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Mobile Strike – Cyber troop ins and outs!!! 2/5/18

[Vider id=26 ]all right Mac leader here for an update I just want to start off this video first by saying there’s a lot of people that I see that are complaining and I’m saying this is the end ms2 the new releases obviously they have not bought the unlock pack this is probably by far the best thing ms has done in a long time it slowed the game way way way down which is what everyone’s been asking for right the power level is something you can read now as far as research goes to research most of the research there are a few that I’ve come by so far that like a day but mostly shirts are like 2 to 6 hours long which is actually doable now for the players that don’t want to spend a bunch of money you can wait out the timers you know before it was BTT days to train and enter research you can’t wait out those timers you’ve had to buy a pack to get speed ups to get anywhere you don’t have to buy packs now you buy your unlock pack and you can not buy anything else and you can actually play all the building timers or you know a few hours there’s a couple of them this research I just started for 1116 ok and it was a day in four hours or just started a little bit ago I had a few speed ups that I got in global gifts that I used but it’s a day in one hour left now that’s doable I’m gonna wait that out I don’t have any timers I’m wait that out and and let it go but that’s actually doable now you don’t have to buy any other packs a big thing now is your resource buildings you can actually use your resource buildings I’m producing when you when I ran out of RSS a few days ago like right after I bought the pack I used all my RSS I’ve upgraded all my buildings here well I’m making my iron is what I found that I’ve ran them out the most or the quickest and I’m making 72,000 an hour I can it’s going to keep producing till I have 1 million seven hundred and forty thousand okay that’s pretty much enough to do any type of research or any building upgrades so far so I can wait let my buildings work and produce the RSS I need and I can build any building I want I can research anything I want to research I can train any troops I want to train so these guys that say this is the worst and this is the worst thing that’s happened this is what everybody’s been asking for so I don’t know what the hell y’all are talking about but all right moving on what I have done and what I’ll figured out with this new stuff okay the new troops will basically kill any old troops so all the troops are gone that’s that kind of sucks for a lot of people because they had a lot of troops all troops are going one thing I do want to mention on your troops when building troops all right I’m gonna try to explain this without being too confusing why I did what I did but I haven’t unlocked 3 & 4 yet I’ve just unlock 1 & 2 which I think where most of the people are the majority people are the bought 1 pack or even couple packs they’re still on one – they’re not on 3 & 4 ok on troops that we do not have an upkeep reduction right now so it will eat the food that you’re that you have so you truthfully you feed the chap I what I have done is if you go out here and look I’ve built a few farms ok and my farms I’ve upgraded them up my hourly income or my overall hourly income for all my buildings combined it’s 30 1940 so I’m building only right now until my up key Kurt until we have some type of upkeep reduction available first to get I’m only gonna train enough Titans and enough troops that I can and the that I can feed basically with my RSS building says I don’t want to eat into my food that I paid for I paid money for because I’m not gonna give that money back to him so what I’m doing is I haven’t trained enough yeah I’m and I’m still gonna upgrade by building some more but I can train up to an upkeep of 30 1940 and right now my total it keeps twenty thousand so I can keep training until I get that and that’s what I’m personally gonna do and what I’m gonna do what I’ve been doing is on upkeep side upkeep 42 troops and Titans or the same thing and t1 are all point two five an hour on your upkeep you can come down through here you can go down to one troop and look at it as 0.25 okay same thing with t1 t1 is 0.25 so I’m training t2 because it doesn’t matter what which tier you trained up keeps the same so that’s what I’m training t2 because I want the most defence and power for my upkeep now what that means said once we have a up T production where we’re not worried about how much food they’re gonna eat what you’re gonna want for a defense base is t1 troops t1 traps and t1 Titans and I’m worries and I say that ok what we’re gonna look at here is our stats on t2 t2 stats on our defense is times 200 okay we look down here and our t1 stats or times 100 so so with that being said it’s going to take to have the same amount of Defense you’re gonna need to t1 for everyone t2 to have this to equal the same okay 1 t2 is the same defense as oh yeah 1 t2 is the same defense as 2 T ones okay so now we’re gonna look at on how much it cost okay 1 1 t2 cost a hundred and sixteen food okay 1 t1 is 53 food so for 2 T 1 which would be the same defense as 1 T 2 it’s gonna take 105 105 to where RT 2 for 1 T 2 took 116 so what that means is for the amount of food and resources that you’re gonna that you have you can train a higher quantity over double quantity of T 1 then you can T 2 so in the end you’re gonna have a higher quantity of Defense by training T 1 and T 2 so that make sense and I know we’re talking what was it a hundred and 106 to 116 it’s 10 but we’re taught for one truth when you start talking a hundred thousand or even a thousand say a thousand talking 116,000 ok auntie to 116,000 this would go back