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Mobile Strike Nerf

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about whether or not there is a troop nerf in Mobile Strike and how it is calculated.

For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, the nerf is a penalty that is applied to armies with a very large number of low tier troops (specifically tiers 1 and 2).

The nerf is designed to stop players from training huge numbers of cheap T1 and T2 troops and being able to solo end game T4 players.

It was first introduced in Game of War and after a lot of testing from many players was finally cracked some time ago.

The question is does the nerf exist in Mobile Strike and does it follow the same rules as Game of War?

Does the Mobile Strike Nerf Exist?

The simple answer is yes it does and yes it is the same as Game of War. It’s not really surprising to be honest as the entire combat system in Mobile Strike is identical to Game of War.

There would be no reason for the game developers to remove the nerf, because it was introduced in the first place to balance a combat system which is replicated in Mobile Strike.

How does the Nerf Work? 

The Game of War nerf was originally cracked by Inside Game of War. They determined that it was based on a ratio of troop numbers, compared to power. This makes sense because the lower tier troops have much less power than higher tier troops.

If you take the total power of a pure T1 army and divide it by the number of troops you will get a much lower ratio than if you take the total power of a pure T4 army and divide it by the number of troops.

The magic ratio in this calculation is 10. If you take the total power of your army and divide it by the total number of troops and the result is a number greater than 10 you will not be nerfed. If the number is less than 10 you will be nerfed.

As T3 and T4 troops have a power over 10, you can never have the nerf applied to a pure T3/T4 army.

The power for each tier is as follows:-  T1 – 2 power, T2 – 8 power, T3 -24 power, T4 – 36 power.

Lower Limit

Obviously it wouldn’t be fair to new players who can only train T1 and T2 troops to have their whole army nerfed right from the start! Therefore there are two lower limits before the nerf kicks in.

The limit is 15 million T1 and 5 million T2. If you have under 15 million T1 and under 5 million T2 you will not be nerfed.

After you go over either of these limits you will need to check your army by using the power divided by troops calculation. If your ratio is under 10 you will need to train more T3 and T4 troops to get it higher.

Nerf Examples

Below are a few examples to show you how the Mobile Strike nerf affects different armies:-

  • Example 1: 25m T1, 10m T2, 1m T3 and 500k T4.
    Total power – 172 million. Total Troops 36.5m.
    Ratio – 172/36.5 = 4.71. Nerfed.
  • Example 2: 20m T1, 15m T2, 10m T3, 5m T4.
    Total power – 580 million. Total Troops 50m.
    Ratio – 580/50 = 11.6. Not Nerfed.
  • Example 3 100m T1, 0 T2, 0 T3, 35m T4.
    Total Power – 1.46 billion.
    Total troops 135m. Ratio – 1,460/135 = 10.81. Not Nerfed.
  • Example 4: 15 T1, 0 T2, 0 T3, 0 T4.
    Total power – 30 million.
    Total Troops 15m. Ratio – 30/15 = 2. Nerfed.
  • Example 5: 14.99m T1, 4.99m T2, 0 T3, 0 T4.
    Total power – 69.9 million.
    Total Troops 19.98m. Ratio  69.9/19.98 = 3.49 – but not nerfed because T1 are under 15m and T2 are under 5m.


That’s basically everything you need to know about the Mobile Strike nerf. If you have anything to add from your experience of the nerf please let me know in the comments section below.

General Kane

41 thoughts on “Mobile Strike | Guides | Troop Nerf

  1. i understand that if you have less then 15 million T1 and less 5 million T2 there is no nerf. but from the calculators i have seen if you add 1 T3 troops to the mix the nerf becomes presant. Is this true or is the nerf not going to effect me if im under those numbers? for instance if i have 14,999,999 T1, 4,999,999 T2, and 50k T3 is my acct. going to get nerfed or not?

    1. No I don’t believe so. I know some other game of war sites suggest otherwise, but certainly from my experience (and this is going back a while with a game of war beta account, so maybe it’s changed) adding T3 and T4 to the mix does not remove the lower limit.

      What does mess it up is wall traps. Adding T1 or T2 wall traps will effect the nerf.

  2. Hi, there

    I was wondering if there is a new rule in nerf ration in relevant to the new hq lv 22 and deployment size.

    I had 12 million in troops about 9 million t1 and the reset are mix of all the reset t2t3t4 and when i get hit with 250k or 375k I don’t get nerfed but with the new 525k deployment its hard to prevent that I lose about 1.2 mil t1 and the opponent loses about 400k mix of t3 and t4 of course all opponent t3 die and half of his t4 survive but he burns me. so what is to be done here.

