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Mobile Strike – Cyber CP Action!! 2/10/18

hi Mac leader here we got little squirt over here holding holding you on 50 state which is 777 CP little squirts HQ 88 ah what else we got here little squirt zeroed it’s got no troops but we’re holding it so we got two two head of states extra titles and just because we can it’s fun especially watching …

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Mobile Strike 101 – Couple tricks

[Applause] so what’s up everybody suspense on the win hopefully I’ll seen the livestream yesterday quite an awesome livestream coming back to do this live stream today it’s gonna be a quick one though we’re gonna make this lobstering real quick and simple just go over a couple little tricks because our base got burned earlier like we sent a …

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Nerf Ratios- Mobile Strike

hey guys it’s Wartortle and i’m just going to help explain nerf a little bit better for our team so initially when game of war and mobile strike started there was no nerf which this resulted in situations where players were defending their bases with huge amounts of low tier troops being tier 1 and tier 2 troops which kept …

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