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Mobile Strike War Bonds and War Store
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Mobile Strike | Guides | War Bonds and War Store

Mobile Strike War Bonds and War Store
© Epic War LLC

What are War Bonds Used for?

There was a little bit of confusion when War Bonds first started appearing in Mobile Strike. This was partly due to an incorrect description on the in game item – originally War Bonds referred to upgrading the treasury. This lead to some speculation among players (myself included) that a Treasury was going to be released soon.

The treasury is a building from Game of War and was never released in Mobile Strike (it turned out to be the Vault in the end, which has nothing to do with war bonds!).

War Bonds are actually used in the War Store, a special store only available to the general commanding the control point for each state. Any players in your state can donate war bonds to the head of state, which are used to start wars and to purchase special state wide boosts in the War Store.

War Bonds

War bonds are found through gold sales and rewarded for special challenges.  You can find them under your “special items”.  You can donate them to your head of state when ever you choose.

The war bonds donated are available to whoever commands the control point and they are not lost if another alliance takes the control point. The head of state is the only player that can spend the bonds.

War Store

The War Store includes items which apply temporary boosts (in most cases with very short timers) to your whole state – that’s every base in your state no matter which alliance they are in.

These are particularly useful during state vs state events. A state wide notification goes out when a war boost is activated and a push notification for players that are offline.

Standard War Store boosts include items such as:-

  • 50% state deployment speed for 30mins.
  • 10% state troop training speed for 10mins.
  • 10% state trap building speed for 10 mins.
  • 100% to commander attack for 10 mins.

All players can vote on which boosts are activated, but only the head of state gets to decide what they spend the war bonds on.

War List

The war list is a place where your head of state can declare war on another state (effectively allowing them to pick the state which the next state vs state challenge will take place against). All players in a state can cast a vote as to who they think your state should go to war against, but it is up to the head of state to ultimately decide who to declare war on.

Your head of state can only declare war during a War List State Challenge.  It costs a lot of war bonds to declare war, the number of which reduces the longer the challenge has been running for. Some wars can cost over half a million war bonds.

The cost to declare war reduces as other states select their opponents, but so too will the number of available states on your war list.

Once war has been declared special exclusive war store boosts will be available to purchase for more war bonds. The sooner you declare war, the better the exclusive war store boosts are.

Exclusive War Store Boosts

Exclusive war store boosts are also purchased with war bonds after your head of state has declared war on another state. They vary in quality based on the time from the start of the challenge to the time that war was declared. The shorter the time period, the better the boosts.

Once war is declared the boosts are available for the duration of the state vs state event.

Some examples include:-

  • 30m state resource shield – provides all deployments to resource tiles a 1 hour resource shield, meaning they can’t be attacked on a resource tile.
  • State Instant Scout for 60 mins – allowing instant scout reports across the whole state.
  • Instant donate to rallies for 5 mins – allowing players to add to rallies with no time delay.
  • Instant Deployment Return for 10 mins – allowing returning troops from any deployment to instantly appear in your base
  • 30 min Dual Boost – allowing the head of state to activate 2 boosts from the War Store at the same time.

Because of the very short timers it is important the head of state communicates with the other alliance leaders in your state to make the most of these boosts when activated. For example instant donation of troops to rallies should be used in state wide alliance coordinated attacks, with as many alliances taking part as possible.


Hopefully this clears up what War Bonds are used for in Mobile Strike. If you have any first hand experience of the war store as head of state, or have details of any of the other boosts available, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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