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Mobile Strike Tools

Below you will find some useful Mobile Strike tools to help you out in game:-

Time Calculators

More tools to be added soon!


  1. I logged out of my account and now I cant get back in.

  2. I need a food production boost needed tool.

  3. Sanford jeffries

    have several contact invite but can’t find them could someone help me please

    • Go to the chat box, click the rectangular blue button on the top left and go to pending. You will see the contact invites there.

  4. I need to rename my owner name

  5. I have been playing mobile strike for awhile and I still don’t understand what the different boxes with percents in them are.

  6. How do I get the golden background on my commanders avatar.

  7. Does anyone know how to start an alliance? My Alliance Commander is non-responsive

  8. Does anybody know how to change main languge to another one?

    • At the bottom panel – on the right side – look for & click >MORE Look for the two gears marked OPTION scroll down & at the bottom of the page are the language options.

  9. How do I sign in if it says your account is registered to another device but I only play it on one device.

  10. My commander has been captured while I was away, outside in the real world. How do I locate my commander.

  11. what is the purpose of an outpost?

  12. I joined an alliance in another state will i ever be able to join them

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