    1. From what I hear in gaMe, your t1s are a meat shield and you burn beKause you have to many of them and need morE t3 and t4s if you got them. And try using 1, or 2 troop type to match your gear and mods.
      Correct me if I’m wrong anyone please?

      1. If your losses in troop numbers are greater than your attacker, you will burn.
        So even if you only lose 500K t1s (1mio power) and the attacker 250K t3s (3mio power), you will burn.
        Adding more t3s and t4s as defender will add to your counter attack and defensive strength, making it more likely to turn the table.

  3. Ok, so the math is based on number of troops not power? Seems skew because T1 troops are 2 power but, T1 Morters are 4. This boost is for all levels T1 – T4 Artillary units. Also how do traps enter into the equation? I would like to make a calculator for this…..

    1. It’s based on power divided by number of troops. So by default it puts a penalty on a large number of low tier troops and removes the penalty as you increase the number of high tier troops.

      Artillery units don’t really help for defense as they are only good against wall traps, but yes it should still factor into the formula.

  4. I am starting to think that the nerf may be more closely related to the size of the 2 forces actually fighting than the overall build of the account. I had a very interesting battle report today on a trap account of mine. It has 7.5 mill t2 and was attacked with 350k Regular T4 troops no commander. Roughly 350k of my t2 troops were injured, the entire attacking force was killed.
    Person attacked me again with 70k troops, mostly T1 and a handful of T4 and advanced T3 – No Commander. Again about 350k of my T2 were injured and the entire attacking force was killed. Not sure what to make of it at this point.

    1. Bease he changed it up and sent adv. Higher tier.troops and since adv are stronger against regs his adv t3 are closely equal to your reg t4

    2. You didn’t disclose your commander gear and all other bonus defense/health strength. What lvl hq, bldg boosts, walls etc?? We know the attacker had no co so we only understand more or less his attack strength which is only one side of the story. nice work with t2s but guessing you’d typically burn or much likely lose a co if over lvl10 if attacked by an ample lvl22 player with commander 😉

  5. Ok so after dividing troop power by troop count and it is over 10, mine is 16, I will be nerfed? Which means my troops are not as effective? Or they are more effective? I am trying to eat full rallies. How do I do that? Thank you in advance!?

  6. is there any ratio of troops to be followed ? if i have a total of 20 mil t3 5 mil t2 and 14.9 mil t1 .and no T4 ..will i be nerfed ?

  7. Hi will reinforced troops affect nerf

    Eg: I have 4 mill T 1 8 mill T 2 5 mill T 3

    When i get rein it will amount to 1 mill T 4
    Will this affect or impose Nerf ?

  8. Ok I’m lost with this nerf talk… I have :
    T-1 4m
    T-2 19m
    T-3 46m
    T-4 36m

    Some guys eating my rallies completely and I don’t understand why or how? I need help on how to make my rallies always effective? Please help

  9. In video gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that reduces the desirability or effectiveness of a particular game element. The term is also used as a verb for the act of making such a change. The opposite of nerf is buff (in one of that term’s two usages). The opposite of nerf is buff or revamp.

  10. How do I counter T5 troops, being a rally or solo trap? The T5 and advanced Troops are a beast.. they destroy through me like paper…

    1. Can’t answer specifically in your case as you provide no details of your current trap setup.. Basically, it depends on a few things including how aggressive your state is. You have to be cognizant of the maximum attack strength of solo and rally attacks you will face. Or more effectively the above average max attack strength (most attackers don’t have the max attack boosts running).
      Being attacked by Adv troops is a given, consider if you need to worry about attackers with core gear and 3rd Insignia.
      In general add 30% more buffer for troop count vs. typical t4 defense and 600K max deployment size. Test and adjust as needed. In my state I can run lvl21 and lvl22 traps with 10 mil t4 troops and get plenty of traffic. IMHO if you are losing co by 2nd or 3rd hit, you need more troops/boosts as a trap (i.e. 3 mil+)

  11. Ok. So what is the plan to beating a 30m rally of T5 troops? Should I be training T4s and beef up my Mercs as most attack now with T5 Advanced???

  12. Hi General kane

    If my T5 is 1.Billion each, T4 is 2.B each, how many should i keep for my T3 to make it nerf?

      1. Replying to an earlier comment of someone mentioning that Artillery are of no use ….
        artillery hold the highest power, in turn these are used as a useful tool to building traps, in order to keep power low, you can build many t1 to match the power default of plus 10 , if you only build t5 Artillery. The math isn’t too hard to figure out.

  13. What are the power for t5and t6 troops? And wouold you be wiiling to help me figur out my power numbers, if they are above 1p0 or not?

  14. What about the new troops, like t5s, t6s, thru t14s and t15s how do you equate them into the factors, I have t5s thru t14s

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