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Mobile Strike | Tools | Research and Building Calculator


Research and Building Calculator

Below you will find a building and research time calculator for Mobile Strike. Simply enter the original build, or research timer, along with your own construction or research boost to see your own time.

Enter Original Time

This calculator was kindly created by Jordan Malone

The calculator is useful for experimenting with different research and construction boosts. You can also take the original times from any of our Research or Building tables to find out your own individual timers.

6 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Tools | Research and Building Calculator

  1. Hello General Kane,

    I am an avid follower of your site.
    Can you do an article on the the best combat gears and what mods to use with the gears?
    I have a hard time figuring out what combat gears to manufacture.

    Thank you in advance ?

  2. ^ I strongly agree. Kane, the most valuable insight you can give us is not the statistics but when you start to get into opinions and personal experience, that’s when you really teach something. When you expound on certain details, or share personal experience with a specific situation that’s something we can grasp and learn from versus just charts and numbers. For example, how exactly do the combat mechanics work? There’s no explanation anywhere, at least for Mobile Strike, of the weights of troop counts, tiers, and research, and how you can tell in advance who will burn, which troops will die versus being hospitalized, et cetera. Just my thoughts, keep up the good work. GO SWUS!

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