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Mobile Strike Shooting Range
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Mobile Strike | Guides | Shooting Range

Mobile Strike Shooting Range
© Epic War LLC

Shooting Range

The shooting range is a building located to the right hand side of your Headquarters in Mobile Strike. Unlike the other buildings it comes prebuilt and has no upgrade levels.

Once you enter the shooting range you can use ammo to hit targets earning you free items. For basic mode it costs 5,000 ammo per shot and you are rewarded with a single random item for each hit. Rewards can include speed ups, gold, materials, resources, more ammo and mods to name a few.

Ammo used in the shooting range can be purchased in the gold store, alliance store, found in crates and on Rebel Targets.

Once you hit ten targets in a row (you can come back to the shooting range over several days to achieve this) you will be rewarded with a choice of three crates. Each crate will contain a random item, significantly better than the normal shooting range rewards. You can only open one of the three crates and they remain hidden until you choose which one.

Full Auto Mode

Full Auto Mode is a special shooting range option that increases the rewards by a multiple of 11, but costs 10 times the amount of ammo per hit (50,000). For example finding a 60 minute speed up in basic mode, would be the equivalent of finding 11 x 60 minute speed ups in full auto.

You therefore gain 10% more items for your ammo.

Once you get past 10 targets, instead of choosing one of three crates you get to a play a mini game like mine sweeper. You can open multiple crates, keeping all the rewards until you hit a grenade. Once you have unlocked Full Auto Mode you are free to switch between Basic/Full Auto whenever you please.

Mobile Strike Full Auto Mode Grenades
© Epic War LLC

The downside to Full Auto Mode is it can only be unlocked by purchasing special gift packs in the gold store. Quite often this only appears in the most expensive gold packs, but every now and then you will find it in a $20 dollar pack.

If you are not a big spender it is worth looking out for Full Auto in one of these cheaper packs, because once it’s unlocked you keep it permanently. It offers you significantly more rewards than basic mode (see below).

Basic Vs Full Auto Mode

As explained above Full Auto offers you 10% more items than basic mode. However, it actually offers you far greater rewards than this due to the free shot offered once a day.

Every day you receive one free shot in the shooting range which costs no ammo. This free shot is given to you whether you are in standard mode, or full auto. Obviously the full auto mode offers you 11 times the items than you receive for the same shot in basic mode.

Over the course of a month this equates to 330 items compared to just 30 with basic mode!

Tip: Whilst you can easily switch between basic and full auto mode at any time, make sure you do this after you have reached the end of a training stage. This is because it will reset your progress and you will need to make a further 10 shots before you reach the final prize.

Buying Ammo to Win Gold

Many players purchase large amounts of ammo in the gold store, hoping to “win” back the gold they spend from shooting range prizes, thus benefiting from a large number of free items.

You probably won’t be surprised to know that this is a poor strategy and the gold drop rate in the shooting range is tipped in the games favor. You will on average spend more gold on ammo than you will win. It’s almost like gambling – it might feel as if you are winning large prizes, but over time you will spend more gold than you win.

In fact the original version of this game came from Mobile Strike’s sister game: Game of War. In its initial form it was set up as a casino, with chips instead of ammo. The principal was exactly the same as the shooting range: Buy chips, spend them to spin a casino wheel and win prizes.

Unfortunately a few players spent a lot of money buying chips and not surprisingly didn’t feel that the rewards were worth it.  One woman even tried to sue the game developers (see Mia Mason v. Machine Zone Inc.) for offering a form of in-game online gambling.

Whilst the law suit was ultimately lost, it was enough to prompt the game developers to change the style of the game from a casino to a dungeon and ultimately to the shooting range you see today in Mobile Strike.

The moral of the story is the house always wins and you are better off spending your gold elsewhere!

Shooting Range Challenges

There is one exception to this rule, when it can be worth buying ammo and that is during shooting challenges.

It’s also worth saving up your ammo until a shooting range challenge is running, allowing you to receive rewards from the challenge as well as the actual shooting range.

If you pick the right challenge and purchase enough ammo, with full auto mode you can be in with a chance of reaching the top of the leader board. These leader board prizes combined with the shooting range gold rewards can give you a good chance of ending up gold positive.

This means you will gain a huge number of free speed ups and resources, at no overall cost to the player.

You do run the risk of other players going for the top of the leader board at the same time. To minimize this risk you can go for challenges at non peak times, when less players are likely to be playing.

Shooting Range Reward Patterns

Despite what may players think the mine sweeper style mini game at the end of each stage is completely random.  I have not seen any evidence of a so called “winning pattern” and I have been sent a lot of screenshots, by players claiming to have unlocked the pattern. It is the nature of probability that certain patterns may appear to repeat, when in fact it’s just random.

Whilst there is no pattern you can follow to win each round, you are guaranteed to get a reward on your first shot (which means your prize will always be equal to, or better than the end of basic mode).

The same goes for the three crates at the end of basic mode – it’s random!

Virtual Combat Simulator

Finally you may have noticed a message before you enter the shooting range stating: “Virtual Combat Simulator – Coming Soon”. Whilst this has yet to be released, I believe it will probably be similar to the Explorer Dungeon in Game of War.

This would add a huge amount of extra features to the shooting range. The virtual combat simulator may see your commander entering a combat simulator, fighting enemies in order to gain experience and items.

The virtual combat simulator would probably have building upgrades similar to the other buildings in Mobile Strike. Upgrading this building would grant you additional commander xp and better rewards.

Obviously this is pure speculation, but Epic War has a history of releasing new features in Mobile Strike, based on current Game of War content.

Stay posted for further updates as and when the Virtual Combat Simulator is released. We will of course have all the details ready for you once this feature is live!

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  1. Dennis Matlock

    I need help I can’t log on, it doesn’t recognize username or password

  2. Beware, my observation is that it is never possible to complete Tier 3 of a shooting range challenge with what you have. When I was playing without money, I tried to save up enough ammo / gold to complete the challenge with the highest tier. But always shortly before I could buy all required ammo with gold, the amount to complete the challenge increased. First it was 550 points, then 1100, then 3600, then 4500, then 9800 and then 22000. That’s right, that’s 22.000.000 Ammo and 440 shots in full auto mode! I have not seen a higher challenge yet.
    So I could always only complete the challenge when I bought an ammo pack at the exact time of the challenge.

    The 3600 challenge has the best reward ratio, as you get 35000 Gold, after that, it is declining.

    Hope that helps set expectations. Regards, Horst.

  3. Nope, that is not true. When I have been spending my gold, the challenge goal dropped again. It really is like a carrot to buy stuff from the store!

  4. Hey, I’ve noticed sometimes when I get a shooting range challenge completion lvl 1 or 2, there isn’t a shooting range challenge even listed in the main challenge window, do shooting range challenges show up somewhere else? Even after I’ve gotten a lvl1 challenge completed by fluke, I’ll look in the main challenges window and there is no shooting range challenge listed… where is it shown?

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