We have added eleven research abilities to the Commander Tree!

Find out the cost to unlock Rebel Target Levels 1 to 6, Commander Energy Recovery I, Commander Deployment Speed I, Commander Critical Hit ICommander Energy Recovery II and Commander Critical Hit II,

Check out all the details on our Commander Research Page.

More research will be added soon!


  1. Could you please explain why there is a level 2 and level 1 of the same category??
    What are the benefits to adding points to either one?
    In other words, Food Production,
    Food Production II
    Food production III
    are these related directly to Tier 1 troops Etc.??
    If so how should I apply points for instance, to gatherer and gatherer II??

  2. What I’m looking for is advice on how to apply the 12 points (+1 Rebel point) I earned leveling up my Commander from 43 to 44… the tree I’m looking at is not same as described here. The right side is production, the left side is war categories. My question is, since I’ve opened most everything down the right side all the way to the bottom (Food Production III+Coin Output III) should I apply these points to the higher levels. Food II is 5/15 while Food III is 7/30.. apply to the III ??

  3. If you are currently set up with an economics build on the right side, then yes you should max out the higher abilities. Try and max out the III skills as they final levels reward huge boosts.

    For instance going from food production III level 49 to 50, provides a larger increase than a lot of the early levels added together.


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