Mobile Strike Global Control Point
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Mobile Strike Global Control Point

Many of you will have noticed the in game blog notification, announcing the Global Control Point event starting tomorrow. For those of you from Game of War, you will be familiar with Super Wonder events, which allows a single player to become the Emperor of all the Kingdoms.

The Mobile Strike version is very similar, allowing one player to become the Supreme Commander of all the states, by taking control of the Global Control Point in a special new state.

When and Where

The first Global Control Point is starting on Thursday February 25 at 4pm PST/ February 26 00:00 UTC. Only bases of Headquarters level 21 will be able to enter the state where the global control point is located. This state will be accessed on the world map and you will be able to port there if you meet the requirements.

Whilst the full details have yet to be been released, you can expect to have to purchase a special teleport to enter the state where the global control point is located. The Game of War equivalent costs around 100,000 gold, but we have yet to find out what the Mobile Strike version will cost.

Update: Mobile Strike Covert Teleport’s have entered the gold store at a massive 250,000 gold per covert teleport, granting you 24 hour access to the global control point!

This event is likely to last several days and as the teleport only lasts 24 hours, you would need to buy multiple teleports to stay throughout the whole event.

What Will You Find There?

After porting into the state, you can expect to find resource tiles with significantly more resources than normal states (several million resources per tile) and a large number of gold tiles spread throughout the state. There will also be special Rebel Targets found only in this state, offering significantly better rewards and special materials for new equipment.

The Global Control Point will be located in the center of the map, which is a contested control point similar to normal states. The difference here is that alliances from every state in Mobile Strike will be competing to gain control!

How to Win

The alliance that holds the global control point for the longest period of time during the whole of the event will win. The leader of this alliance will become the Supreme Commander, offering special titles that can be awarded across states.

Holding the global control point will grant large amounts of gold to the controlling alliance!

You should expect the global control point to be highly contested, with all the best players and alliances in Mobile Strike competing against each other to win. Expect to lose a significant amount of troops and power if you decide to take part.

The first alliance to take control of this event is AUZE Attack Squad – let’s see if they can hold it.

Stay posted for more updates as the event unfolds!

General Kane


  1. These svs events should be away from normal players. People who learned of the game when released has a better hand at winning and being on top. New players like myself do not want to be bullied nor lose what I’ve paid for. If I lose because of bullies, I’m getting my money back and leaving the game. Events should ALWAYS be in one state only. The time, event dates and which state should be posted long before the event. There are different time zones so this is crazy.
    People with higher ranks should not be allowed to bully others with attacks. Open one state for the fighters and leave the rest of us alone. Also, hope the States get expanded for more places to rest.

  2. Kane – Do you play on AUZE? Look for Doc Moose and send me a PM in game. Can help you with your website with screen shots, etc.

  3. The first ever Supreme Commander in the history of Mobile Strike is AnyTwoWillDo,from the alliance Original Killer Crew


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