Mobile Strike, which secured its standing as most popular and sought-after mobile games in contemporary times, has been always exceptional in terms of designing its commercials. These commercials have always impressed the viewers and have made a significant contribution in making this game popular. However, nothing could match the sensation observed in the fans as the company came up with new sets of Mobile strike models in its latest commercials.

Replacing a legend with a pack of girls as the figurehead of the commercials

Going as per the spirit and the game play of the game, the company previously assigned the legendary Arnold Schwargenezzer as the figurehead of the commercial. However, the latest commercial display a group 3 female models, replacing the legend. It gave a surprise to the viewers, however, the solid performance of these girls made the commercial popular among the viewers. This statement gets the statistical support, considering the number of clicks and likes on the videos, and

Changing the usual perception about commercial models

Viewers having the familiar seeing models with lean and slim bodies, cast as the models in the commercial. However, the Mobile Strike Models casted in its latest commercial comes with a paradigm shift. In this video, you will be getting 3 plus size girls, acting as the models for a Gameplay that revolves completely around action sequences, dealing with modern arms and ware fairs.

Experts are of the opinion that this commercial will encourage the flocks suffering from obesity, giving them the aspiration that their plus size cannot be a barrier in the path of doing something heroic. Most importantly, it calls for the empowerment of women, endorsing the idea that they can do well in the domains that have been traditionally male-dominated. Thus, the inclusion of these 3 beautiful, gracious and plus size girls are not merely a usual change in the casting, but it has been done with deep rooted considerations.

The commercials feature Olivia Jensen with the Jet, Tabria Majors, handling the Helicopter, while Dana Patterson is seen to control the Tank. Dana and Tabria have been featured in various ads in Instagram, previously. The latest commercial comes in 2 sets, one themed around a swimming pool and for the other the center-stage has been an office premise.

As It comes up from the reviews, viewers have welcomed this change heartily and this success will definitely encourage other advertisers to think along the similar lines.


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