Mobile Strike Advanced Traps Defense Drone
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Defense Drone is a tier 4 advanced trap in Mobile Strike very strong against infantry units.

Defense Drone is the advanced trap equivalent of Hydra.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and the build costs.

Defense Drone

Iron 2,700,000
Oil 2,700,000
Coin 2,700,000
Time 117d 4h 30m
Power 421,880
Research Files 80
Restricted Files 10
Req. Javelin
IR Gun Turret
Adv Trap Defense 10
Research Facility 21
Power 5
Attack 4
Defense 4
Health 4
Strength Infantry
Trap Costs
Oil 400
Iron 300
Food 400


  1. Hi, i have been following your reviews and guides and have been a fan of you. Nowadays everyone is shifting to trap base because they are cost effective and easy. This last SVS trap bases were the order of the day increasingly getting more kills and were deadly. My question is this “This game must not dominate towards defense only and must be 50:50 ratio to both attacks and defence. Else the game will be boring and no one will buy more which the game maker wouldn’t want”. Second question “I have read guides on any sites regarding the best ways to attack a trap account”. Desperately need one as i am a attack based player.


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