Mobile Strike Weekly Update 26 June 2016

Mobile Strike | Updates | Week Ending 26 June 16

mobile strike update 26 june 2016 - Mobile Strike | Updates | Week Ending 26 June 16
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Mobile Strike Updates 20th June to 26th June

Another day, another weekly update wrap up of Mobile Strike and its recent updates, of which has been one heck of a week for players of Mobile Strike, as recently there has been a huge addition of equipment and items for players to enjoy.

First of all, there is a vast amount of new commander gear, new prototypes, mods, and even new materials. While mods and materials are little bit too long to include; the new prototypes are in actual fact the Nomad, Dustoff and Harbinger prototypes.

The new commander gear is a little easier to list and it comes under these 8 specifications:

  • Pyramidion
  • Heavy Hauler
  • Battle Tested
  • Rebel Rouser
  • Wrong Turn
  • Kill Squad
  • Fear Monger
  • Stealth Bomber Gear

Legendary Reward Crate

Moving onto events; on the 21st of June, there was a new legendary rewards crate released, and it currently contains gold, materials, speed ups, resources, and even more. However, the crux for such a crate is the fact you need to purchase a sale that requires 50,000 gold, at the very least. So, if you’re looking to acquire this chest for yourself, then you’re going to need to be wary of how much of a pretty penny that you’re going to have to spend.

Once again on 21st of June, there was an event for anyone who could acquire the latest Battle Tested Gear Set by 5PM on June 23rd.

Your reward for such a feat is as follows:

  • 25,000 gold
  • 100 24-hour research speed ups,
  • 100 million coins
  • 1 hours 30% research speed boost

Global Control Point Event

Another event that took place was “The Global Control Point”, which sadly was only open towards players with Headquarters Lvl 21 or higher, and the player who managed to control the point the longest would be promoted to Supreme Commander of Mobile Strike. This event was running from the 23rd of June at 00:00 UTC, up until the 25th of June at 19:00 UTC.

During the week, a State-vs-State challenge was announced, but so far there isn’t any more news about it going around. So, we’re just going to have to wait and see on when the date is to be set.

Usual monthly showdown is currently still on, and is set to be going on until the end of the month, where the winning states will be given the opportunity to rename their state, and even acquire Showdown gold crates for all player’s in the top ten states.

Rebel Targets

A couple of Rebel targets return to the game. The first of which is the Banshee, and for it, a set of permanent gear, and this can be acquired by obtaining the latest materials by attacking the Banshee, buying specifically marked gold packs that contain Banshee crates, and gathering from the Banshee drop zone that is left behind once it is defeated and destroyed.

Avalanche is the only other Rebel target to return to Mobile strike this week, and for it,  permanent gear has been released, along with materials to help you unlock this new gear. Just like the Banshee, Avalanche’s materials’ are acquired by attacking it, gathering them from the Armory that it leaves behind once defeated, or once again by purchasing specifically marked gold packs that contain Avalanche crates for you to open.

So far, this appears to be all of the week’s happenings. Soon enough, however, I’m sure the next weekly update will provide us all with something new and interesting, and hopefully the date of when State-vs-State is set to start.

General Sheppard

8 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Updates | Week Ending 26 June 16

  1. You didn’t mention that the upcoming KE is going to be a “fatal” four-way state vs. state kill event! Emphasis on “four-way.”

    1. You take the pill and after 36 hours your commander dies and you can resuscitate him with a medical kit. There is also a 12 & 24 hour and a 2 day pill.

  2. hey john if u dont know or understand the details then u should eather put a 72 hour pease shield on or quit this is a war game expect the unexpected its 3 states versus your state at the same time

    1. I knew already, but I wanted to make sure others who don’t read the blog know… I understand how MS works, thank you.

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