Mobile Strike Fully Searchable Gear and Equipment List

Mobile Strike | Tools | Fully Searchable Equipment and Gear List – Updated

mobile strike searchable gear and equipment list - Mobile Strike | Tools | Fully Searchable Equipment and Gear List - Updated
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Fully Searchable Equipment List

Below you will find a fully searchable equipment list which I am working on for every piece of gear in Mobile Strike. Currently Helmets, body armor and footwear are live and complete as at 9 August 2016, but I will be adding the rest of the equipment soon. Please test it out and let me know if you have any suggestion on how to improve the tool.

How to Use the Data

In the search box simply type in the stat you want to search for and the table will filter out the rest of the equipment. You can then sort by level by clicking on the level column, or by stat boost by clicking on the quality of the item you want to sort by.

If you want to filter by equipment slot, then type the name of the stat, plus the equipment slot. E.g. If you wanted to search for helmets with armored vehicle defense, then you would simply type “helmets armored vehicle defense” in the search box.

If you then wanted to see all the other boosts on that item, you would put the name of the item you had found above in the search box.

Last Mobile Strike Gear Update:-

  • Helmets – Updated 1 August 2016
  • Body Armor – Updated 1 August 2016
  • Footwear – Updated 9 August 2016
  • Weapons – Coming Soon
  • Accessories – Coming Soon

General Kane

17 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Tools | Fully Searchable Equipment and Gear List – Updated

  1. Hey all

    I keep hearing my state is dying.. As I have bought a few packs it makes sense that I do not want this to happen and a log with me most of the lower spending players.
    How do I know if this is true? State 271 3 months old.. Are we getting new accounts? is there gonna be a merge of states?
    Can I do anything to help. I am a well known trap base in the state with good understanding of the game and how it should be played.


    1. Sorry it’s taking quite a bit of time!

      Body armor has just been added. Hopefully you won’t have to wait as long for the rest of the equipment. Once the bulk of the items are added I will update with new equipment as and when it is released.

  2. Awesome work!, i tried with excel version and is amazing! cant wait for the rest of the equipment live.

  3. No way to extract this data from the API to the game?

    Cuz you could see how great it would be to have the same thing for cores and attachments…

  4. can you provide an up to date list of ALL the current gear sets, for example what gear is in the “Predator Set” etc,etc
    and include by level their values

    Predator Gear

    Memory Recall gold level armor attack 38%
    SMG 45%

    and so on

  5. This website is so awesome – but it looks like an abandoned project since there has been no new comments or data for the better part of a year. I can see a lot of work went into this. I am sad to see there are not more players here.

    I am a new player and started by buying a small pack. I wasted most of my purchase because I did not understand how the came worked. In fact, I left over 2000 level 1-6 items that came in crates unused until I reached level 15. I should have opened them all at once, I think. But I am only a week into this game so I am not sure even if that was the right thing to do.

    Thanks for this awesome project.

    1. There’s still time. Go to Beginner’s Guide and see if there’s anything there you can do, even if it seems dumb. Just do it, you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

      You seem a sincerely nice guy. Try conning over to our side of the fence! Alliance #SSV or SSV# (that’s us noobs. I’m the Quartermaster, btw, and resident Grandma).

      If nothing else, you’ll experience what working with a REAL alliance is like!!

      BlueGypsy, at your service!

  6. thank you so much for your time to put up with this spreadsheet, could i request a column that define wether it is a set gear, special event gear or normal gear. cause i only craft normal/economyblack market gear (i’m not pay to win, only bought starter pack , not planning to buy more)
    but of course when you have free time, or may be other commenters can help..

    i’m looking for a gear i can craft (not from packs/crates) to increase my commander ability to kill prowler.

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