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Mobile Strike | Updates | Battle Tactics Research & Commander Presets

mobile strike battle tactics research - Mobile Strike | Updates | Battle Tactics Research & Commander Presets
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A fairly substantial number of new content updates were released this week for Mobile Strike. Including the brand new Battle Tactics research tree, Commander Presets and a Second Building Queue – but with a catch.

Battle Tactics Research Tree

The latest research tree is called Battle Tactics and it offers a wide range of improvements to your troop deployment and abilities. As with most new Mobile Strike research, only some of the abilities are currently available in game, but expect more to be unlocked very soon.

The live battle tactics research available in game now are as follows:

  • Gathering Deployment Speed – increasing your deployment speed to resource tiles by up to 40%.
  • Commander Deployment Speed – increasing your deployment speed with your commander present by up to 40%.
  • Gathering III – increasing your gathering speed by up to 40%.
  • Embassy Capacity Increase – increasing your embassy capacity by up to half a million troops.
  • Commander Preset – unlocks two commander preset slots (more details below).

The research that is still locked includes:

  • Boosts to your trade – including deployment speed, trade tax and capacity.
  • Further boosts to specific deployment speeds.
  • Additional deployment and preset slots.
  • Further increases to troop defense, health and attack.
  • Rally bonuses. Including: rally reinforcement speed,  deployment speed, attack bonus and rally time reduction.
mobile strike commander presets - Mobile Strike | Updates | Battle Tactics Research & Commander Presets
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Commander Preset Slots

Commander preset slots are a new addition to Mobile Strike and allow you to instantly switch between pre-saved commander skill and equipment sets at the tap of a button. You need to unlock preset slots in the new battle tactics research mentioned above.

Presets are great at saving time. For instance you can swap between attack and research builds at the press of a button. You can immediately equip your best battle gear and skill set just before attacking and easily switch to your research set just prior to starting a long research timer.

However, there are many more tactical advantages to presets apart from just saving some time. New battle tactics are now possible that were not before presets existed.

A couple of preset uses include the following:-

  • Presets are a great tool for trap accounts. Effectively they allow you to sit in your farming gear until seconds before an enemy is about to hit you and then quickly swap to your trap account gear and skill set.
  • Having an attack and defense preset can allow you to switch between the two during kill events. Attacking an enemy with your attack gear and then switching to defense ready for the counter attack.

These are just a couple of the uses for presets and I’m sure you will find your own as you begin to experiment.

mobile strike second building queue - Mobile Strike | Updates | Battle Tactics Research & Commander Presets
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Second Building Queue

When I first read this update I though at last, finally the ability to upgrade two buildings simultaneously in Mobile Strike. One of the biggest time sinks in game is only ever having one building and one research upgrade going at a time.

Unfortunately on closer inspection it appears this is only a temporary bonus. You can unlock the second building queue slot by purchasing specific gold packs in the store. You can then have two building queues going, but only for a limited time before you revert back to one. Any building upgrades will finish even if you lose your second slot.

Not quite as good as it first looks!

What do you think?

If you guys have any good preset uses, or know how long the double building queue lasts – I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

I’m going to work on updating all the research data soon, as I’ve been sent most of the advanced troop data and the few gaps I had on the other trees by readers of this site.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped contribute to this site whilst I’ve been busy with my family over the past few months.

General Kane

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  1. Hi.. I would like to know how to attached a special mod.. I have a few but couldnt attach it to my gear


  2. Hey, an alliance friend of mine is saying that the extra research or construction slots actually benefit from speedups used on the latter one making speedups twice as effective, I haven’t got speedups or money to test this out myself, but is this true?

  3. I noticed some players rally attacking cp is instantly. How can I do That? Cause research in BT rally time reduction is only 20%

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