, but once you start having significant projects, the speed breaks are better.

  12. can I equip 2 or more of the same accessory eg 2 Engineers hammers?

  13. I’m new and I don’t understand the percentages that appear on the Manufacture screen (for any item)
    For example
    grey white green blue purple orange
    0% 0% 12.5% 70% 17.5% 0%

    Is that saying I have a 70% chance of manufacturing a “blue”?

    on another item I have 100% on blue so does that mean I’m going to get a blue? The thing is on one of the ingredients I only had a green so how would I get a blue?

    • Correct. It means you have a 70% chance of manufacturing a blue item.

      The 100% blue scienario with a green ingredient you’re describing isn’t possible I believe. Perhaps you’re confused? It is possible, for example, to manufacture a purple if you have 3 blue materials and 1 orange, but there wouldn’t be a 100% chance of anything in that case.

  14. What happens if you have:
    grey – white – green – blue – purple – orange
    0% – 0% – 0% – 70% – 0% – 0%
    Then bad luck happens and the 70% blue fails, since the lower grades are 0% do all the materials disappear along with even any lower grade equipment since the lower grades for that equipment list as 0%?

    • LOL Impossible, Brad. You always get % chances that add up to 100%… Duh 😛 lol just look in your armory XD

      If you had:
      Grey- 30% Blue- 70%
      Worst case is you make a grey item and all your blue items are wasted. That’s why it is recommended in this guide that you plan which grade you want to manufacture and only combine items up to that grade so you can be sure to get a 100% chance of manufacturing the gear you want.

  15. I’d like to point out a few things: I believe it’s gold level 6 that provides you with the free “monty’s tool”, a weapon that gives 16% construction boost. Seeing as how it’s just 2% less than the gold tactical sledgehammer, that requires special event gear (pretty rare) vs. standard materials, it might be worthwhile to mention this as an alternative.

    Also the Q-sight helmet provides 2% research boost. Cross hikers is pretty easy to manufacture in gold, but this item if I recall took a week to build @ gold and took lots of coin.

  16. Why have you not included the Q sight helmet in the gear list for research. I know it only adds 2% but that’s still an improvement. Is there a reason I am unaware of?

  17. lets say I have an item:
    0% / 0% / 0% / 70% / 30% / 0%
    Then I try my luck with the 30% purple, it fails, will that mean I’m sure to get a blue (since 30+70=100)? Or does the item just explode along with the materials? …or will there be a chance I get an even lower grade item?

    Thanks 😀

  18. like, does it preform 2 separate gambles in this case? one 30% chance gamble then if it fails it does another gamble on 70%? or does it add the two together so I’d at least get the blue (no chance of getting nothing)?

    • Everyone seems to be having a lot of trouble with the percentages.

      You will always get an item no matter what and it will always be one of the qualities listed before you craft.

      If it says you have 30% chance of purple and 70% chance of blue, it literally means you have a 30% chance of the item being purple and 70% blue.

  19. Just FYI: there actually is a research Helmet, called the Q-Sight Helmet. It only yields a 2% research boost however.

  20. Equipment is now out of date since new been released.

  21. On gathering equipment sets do they only work if the commander is in one of the deployments. I have 9 deployments. I have the heavy hauler gear set with gathering mods and mimics.

  22. General, First off, thank you for all of your efforts and time on this Site. There is no better Site for MS Information. Really enjoyed reading through it, Just curious if an Update is underway as a few of these guides are now now behind and misleading.

    Again, I love the Site. Nice job!

    Sgt Niko

    • Hey – I’d love to get round to updating the site, but I’ve been really busy recently and don’t really have the time. I still hope to come back to MS in the future and give the whole site a refresh.

      • I have a serious question!! uhg I joined an alliance on a dif state then I, I am a lvl 62 commander with over 12Bil power, my question is can I advance tele to their state, their state is protected??? Please say yes :/

  23. I have set gear that i received from crates, and I have leveled up some of said gear. I have several other pieces in my ITEMS from opening more crates. When I try to add more to my inventory to have more set gear, the tool kit option pops up, so I click on use and it tells me Maximum equipment slots reached. Do I have to manufacture all gear before it can be used? even though I received the full sets through crates.

  24. So i bought a couple of packs and now the last one i bought is the one with the base level 23 blueprint. 100 dollars. so i click research and guess what…. its 4 million days research!!! Wow i feel buttfucked now. any suggestions to this?

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