Hi All,

Just a quick post to say that the reason there have been no updates on the site recently, is because I became a dad as my wife had a baby girl, born on 13th April. As you can imagine I have had zero time to update the site, or play Mobile Strike (thank god for 30 day peace shields!).

Rest assured I will be back soon (once I catch up on some serious sleep deprivation!)

General Kane


  1. Congratz! I know what you feels that you have a girl, I’ve 2 childs one daughter and a son, 6y and almost 2y.

    Greeting from Jobbie of PANO.

  2. Congratulations! Good luck and health in the beginning period of eat, sleep, poop, repeat. The payoff of the first real smile at you will be more than worth it!

  3. you use HTML and css for this right?? or oyu you use java with it too,

    I know HTML gonna work on CSS some time soon and Java seems like it would be a little diffucult,

    But if you ever need help mail me @ [email protected]

    random one made for a game friend had it and wasnt using the email for anything.


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