and this one should be a hundred thousand or fifty two or we need go 2000 so 2000 2105 okay so 105 116 is what nine nine thousand so now let’s look for nine thousand say hundred so not quite two hundred let’s get one ninety one seventy-five so roughly 170 172 more t one for every thousand that you could have trained T to so when you start getting into a hundred thousand then you’re talking two thousand seven hundred you’re talking a million you’re talking a letter seventeen thousand so I mean it’s gonna make a big difference specially when we start getting more and more troops not just for one when you look at one it doesn’t look like that big of difference when you talk to thousands or millions of troops that’s a big difference so T 1 is gonna be your defense you want to Train T 1 the same thing with Titans Titans through the same way now with traps okay traps take zero upkeep okay right now I’ve got 150 1000 T to 114 thousand t1 the reason I have those t2 solely is because I did not check and I was not looking at stats when I train the first first round I just said I can train t2 now 22 and I wish I wouldn’t have done that now but it is what it is and I’m not obviously I’m not gonna destroy them but I wish I would have put it all into u 1 because t2 and t1 trap for the exact same way the only way T two traps or your high tier traps are going to come into play instead of doing t1 traps for defense wise is if we ever get to the point where we’re hitting that max wall Defence’s is 14 PT which is gonna be a long time huh and watch that she made it to work it’s been snowing snowed this weekend her last night and yesterday all day he’s nasty weather roads are really icy I got my girls home today but yeah anyways 14 bTW so until you until we max at where you you only had you only have a certain amount that you can train you can train the max amount then yeah you probably want to go up higher because you can’t train more if you could train the max amount of t2 you wouldn’t want to go t1 because you couldn’t train over a devil t1 to get more defence that make sense so but we’re not gonna have to worry about max traps on our wall for a while it doesn’t look like so until we can hit max t1 is your best defense now with all this being said for attacking you would want your highest tier 4 tacking so if you’re still gonna attack you do want to train some of your high tier because you want the least amount of kills when you attack somebody so you want you want to send your height here but for defense wise on trap bases you want low tier just like back in the old day mistakes what’s getting back to you old in that stays quantity of defense so quantity of truth whatever you can build the most of to have the most defense that’s what we’re gonna we’re looking at so t1 right now is is the way to go for defense make sure you upgrade all these buildings all these buildings you know I’m making 72,000 an hour and iron irons which runs out the quickest that I found so make sure you’re upgrading your RSS buildings I would suggest going heavy on iron because all your traps that’s what you’re going to run out of is iron aside from food on troops of titans irons which is going to out of so iron heavy okay then I left a little bit of oil in there just in case I’m not sure I may completely get rid of that except for one or two and do food on it – I don’t know just so until we I just don’t want to change and build all these buildings and waste all our assets and then in a week or two or a few days we get a hundred percent upkeep and they don’t need all my farms anymore other than just building food so I mean I guess I still will because then I’ll build food to build more troops so I guess it wouldn’t be a bad deal but I’m not sure exactly if I’m going to destroy any more and make more farms or more or iron yet but this is where I’m at right now so I’m still gonna upgrade these more I’m gonna try to get them all max buildings to where I can have the most but so that’s where we’re at power wise I’m at two million but I haven’t trained very many troops I mean I’ve got some traps I’ve been researching which if you look down at my research because I’m waiting on that hundred percent upkeep so I can use my food so I’m not giving my food away and I don’t want to use all my food and then if I need to I haven’t even paid attention with any training it’s taking food or anything else so I don’t I don’t want to be eating away all my food and I don’t want to buy another pack hit use all resources and give my food away so but right now research power is fifty eight thousand seven hundred twenty I don’t know where everybody else is at but I feel like that’s fairly good so that’s where I’ve been putting my time my money is in buildings and research I’ve also been upgrading all my hospitals that’s when another thing I wanna say four traps hospitals are gonna be awesome because traps we’re talking little numbers on stats like one percent two percent you know and on all these hospitals where I’m at three percent on all these hospitals so they’re all going up by like point two percent for every level on all these okay what’s good for traps bad for leaders are normally leaders they’re banks is what they’re gonna load up on its banks for attack well they’re banks or giving them attack but look at that this is a level eleven fifteen it’s still on one percent so they’re not getting very much attack if any I don’t even know if that’s increasing any it takes so long to run down through here a thousand eleven hundred uh levels let’s see if I can do it see if it’ll be quick horse today doesn’t look like it cuz it’s not even loading this mmm-hmm yeah it’s not alone but so their banks are not giving them as much attack as we’re getting defense out of our hospital so that’s great for us for