/Mobile Strike – New Video!! 1/31/18 The Come Back

Mobile Strike – New Video!! 1/31/18 The Come Back

[Vider id=27 ]alright guys Mack leader here I just wanted to make a quick video let you guys know I’m back taking last couple months off it’s kind of like a lot of the a lot of the other MS players just kind of got tired of the crazy spending and took a break I’m not real positive why I came back or if I’m going to stay long I got back on here a couple days ago like three days ago and successfully gotten zero at every single day so far every time I can cap there’s a release and that release will be in a 1 or 2 hit zero so very frustrating I’ve been told that these last few releases the VIP the commander levels and now assault vehicles are all been a lot bigger releases than they have been so imma try to stick around and hang on and see what’s going on but I don’t know how long I’m going to last again because I mean it looks like it’s getting right back to several hundred dollars every day just to just to be able to unsealed for a few minutes and hope you don’t get hit by Supermax but here I am I’m building all defense I’m calm level 500 VIP to 1275 I’ve got one like I said I’m all defense so I’ve got nothing for Titans other than blockbusters I’ve got one BTT blockbusters I’ve got another 600 MTT training and I ran out of speed ups don’t have to get another small pack to finish them as far as it looks right now I’m not positive on what it’s gonna take to cap the amount of boost that this VIP and commander levels and everything have done or have gained is crazy amount so I’m not sure what’s gonna take I’m guessing somewhere around ten BTT blockbusters but that’s truly just a guess I’m not positive yet on what it’s gonna take I know just what was it yet early yesterday or maybe late night before I can’t remember now I know it was 300 BTT hour 300 MTT my bad the blockbusters was capping sitting it control point well not capping but winning you aren’t burning you aren’t capping them but you weren’t burning you’re saying the CP so I’m not positive on a cat I’m capping a commander that that’s a totally different story but not burning and winning the battle so that was it was 300 empty t now as far as what it’s gonna take now just to win the battle I’m not positive I’m pretty sure one BTT right now if i unsealed one hit will probably zero me so I’m not on shielding right now so we get another pack or two another thing is it looks like it’s gonna be the next pissing contact contest for the Super Max is the hangar building the hangar building is showing 425 as max but it’s not if you go to upgrade you can look hang your Springs or a hundred thousand for the next level which gives you one BTT of each defense Titan control point and health control point health which is fairly big a big increase I think Titan control point attack and health is is you know on my base which I’m not maxed obviously I’m only 1275 on on on VIP is like 60 something BTT maybe small or maybe lower 70s VTT on on control point attack and health so the same with defense Titan defense so one BTT just for the first level can make a substantial difference when you’re talking you know going up 10 15 20 levels and if they increase as you go up like most of the time they do that can be a huge advantage right there and the the first hundred dollar pack after getting maxed gives you 1 million Springs so if they’re all hundred hundred thousand that’s 10 levels right there with just one pack I don’t know if it is obviously you can’t see it until til you start upgrading but so it could be a huge advantage right there so I’m just saying that’s probably gonna be the biggest deal right now for the Super Max guys it’s trying to get the hangar level as high as they can as far as gear gear is honestly it’s worthless right now it’s not making a big difference with VIP community levels and everything but the best defense gear is this right here is the new extra-terrestrial gear with the decorative jacket negative jacket still better as of right now because we cannot enhance or level the new gear as far as the bags the best bag is which takes three sets of gear to get it what’s the best defense bag is the was it the conqueror oh my gosh conquer equipment bag is what it is conquer equipment back that gives you your future tech defense which is what your blockbuster Titans are which is your defense Titans as far as troops I don’t necessarily thank troops from having any effect on defense right now but for for shits and grins I guess are just in case mercy list is the the best or the highest defense troops and from what I’ve been told that that I want a lot of these guys that are able to cap and winning they’re all running merciless troops I just started building them again I built some attacking troops and accidentally did the vicious ones by accident but did the furious for attacking troops just just to have a few but then merciless is where I’ll be spending most of my resources and speed ups now is to get the merciless troops is there if you look on the stats there there x 500,000 I think is what it was where ya defenses x 500,000 so they are a defense troop whereas like you your top furious troops right here are all attack troops they are attacked by whatever 100 billion or whatever that is and defense is only times 52 so defense is times 52 where the merciless there’s times 500,000 so huge difference and defense so merciless is your defense troops your highest tier defense troops so that’s where you want to put put your troops at for defense what else do we know this this biotech lab the serums pretty much worthless right now it’s not giving you enough boost to Katie T’s in the Katie T’s it’s really not doing a whole lot for you but might as well go ahead and do it or you can the garrison commander garrison deal is it’s fairly worthless the amount of boost you’re getting from them is crap compared to what everything else we’re getting 40 MTT on Titan attack we’re in the BT tees where we’re in you know 50 60 70 80 BTT of attack so 40 MTT is is nothing so really the the commander garrison building is it’s worthless right now but anyhow I really don’t want to make this video too long we’re at nine minutes right now I just wanted to jump on here let you guys know that I’m back I’m trying to get caught up on everything and try to get some numbers put together for you guys to have something to shoot forward as far as caffeine or at least winning battles how am i I’d love to be able to tap again but it looks like from the most part everyone’s pretty happy if they just win the battle and not not capturing the commanders but we’re gonna do whatever we can to to try to get try to get capping hopefully but as it progresses I’ll let you know on on numbers-wise like I said I’m guessing at ten BTT on blockbuster Titans to cap but that’s really honestly just a guess but I’ll keep you updated but just letting y’all know I’m back on here I’m gonna try to start updating this and putting some more videos on here I may also do some videos in my KOAT the king of Avalon I’ve been playing a little bit of a lot slower pace game similar type setup as mobile strike I may start doing some KOAT videos on here too but make sure like like the video share it let all your friends that used to watch Mac later channel let them know that I’m gonna start uploading some videos again hopefully we can get something going going on here and and be able to get some trap bases back in some of these states and and give these guys something to something to try to attack and something to fear I guess what I’m trying to say because right now there’s really no track basis no one’s capping it’s just all the Supermax guys going around zero and everybody and and really not hurting themselves at all so no one’s no one’s getting capped no one’s losing much for troops on a lot of the big spenders so so let’s let’s try to change that let’s get back to Cap’n and try to try to get some of these these Supermax players and some of these maxed out players let’s try to let’s try to give them something to go for so peace out Mac leader