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Mobile Strike – Cp event Slaughter 2/9/18

hey buddy Mac leader here I’ve just figured out jump on make a video here real quick we got CP event going on tonight we’re holding the CP let’s see what I remember what that event is actually called what is it control point conspiracy was what was called I guess but you know we are holding CP obviously nobody can can take it from us little upgrading today so you can tell powers 58 million I’ve got few troops got a few troops in there yeah about 12 million troops something like that yeah five almost six million troops a little over seven million traps and I don’t remember how many Titans and don’t shove Titans on here so we’ve got a few troops in there nobody actually took the CP from HQ 11:26 with us solo yeah I’m sure he wasn’t happy about that but he how let’s see who is that Sarge sitting here CP 1100 can’t nobody burning that’s fun little little base ah let’s see here we’ll get for our challenges I’ll shine while sitting here holding CPS trying to get all these challenges maxed out I can’t figure out how to do this one this one’s uh daily milestone badge I don’t know where the daily you can see that’s daily milestone get you one point where do you how do you get the daily milestone oh I guess that’s well that’s this which is the daily milestone right heck I don’t know that’s what I can’t figure out cuz this looks like a different challenge to me but it’s the Friday daily milestone but it doesn’t give you like the prizes it doesn’t give you a milestone bat oh yeah it does right there so if you only get one badge this ends in 22 hours this isn’t one hour so must not be getting it every day this must go for several days or something I don’t know anyone control point conspiracy I’ve maxed out my personal deal here we’re trying to max out the Alliance which we should have enough time I think to do cuz I didn’t actually go take the CP right off the bat I was still upgrading and training troops so somebody else had it for a little while but I think we’re at five million four hundred thousand points got to get to seven million – and I think I think I said you get a thousand points a second so we should be well over that we’ve still got 60 minutes so 60 minutes is 660 minutes times 60 is what three three million three million six hundred thousand so will be will be nine million points all together so yeah why that’s seven million for sure cool I don’t even know what we get what do we get for that anything see these prizes were pretty good 3500 times a thousand six thousand times a thousand it’s five hundred times a thousand it’s pretty good on on new cyber resources this now you get ten thousand platinum and then a state versus state gift I wonder what that is just we’ll find out train research I’ve got it maxed out I don’t even know what I got for it nothing nothing worth anything all that stuff’s crap ah see here new titles new titles for CP that actually make a difference you’ve got plus five cyber food and all the resources the general it’s got attack and defense boost you got coin we got more RSS and defense troop attack and defense research speed construction speed then you got the negatives for all your bad titles about the same type stuff that’s kind of cool make them relevant again uh what else we did get a new pack we’ve got a new pack available now at least I do I don’t know if everybody else got it but let’s see here yeah it’s the new pack it’s got 78 million of ht1 RSS instead of 68 million before it was a 68 million level three onslaught mystery little four we got this crappy little $19.99 pack now all of a sudden like this it shouldn’t even be on my base this is like on my little base that I haven’t upgraded what you get that on I don’t even know why it’s on here now but it is Oh stay here I wish there’s a little bit more action there was a little bit action earlier but it really isn’t nothing going on now everybody that’s tried to take it it’s all give up now so nothing going on kind of died down plus I don’t know what time it is for most people it’s it’s 1 o’clock morning here so kind of slow slow time wonder what’s going on everywhere else we go let’s go 300 using 300 vacuum a key amazing 300 I’m sure he’s holding it oh yeah let’s see here six six nine so your Alexander 95 I don’t know who that is why is everybody nobody can stay in CP everybody holds it from way outside of CP 243 five five seven seven he’s holding it from way out here Wow he’s holding that he’s only 55,000 power and he’s holding CP that’s funny evidently there’s no one in that state yeah that’s funny see global elite you 150 guy I don’t know all right guys I just want to jump on here for a minute do a little video show everybody what’s going on and I’m holding CP oh yeah that’s what it is well let’s do this real quick see if we got any good reports I’ve deleted of all have and I only got 71 on here that’s probably just all these farm bases trying to send troops at CP yep all right guys well almost sign out hopefully I’ll be able to bring you some good videos here coming up I’ll try to get a video maybe tomorrow or this weekend of some actual battles and stuff but packs are coming down in price so a lot of people that haven’t bought anything for a long time are getting the new cyber troops and stuff so there’s gonna be a lot more people here coming up that’s that’s going to be active and looks like most people are probably in the States anyways they’re getting their tax returns back so they’re probably gonna be spending a bunch of money on their tax return so I’ll see I can see a lot of bases starting to blow up here real quick get real big but so it ought to get even more fun but there’s new cyber trips are pretty entertaining and what’s cool is when you do attack somebody like on CP in their base if you lose you don’t lose all your treats you use a few thousand unless you just attack something it’s way way way way stronger and you least eight ten twelve thousand but still you’re not losing all your troops you know as well so you’re sending old old troops and old Titans with it if you send a bunch of old Titans of us old troops you’ll get zeroed but as long as your son and just new cyber troops you won’t you won’t lose a whole so but alright guys signing out Mack later


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