trap basis if we want to look at our stats which I’ve got all my commander stuff level towards building and research right now and production so I can get an extra nine percent I think on defense and some more on tax so this is like a bare minimum but my taxes seventy four percent my defense is at eighty six point five percent which is quite a bit bigger than most people are at at 11:15 headquarters so trap defenses 136 one 193 on Titan defense and all the troops are 169 defense so yeah that those hospitals make a big difference so definitely upgrade your hospitals upgrade your RSS buildings for sure let’s see what else don’t want to go over Oh on your commander tree research commander tree for everything you want to do I know it sucks we don’t have any presets for it yet can’t do presets both skilling your commander what you’re working on at the time makes a big difference especially for research on time your RSS buildings on production say I’ve got everything they’ve got everything on construction and RSS right now I’m coming down here no iron ores what I got all everything on I think yeah my iron mine seven out of ten which is max I can go with my commander level it’s another thing if you are gonna buy a second pack which I did if you’re gonna buy a second pack or multiple packs commander level really is I know people I haven’t been doing it a lot because they’re like I want the speedups and then RSS so I can get my buildings my research done very true but that commander level is gonna make it to where you use less resources or less time speed ups on researches and you’re producing more resources out of your buildings to where you’re it’s gonna make a big difference if not more of a difference in one time purchase some RSS or some speed ups where this is forever you’ve got the reduction in speed ups and the RSS capability of building more RSS faster so commander levels really are really are a pretty good option if you’re gonna buy another pack because then you got opens up this research which gives you 15% off of your research capacity or your research time and then you’ve also got another research well not here which gives you another 10 so you look at 25% off on your time for your research that’s big especially when you’re when you’re you know talking the amount of time where we are we’re at and the amount of speedups cost so I mean at 4 hours you just saved an hour that’s pretty good also with that being said well yeah we can do just scale up to what you want to scale it at is what I’m getting at here and like defense right here you can you can scale it over towards defense when you’re when you drop the shield or attack if you’re going Latta leader and i kind of going towards defense right now but that’s where it everybody’s wanting to be able to defend their base before they try to attack normally so that’s where I’m at but let’s go back out here gear doesn’t matter right now the power of our troops and stuff gear gear doesn’t matter no gear isn’t adding anything to cyber troops it’s it adds to normal titans and troops so it’s doing nothing for cyber stuff so it doesn’t matter what what gear you have or mods or anything like that it’s kind of a reset for EMS really it was just nice another thing is with the new packs they’ve also are giving out instead of gold they’re giving out platinum bars which is pretty cool I was wondering if they were going to do that because you could buy in the other you should be able to buy resources with gold which was back when NS started was super helpful now it was nothing because all you could buy was a thousand or ten thousand earn or whatever a ten thousand food when we were building other troops would build winning good one well now ten thousand feet will build something I mean a million food is a lot of food I mean these packs are given you know anywhere from 15 to 40 food or something but like the commander packs giving 15 million food you could buy 15 million food now so as you’re buying packs the actual gold or platinum now is gonna be useful right now look I’ve got 6.2 1kt Gold is useless I’m out buy nothing with it what do you buy I mean teleports I mean you don’t buy nothing with it now you can actually use your gold or something if we come down here let’s go down to where’s our food you go 1.5 million food for 3,500 and they’re giving like a hundred thousand Platinum bars with a pack so you can buy a lot of resources same thing with speed ups and speed ups are cheap you’re getting a hundred thousand speed ups oh yes cybernetic speed up 30-day right there for eighty thousand which is a big I haven’t seen anything yet that’s been thirty days I mean that’s a huge research three-day I haven’t seen anything that’s three day long so I’ve seen is a day 24 hours forty eight hundred and you come down here at eight hours which what most people are going to be buying is these hours in 15 minutes two hundred and fifty platinum bars for sixty minutes you get the million of them and you get two hundred fifty dollars or two hundred fifty Platinum get you an hour that’s a lot of research and a lot of speed ups you can buy with a hundred thousand platinum bars so keep that in mind one thing I do see coming next hopefully is where we’ll go back to like because it seems like they’re all going back to old MS ways so I’m hoping that our alliance store will get updated next to where we can use our loyalty and actually start doing the missions again and use our loyalty to buy the things we need also because right now we don’t have them in there but I’m hoping that we can go back to using our loyalty also so I have been when I get board is going in here to our missions and Alliance missions and hitting autocompletes to try to build up as much loyalty


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