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Mobile Strike | Updates | Vault Released

mobile strike vault - Mobile Strike | Updates | Vault Released
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Today a brand new building has been released in Mobile Strike: The Vault!  Last month we reported on the rumored release of the Treasury, but it appears the vault has been released instead.

The Vault allows you to deposit gold for either 1 day, 3 days or 7 days. Once your deposit matures you receive your original gold back, plus interest in the form of extra gold!

How to unlock the Vault

The Vault comes pre-built to the left of your Headquarters, but requires you to purchase a gold pack to unlock. You can buy any gold pack, including the cheapest available and you will then have full access to your Vault.

Currently there is only one building level, although the in game description suggests new upgrade levels will be added soon. We believe upgrading this building will require war bonds, which have been dropping occasionally in game.

How it works

Once unlocked you can choose to invest between 500 and 1,500 gold for 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days. The 1 day investment returns 10%, the 3 day 20% and the 7 day 25%. (plus your original capital).

mobile strike vault returns - Mobile Strike | Updates | Vault Released
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You can withdraw your gold at any time, but will forfeit all interest unless you leave it to maturity. Once invested your gold is 100% safe and cannot be lost.

The table below shows the gold return on the full 1,500 investment. It also breaks down the equivalent return per day and per month.

Time Investment Return % Investment Return Return per Day Return Per Month
1 Day 1,500 10% 150 150 4,500
3 Days 1,500 20% 300 100 3,000
7 Days 1,500 25% 375 53.57 1,607

How long should I invest?

Surprisingly the longer you invest, the lower the returns. Provided you login and play every day you should always go for the 1 day investment, which offers the largest return at 150 gold per day.  If you don’t play daily, then the 3 day investment offers a fairly decent return at 100 gold per day.

The 7 day vault certificate offers only 53 gold per day and is a terrible investment, you should avoid this at all costs.

Initial Thoughts

Obviously any method to get free gold is a welcome addition to Mobile Strike. It seems a little odd that the longer investment periods offer lower returns, but perhaps it’s another method to get you to login every day, like the VIP rewards.

It will be interesting to see what the returns will be when they add new levels to the Vault.

General Kane

4 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Updates | Vault Released

  1. So in game it says to upgrade your vault to increase the amount of gold you can deposit but I can’t find anywhere on how to upgrade your vault.

    1. You have to buy 8,000 gold from the store — of course you can’t actually buy 8,000 so you need to spend at least $20 to get that amount. Another money grab. Though with interest on your gold compounding at a higher rate, you can really make a ton from the vault. I’m not sure they thought this through properly 😀

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